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Gratisendo offers PC Games, an app for music videos, sports games, cartoons, etc. It also offers clips from social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. So, you can never run out of entertaining content while using the app.


In some cases, it uses a Waptrick redirection subpage to complete a music download request, providing URLs for newly released Mp3 tracks. And just like the songs on any of the Waptrick proxies, downloading videos on Gratisendo only takes a few easy steps.

From Sci-fi to animations, the range of free video compilations on the website is simply staggering, with more content uploaded daily.

Here are a few categories you can look up on the site.

Animations (includes animal meme clips and gifs)

Reality TV Shows (Big Brother TV Program and episodes from Love Island)

Comedy Skits

Download Free Games on Gratisendo

Funny Clips


And of course, movie trailers.

To easily access the movie download page, consider downloading the APK using the steps explained below.

Download Gratisendo APK for Android V.4+

You can download the APK mod from any reliable APK provider online, then use the file library to retrieve the APK download URL. Once you have the valid link, you can check the description to verify that it matches that on the Gratis Endo portal.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how this works.

On the APK webpage (check APKPURE or APKCombo), search Gratisendo.

Then select the result with the most relevant title match.

Also, check that the descriptions are the same.

Finally, click on Install.

Usually, an APK mod will run perfectly on Android versions v.4 and above. If you have anything less than the indicated version, then you may experience some glitches while using the software.

To ensure that the APK is working well, disable any Ad-block plugin when trying to download it using a web browser. You should also complete the setup on your smartphone using the prompt.

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Gratisendo TV Series | How to Download TV Series in Mp4 Format

Gratisendo offers the complete package, including TV Series and movies. All of the video content are provided in specific quality formats, allowing the viewers to select a preferred option.

In this case, the available video resolutions are best played in the Mp4 and HD formats, although this will depend on the default quality of the video.

So, how do you get the videos on Gratisendo?

Here is a quick procedure that you can use to download as many videos as you want from the official website.

First, Gratisendo is a Waptrick proxy, which means that most of the content on Gratisendo is redirected from the main Waptrick homepage. Instead of tracing the evasive Gratis Endo URL online, check the Waptrick website for quick access.

On, locate the video category on the homepage.

Go through the entries to select a TV Series title that you wish to download on your phone.

Select TV Series from the Gratisendo Categories

Then go to the redirection subpage to select the TV Series episode.

Once you click on the episode, the page leads to a different subpage that contains the download URL.

You can then click on the download icon to get the episode on your smartphone.

Do You Wish to Stream the Episode Instead?

If you would rather stream the TV Series episode on the site, then use the alternative procedure below.

On the official website,, click on the TV Series Title (use the search box to find it if it is not included among the titles on the homepage).

Usually, this might redirect to videovak, from where you can opt for live streams.

On Videovak, you can select any number of videos of your choice. And to stream it on the site, you have to select the preview option from the menu list attached to the player icon.

Download Free Games on

Do you know that you can play free PES Soccer games from any season of your choice on

The website offers different game categories, but so far, none comes close to the visual quality of the PES game franchises provided on the site. Interestingly, they are all free. This means that you do not need a subscription to access the download files.

Apart from football, there is God of War, which promises lots of thrills and daredevil fighting scenes. You can choose any installation from the story and play it to your satisfaction.

The complete game archive has these genres:

  • Car races,
  • Street fights,
  • Bar Brawls,
  • Arcade,
  • Temple Run (but for Jave OS-related phones), and so on.

You can download the games using the procedure below.

Go to the main page, Waptrick (this has the source file for the game).

Select a Game Title from the Genres on Gratisendo

Select Games from the Menu.

Then go through the available categories to choose a suitable archive.

Finally, pick a game title and check under the caption for a link to download the file.

You can click on the download icon from this page to get the game on your smartphone.

Download Cool Apps on

Do you want a mobile for free themes, songs, social media funny video compilations, etc.? Gratisendo has a lot to offer in this regard.

So, you can check out the app categories on the site for a list of gadget apps, music albums, and wallpaper catalogs to download on your Android smartphone. Below are some entries to look up on the platform.

  • Themes
  • Funny Videos from Popular Social Media pages
  • Photos
  • Music clips
  • Tools

Apart from these categories, you can get apps for video games too. Just like the TV Series and Games download, Gratisendo applications are available for free. You do not need a subscription to access the download URL links.

Here is a short procedure that you can use to get the app.

Instead of, use the Waptrick homepage to search for the app on the corresponding app subpage.

You can now go through the details to select an entry that matches the search query.

Download Cool Wallpapers from Gratis endo

Finally, click on the attached download link to get the mobile app on your smartphone.


Always check that the Android version required is up to your device description. Usually, v4+ is suitable.

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