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Mp3 Paw has a large song library provided in Mp3 formats, but available only as audio. It is free and easy to use, along with an ad-free user interface that allows site visitors to easily access the available music categories.


The interesting thing about Mp3 Paw as an audio song streaming site is the varied music genres it supports. With just a few search clicks, the site User can get any number of songs on the site, regardless of the music niche or the specific song genre.

Unlike some sites that are precisely for local content or pro-genre, Mp3 Paw is versatile in terms of content. Some free Mp3 song streaming platforms only upload RnB in Mp3 formats. Only RnB fans can truly enjoy downloading such songs.

So, here is an amazing deal for you: go to and stream any song that you like. You can get up to date with your favorite artists on the site.

Interestingly, there is an Mp3 Paw app and APK versions online. To make the download process easy for you, consider using the APKs or apps for smartphones. That way, you can enjoy undisrupted roaming on your browser, instead of reverting to the Mp3 Paw website to download a song every now and then.

Here is how to download the app on your smartphone.

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Download Mp3 Paw App /APK for Android Smartphones

Currently, Mp3paw is not available on Google Play Store. However, it is on several APK provider websites online. You can use the download procedures outlined below to get the app on your smartphone (the PC options aren’t legit).

Go to any of these provider’s sites — APKPure is one such website.

Search Mp3 Paw Music App

Mp3 Paw

Check that the APK is provided by lindamusicorp (app version is v1.0, provided on August 17., 2019).

Scroll down to the prompt that reads, “Download APK”.

Click on the link to download the app on your smartphone/.

Also, you can read a quick guide on how to install the app once it downloads completely on your device.

Although this APK version v1.0 is a bit old, it is still a viable option, particularly for Android 4.1+ version users. Regardless, you can always check back on the website for any updates, including any tweaks on the current v1.0 features.

Mp3 Paw Features | Search By Music Tags

Getting to a song folder on Mp3paw is easy and simple. This is mostly due to the user-friendly features and ads-free UI.

Unlike the mainstream third-party sites that use several categories on the UI as a reference guide for users to find and download content, Mp3 Paw relies on the search box only, although some iterations on the web portal may have a few categories on the homepage.

The site has a fast and reliable search box, where you can enter the song title, then get the results of the search query in a few seconds. Of course, this is a practical feature as it makes it easy to retrieve titles on the platform without searching through entries in every category.

Below are some amazing features of the site (and also the mobile app).

Unlimited Free Songs

By default, an app that allows users to stream songs will usually contain several titles in the Premium content cache. Only subscribed members can access this part of the app. The case is different on Mp3 Paw App, though.

If you have the APK on your smartphone, you can stream and download songs at leisure — any number of songs that you like!

Also, Mp3 Paw doesn’t limit the options to some users. No matter your location, you can always get any Mp3paw songs for free. There is no limit to the number of songs that you can download on the website.

Stream on Site

The option to stream songs online makes it impossible for users to come across invalid links. So, the content space is well utilized, allowing the users to spend less time and save more data.

Once you find any song that you would love to download, you are free to stream the song on the site before opting for the download button.

Further, the stream option doesn’t stop you from downloading the song after streaming it on the site. In fact, it even makes the process more reliable. Just like the unlimited download options, streaming songs on the site isn’t limited to only a few first times.

High-Quality Formats

Usually, songs on the Mp3 Paw website are in Mp3 formats by default. Yet, if there should be an entry that has a different, high-quality format, this will be provided on the site.

Whether you are using the mobile app or the site to access the website, you can get the same video format options.

How to Download Songs from Mp3 Paw

You need a reliable web browser (with any default ad-block disabled) or the Mp3paw app to download the songs on your smartphone.

Here is the procedure that you can use to accomplish this with minimal roaming data.

Go to Mp3 Paw Com ( — search the site on a web browser.

This takes you to the Mp3 Paw homepage, showing a search box.

Mp3 Paw
Enter the song title to download the Mp3 format

Enter the song title in the search box, then click on the prompt that reads, “SEARCH”

Alternatively, you can search for the name of the song artist or any tag associated with the song.

Wait for the results to load fully.

Then select the relevant song match from the list.

Now, you can either decide to stream on the site first and download later, or to download it immediately on your smartphone.

To stream online, click Play Music.

To download the song, click on Download Mp3.

Mp3 Paw
Click on Play Mp3 to play the song on the site

On clicking the download tab, you will see a prompt for the song format option.

Select the highest-quality format option on the list.

Then wait patiently for your song to download completely. You can retrieve the song in the smartphone folder. Also, you can download more songs on the site.


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