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NewToxic Wap is the new ToxicWap website for streaming free movies, K-dramas, TV Shows, animes, and Bollywood movies.


It also contains songs and music acapella compiled into movie-length videos, allowing the users to download their preferred songs from a non-subscribed website.

NewToxicWap is specifically created for extras and bonus contents outside the media library of the previous ToxicWap iteration. So, you can expect that the fun will be tuned up a notch, if not more.

The current NewToxic Wap URL,, is for series and TV shows. The episodes are uploaded daily, depending on the latest released videos. Also, it provides download links for comedy series (episodes from The Daily Show and others).

If you are visiting the site for the first time, consider using the categories below to select any content that you like.

NewToxic categories

TV Series — allows you to download free shows and movie blockbusters adapted as series such as The Avengers spinoff.

Thai Drama — allows you to stream and download content from production studios outside Hollywood mainstreams. Thai Drama is one of the most sought-after Asian movies.

Movies — this ranges from popular Hollywood movies to trending titles from other entertainment industries like Bollywood, Japanese anime, and popular mergers from production videos.

Cartoons — stream and download free cartoons, including biopics and fiction. This section offers unlimited fun ranging from oldie cartoons to new Hollywood releases.

Apart from the movies and animation categories, NewToxicWap has a fascinating cache for fans of Korean Dramas. This unique category is tagged K Drama Movies on the site.

Stream & Download Free TV Series

The best aspect of the free TV Series streaming categories on NewToxicWap is the multiple genres it offers.

Action & Romance Available on

You can pull up files from different libraries regardless of the particular niche you might be interested in. For instance, you can find Horror Movies as a tagline under the TV Series category.

As an upgraded Wap proxy (ToxicWap is the first iteration), the NewToxicWap website offers various genres, depending on niche and release period. So, this makes the website neatly arranged and easily referenced.

See how to download your favorite songs, TV Series, and K-drama movies from this new ToxicWap URL.

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NewToxic TV Series & K-Drama | How to Find Interesting Titles

If you are just getting to use the website for the first time, consider using the simple, easily-referenced movie categories on the website to find interesting titles.

Getting movies from the site is easy. You merely have to look up the title from the relevant New Toxic Wap category.

Here is how to find a K-drama movie.

On the website, click on the menu icon (three short horizontal bars).

Now select K-drama from the menu options

Select K Drama from the Menu Options

Check that there is a link attached to the menu entry.

Then open the link to access the Korean Drama entries on the page.

Apart from this procedure for finding K-drama titles, other Toxic Wap categories can be accessed in a similar manner.

Instead of using the website search box, you can get to the Korean movies page directly using the relevant NewToxicWap URL from Google Search Results (this usually appears on the first page).

Here is a shortcut for finding the K-drama movies directly without using the New Toxic Wap search box.

  • Search NewToxicWap K-Drama using your device’s web browser.
  • Go through the results to select an entry for K-Drama (ensure that this has a New Toxic Wap URL for the subpage).
  • You can open the link and select any title of your choice from the K-drama list.

Generally, you can download interesting TV Series and trending TV Shows from the site using the above procedures. The only thing you need to verify is that the URL tag is the current ToxicWap iteration, NewToxicWap.

Download NewToxic K-Drama

This is just the same as downloading Korean drama series from the TV Series category on NewToxicWap.

Here is an easy way to download the series without using a ToxicWap redirection link from the website.

Visit (optionally, you can retrieve a redirection link from ToxicWap).

Check the Menu list for K-drama.


Now, open the link to access titles under the list.

Select the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the movie you wish to download.

Go through the entries in this sub-category to select the K-drama season.

Also, select the episode you wish to download and click on DOWNLOAD.

Before the TV Series episode starts downloading on your smartphone, you will have to re-enter the Captcha word combination shown on the download subpage.

How to Download TV Series & Free Shows |

On, you can download free TV Series and interesting titles from the TV Series lists on the website.

TV Series NewToxicWap Movies are available in HD, Mp3, and even high-resolution formats like Blu-Ray, etc. Also, you can easily download the movies using the alphabetical arrangement.

Here is how to download the uploaded titles.

Download TV Series Using Search Box

This is similar to the download procedure for finding and downloading K-drama series as explained in the previous section.

It only takes a few simple steps — Go to the official website (currently, as the previous ToxicWap iteration is no longer available), select TV Series from the Menu list, then select a TV Series title using the first letter (the entries are arranged in alphabetical order).

You can now specify the season you wish to download, click on a suitable episode, then wait for the complete TV Series episode video to download fully on your smartphone.

Instead of using the alphabetical TV Series entries, you can also select the episode from the Homepage, unless the season isn’t uploaded on the Homepage movie list.

Download TV Series Using Browser | Search “Newtoxic TV Series”

An alternative way to download the TV Series and movies on is using the default browser on your smartphone to access the download subpage directly.

Here is how the procedure works.

Open a browser on your smartphone and search TV Series”

The search results will include direct URL links for the TV Series sub-menu on You can now click on the relevant link to access the movie download URL.


NewToxicWap uses several codes to reference the categories on the site. If you are looking for a movie, TV Series, cartoon, Korean Drama, or anime on the website, use the tags below to find them.

C-Drama — this, like the K-Drama category, is short for Chinese Drama.

KD — contains Korean

K Movies — signifies Korean Movies (comedies, actions, adventures, etc.)

To make the procedure easy for you, use the search box on the website to find the title.

Last Words

NewToxicWap is the new URL for downloading movies, TV Series, animes, and free cartoons instead of the previous ToxicWap website.

Also, Download Cartoons & Animes on Newtoxic

It doesn’t require any subscriptions or consent to a newsletter. Access to the website is a one-off rule, no need to create an account. Newtoxic is a third-party streaming site, after all.

Alternatives to NewToxicWap

Apart from ToxicWap and its recent iteration, NewToxicWap, there are other websites that you can use to stream movies without a subscription. Below are some of the most viable options currently.

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