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Waptrick Music Com — you can download free Mp3 Songs and trending music from the all-new Waptrick Music Categories.


The Waptrick Com Updates offer unlimited content, ranging from popular oldies and all-time fan favorites to recently-released tracks, including at least two download URL links. Songs from different genres and eras, make the categories quite interesting.

But free music and song clips are not the only forte of Waptrick Com, core Java games (arcade, race, street fights, etc.) and 2D video games for Android v.4+ are also available on the site.

It is one of the best portals to play Android version PES games using a stripped-down mod. However, this only works well for Asha 200.

Regardless of the Waptrick proxy you use to play the Waptrick Music Com songs, the quality and range of content are still the same. So, Wap proxies like WapJet, Wapcone, and Wapdam are merely redirection sites, each offering links to similar media files found on

As regards music, the best Wap designation is Waptrick, although Wapdam is a close competitor. Most of the uploaded Waptrick Music Com songs are also cached on some of the folders in popular Wap Proxies (check Waphan, Wapdam, Wapcon, etc.).

Freebies on Waptrick Music Com | Play Latest 2024 Hit Tracks

Do you want a free, non-subscribed platform to stream and download the latest songs?

Then check out the Freebies on Waptrick Music Com. It promises a world of fun, with a library full of the latest hit tracks from popular Hip-Hop streaming networks.

Waptrick Music Com
Stream & Download Hip-Hop Tracks on Waptrick

Waptrick Music Com offers titles from exclusives like T-series, Dead End hi-Hop, MTV2, and so on. And this is only a tip of the chunk of free songs in the main Waptrick categories.

This is definitely a good find for people who enjoy songs from third-party sites without any subscriptions. So, Waptrick Music Com weighs in on the unlimited content scale. And amazingly, this is all for free.

Snippets from Waptrick Music Com Hit Tracks 2024

You can check out the tracks below to whet your appetite about the crisp and steamy newly-released songs on the Waptrick Music Com website.

Aint Gonna Answer

Search & Rescue

King Snipe

Waptrick Music Com
Find Jams on

How to Love

Lil Yachty — Poland

Rodeo Remix — Lah Pat

Munch by Ice Spice (also check out In Ha Hood)

Lil Mabu — Mathematical Disrespect

There are lots more on the site. Besides the Hip-Hop genre, Waptrick Music Com is also replete with varieties like Capella, carols, and MCs. You can visit to make your pick right away.

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Waptrick Music Com | Check Out Updated Features

With cool jams and a daily updated song list, Waptrick Music Com offers the perfect entertainment treat. It compiles newbie artists and oldies in an intricate mix, balancing the flavor with free songs.

No user profile is needed to access the website. So, this makes the site appealing and, of course, worth it in the long run. Below are some fascinating features to check out on Waptrick Music.

Myriads of Free Video Songs

In case you are wondering if Waptrick is worth the trouble, consider searching through the hundreds of songs on the website. After a few pages, you can cycle back to the previous category to see the recently-added videos. That is how the site works — songs are added daily.

The best part is that you get to access these songs without any subscriptions. On visiting the homepage, you can use the search box to retrieve any folder, then click on any link from the directory to download the attached video.

You can get as many songs as you like since Waptrick has an incredibly good uptime of 24 hours all year round.

Enjoy New Hits from your Favorite Artists

If you want to keep a tab on all your favorite Hip-Hop artists, then Waptrick Music Com is the best place you can look in. It uploads the latest hits from many artists, regardless of the genre or the main streaming networks.

Another interesting bit is that the source files are crunched into low-data sizes, making it easy for users to download the songs without cluttering their device saving capacity. Regardless of the reduced file size, Waptrick songs still retain their distinct qualities.

Moreover, you can get news snippets of your favorite music celebrities. This is best done using the search box on the homepage. Here is a helpful cue on how to search celebrity news on the Waptrick Music Com Song categories.

On the homepage search box, enter the name of the song director — try Eif Rivera, the director of Nas’s Album Done. This brings up every clip or celebrity gist with Eif’s name as a query. You can use the keyword highlight to select the relevant news bits.

Sometimes, you can get an update by checking a reel in a mixtape video intermission. That is one of the biggest celebrity artist news leaks.

Friendly Interface

Unlike a number of third-party apps (or just the websites) out there, Waptrick Music Com has a simple and friendly interface.

If you are just using the site for the first time, you will find the features easy to use, intuitive, and familiar features. In any case, you can always enter the song title in the search box on the homepage, then click on search to get the music file.

How to Download Songs from Waptrick Music Com

Waptrick Music Com songs are provided in Mp3 formats. So, you can download them on your smartphone or tablet, since they probably don’t take up much space.

Here are the steps you can use to get the Mp3 Song Videos.

Visit Waptrick Music Com — search

Waptrick Music Com
Search your favorite songs on the homepage

Click on the menu icon (three short bars) to select music from the categories.

Then go through the genres in this category to select the one that matches your preferred song tag.

Alternatively, you can search for the song title using the search box.

Once you spot the link to the song (often one of the few first relevant results), click on it to access the video download subpage.

Lastly, click on the download link from this page to get the Mp3 Song video format on your smartphone.


Waptrick and its proxies have adware on the interface, which usually redirects to an ad subpage. This could have malware and ultimately compromise your device security.

Instead of using the website and exposing your phone to malware attacks, consider using the alternatives below to stream free songs.

Waptrick Music Com Alternatives

MP3GOO Free Mp3 Download APK

Mp3 Quack

Mp3 Paw



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