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MP3GOO has one of the quickest search box functionalities compared to the top third-party websites online. It contains free and popular song videos in Mp3 formats, which doesn’t require any subscription from users.


But the part of the website that truly is outstanding is the interface. Clicking on any part of the interface doesn’t trigger ads, nor is there any adware embedded on the website.

It has one of the largest collections of Mp3 conversions for a broad range of movies. The fact that Mp3GOO is especially useful for smartphones that are better suited for Mp3 videos makes it unique.

Also compared to the hundreds of free video torrenting sites that are currently available online, Mp3GOO probably is one of the few options that offer free conversions (in some previous iterations this was functional).

The current iteration — read — has a download feature for users to easily convert their preferred YouTube videos into downloadable formats.

Why Use Mp3GOO?

Suppose you spot a very interesting YouTube video by chance. Or that you have certain uploaded content on your bookmarks. How do you randomly watch the video when your streaming data package is exhausted? That’s when the Mp3GOO website comes in.

Further, Mp3GOO is really easy to use, along with the increasingly better flexibility it offers. It doesn’t take much to download the video, as long as the link is valid.

So, in a nutshell, you can download YouTube videos using just a few simple procedures — copy the URL from the YouTube Channel page, go to the Mp3GOO official website, then enter the copied URL in the specified search box, then click on SEARCH.

That is all it takes. If you prefer a free Mp3 Video downloader to shelving loads of internet data just to watch YouTube videos, then Mp3Goo is definitely the option for you.

For easy access, you can download the APK on your smartphone. See below for how this works.

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Mp3GOO APK Download Steps| Free App on Play Store

Mp3GOO has an app on Google Play Store, but the one that may have more varied features is the APK. Still, it really boils down to the specifics that you probably want.

Here is a quick step on how to download the application from Play Store.

Go to

Search Mp3Goo Music


The description attached under this title reads, “We Develop Quality Music Apps to Spread Premium Music”.

You can confirm that the app source is the official Mp3Goo website by clicking on the Developer link.

Click on the Install prompt to get the app on your Android smartphone.

If you want to get new features as soon as they drop, use the latest APK versions instead. Below is how you can download this APK on your smartphone.

Search Mp3Goo Mp3 Music Downloader on APKPURE

Check for the latest version V5.0 by Mp3Goo Music.


Scroll down to the prompt that reads Download APK inscribed in a green banner.

Once you click on it, your Mp3GOO Mp3 Song will start downloading.

Also, you can get the old version of this app on the same page using the download option just below the first prompt.

Mp3GOO Features | What to Expect on v.5.0

There are several improvements to the user interface since the Mp3Goo APK was created. It currently has upgraded layouts, cool themes, and wonderful backgrounds on the homepage.

In terms of page loading speed and request execution, the features below have been suitably optimized to provide the best user experience.

Supports Different Kinds of Files in Mp3 Formats

This is the typical many-to-one mapping that occurs on the site — if you input queries that have been sourced from different files, Mp3GOO returns an Mp3 format video.

And this happens pretty fast too, allowing the user to focus on the things that matter.

A video downloader option that prioritizes quality and consistency over proliferating unnecessary junk is unique. That is precisely what Mp3GOO looks to achieve.

Allows You to Convert YouTube Videos Faster

If you have the APK on your smartphone, you just have to move from the YouTube video channel to the APK file on your smartphone, copy the URL to the highlighted search box, then click on the tab and wait for the converted video to load fully.

Compare this to other options that usually require you to edit the URL link, then you can see that Mp3GOO is quite faster and less stressful.

Also, the downloaded Mp3 videos never lack high quality, considering that they tend to have high replay value, good sound effects, and Bass Boosters.

Neat Categories

Imagine a large media library compressed within a different directory that is of a higher dimension. The latter is Mp3GOO, and its categories are like media libraries in this instance.

On the official website, you will see categories like the ones below.

Sort music by —

  • Album,
  • Artists,
  • Folder,
  • Playlist,
  • And All Songs.

This is just like retrieving treasured videos from a neatly arranged catalog. You only need to reference the tags properly in order to get to the download subpage.

Use Bluetooth or Other Headsets

This is definitely the crowning feature upgrade on the website. Allowing users to download Mp3-converted songs and enjoy them on a headset is a good deal, even on short notice.

More interestingly, you can do all of these on just the APK or Play Store App version. There is no need at all to download an extra tool that will enable you to use a Bluetooth or Headset.

Mp3GOO may just be the only free Mp3 converter that supports enhancements.

See below for how to download Mp3 songs from the site.

How to Download Free Mp3GOO Mp3 Song Videos

If you are using the APK, this should be easier for you than having to use the web option. You just have to open the APK on your smartphone, click on the song categories and select the title you have in mind.

Alternatively, you can source a YouTube Video and paste it on the official Mp3GOO website. Then use the steps below to complete the download process.

Go to the website — search on a web browser.

Enter the song video URL in the search box.


Use the on-screen prompt to complete the download steps.

Then click on SEARCH.

Usually, the shortcut is to cut the YouTube URL and paste it into the search box. The video will be provided soon, with options for you to either stream online or download it on your smartphone.


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