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KMPlayer Download– There are numerous video players for PC and Android out there that you can easily get any time anywhere. There are easy to get or download from the google play store or its various websites.


You are likely to be enjoying these movie player apps but there are just one or two common problems that you might encounter with these movie player apps.

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Where to download, how to download and install the KMPlayer Download as well as how to use the app will be discussed in this article. to get in detail all the vital information that has been discussed keep reading this article.

Most importantly, if you read this guide on how to install and use the KMPlayer Download, we are going to provide you with the Top 10 best Video Download Apps, and then provide you the direct hyperlinks to where to download the ones with HD quality views for your PC.

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The KMPlayer Download can’t be compared to any other apps, the reason being that they feature a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to learn how to use the app.

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KMPlayer Download

Unique Features of KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Download 64X: The Free Video Player for PC

KMPlayer 64X is a free video player for PC that offers a plethora of features for seamless video playback. It is designed to provide an excellent viewing experience with no advertisements, spyware, or user tracking. The following are the features that make KMPlayer 64X stand out from other video players.

Plays all video files

With KMPlayer 64X, you can watch up to 8K, 60FPS videos, and play DVD and Blu-ray content. It can even play corrupt or incomplete AVI files or locked media files.

Pre-installed & external codec

KMPlayer 64X provides pre-installed codecs and allows the addition of third-party codecs as well. It includes the latest high-quality video codecs such as HEVC (h.265), h.264, and VP9.

KMPlayer Download Multilingual video player

KMPlayer 64X is available in 42 languages, making it a user-friendly video player for PC.

Enhances video playback

It is capable of increasing video playback speed, reducing its noise levels, rotating the screen, and playing high-quality videos using a powerful video renderer.

User-friendly interface

KMPlayer 64X has a user-friendly interface that is easy to customize according to your preferences.

URL stream & download

You can play and download videos by simply entering the URL into KMPlayer 64X.

YouTube video download function

KMPlayer 64X enables you to download videos from YouTube by simply entering the URL.

GIF capture function

You can capture moving images in GIF format with KMPlayer 64X.

Video player with hardware acceleration function

It keeps CPU usage low, allowing you to enjoy high-quality videos even on a low-end PC or while multitasking.

Video player for PC with various preset equalizers

You can enjoy rich audio quality while watching videos or listening to music with KMPlayer 64X.

System requirements of KMPlayer 64X

KMPlayer 64X supports Windows 10 64-bit (and Windows 11), Direct X 9 or higher, and requires 150Mb of installation space. The minimum system requirements include Windows Vista 64-bit and Direct X 9 or higher.

Supported formats of KMPlayer 64X

KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer 64X supports a wide range of video formats, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV, and more.

Video Formats

.avi, .ogm, .mkv, .mp4, .k3g, .ifo, .ts, .asf, .wmv .mov, .mpg, .m1v, .m2v, .vob, .m4v, .3gp/3gp2, .rmvb, .rm, .ogg, .flv, .asx, .dat, .ogm, .ogv, .rm

KMPlayer Download Audio Formats

.mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .flac, .wav, .wma, .rma , .alac, .opus, .mpa, .midi, .au, .ape, .flic

KMPlayer Download Subtitle Formats

smi, .ass, .srt, .sub, .idx, .lrc, .mks, .txt, .sup, .usf, .ssf, .ssa, .smil, .s2k, .rt, .psb, .mks, .lrc

How to Download KMPlayer App

  • Launch your default browser,
  • visit the KMPlayer app official website or
  • Go to google play store or Appstore
  • Then install the app on your device.

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