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Waphan is a proxy, one of the recent Wap frontends that allow users to download free games, song videos in Mp3 quality formats, and wallpapers.


The website is recently made public, compared to the evergreen Waptrick site that has been available for years running. Nothing is entirely dissimilar about the two sites as they both have the same UI design, content categories, and exact download format options.

If you are expecting a faster download than the ad redirections that make Waptrick boring, consider using the Waphan site. Although the two are most likely run by the same team on the backend, they don’t have exact features.

Here are the Waptrick features retained on Waphan.

  • Wallpapers
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Themes
  • Apps

But seen from the Wptrick menu, an option to go to Waphan is often included on the list. This shows that Waphan is a proxy. Regardless, the site is quite useful for downloading free games and varied background themes for Java and Android phone versions (less than v3 or v4).

You can even get game entries that are suitable for fairly high-version devices — Waphan offers HTML 5 games that work nicely on PCs, tabs, phones, etc.

Get Waphan for a Faster Download

The best things about any website definitely include fast page loading speed, uptime 24 hours all week, ad-free UI, a friendly interface, and fast response. Any tweak that compromises these features will complicate the site for users.

Previously, these were all the issues on, until recently when proxies were put out. So, you can now expect better designs, fewer ads, and generally improved designs.

This helps users to get to their preferred Waphan categories in a short time. It only takes clicking on a few links to locate these category options.

It also gets updated with genres per category, providing further details under each subpage. On the website, you will come across options like the one below.

Apps — download apps for Java and Asha 200/201 phones. Also, there may be entries for Android smartphones of low versions, typically less than v2.

E-books — usually, this features comic memes in written form, but occasionally, you can get actual PDFs for concepts or recipes.

Animation — allows you to download cartoons, live images, retro design animations, etc. However, it doesn’t offer high-quality video options, unlike the alternatives for Android phone users.

Besides these cliché content transferred to Waphan, there is at least one new entry on schedule, the WhatsApp Status category. This hasn’t been running as expected but there may be further improvements with future iterations of the Waphan interface.

See below for how to download free Mp3 songs, games, and apps on the site.

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Download Free Songs & Sound Effects on Waphan

There are many Waphan categories to choose from when downloading videos. To make the search easy and precise, you can easily reference the available categories to get the song titles or videos you want.

An alternative would be to check the Homepage for a video tag — Popular, Newly Uploaded, Celebrity Videos, Adult, etc.

If there is no reliable entry for these contents, use the search box to locate the category. Also, you can get this category by checking the menu tab for submenus that lead to the video you wish to watch.

Here is how to search the categories for a video.

On Waphan, click on the menu tab at the top of the homepage.

Instead of the menu, click on the categories tag on the left side of the page.

Search Song Videos on Waphan

Usually, there is a Video submenu indicated on the homepage.

Once you click on this option, you will get to the distinct categories under the videos tag.

Now, you can search the video using the search box.

Since Waphan uses ads, it isn’t practical to use the categories to find the movies. It is better to search the video title using the SEARCH BOX in the Videos subcategory. Once the available songs load completely, click on the one you want to get to the download subpage.

By default, most videos you will get on the site are in Mp3 formats and there aren’t other qualities available

How to Download Games on Waphan

Apart from the song video download procedure above, you can also get your preferred games on the site using the Game category this time. In this section, we explain how you can easily download the games using just the official page instead of checking for redirection.

The only criteria you need to check before getting started Is the level of games on the site. If you are looking to download games that are suitable for Android games, then Waphan is a poor choice.

Uploaded videos under this Game category are best for Java phones. Here are the available game franchises.

Stickman Games — An action genre game with the hero in a life struggle

Adventure — this works like a mission game, with briefing and goals

Puzzle — includes exciting versions that work well for different users. It is also one of the few Waptrick proxy pages that doesn’t use much adult-rated content (other pages are the movies and songs categories).

Street Fights — typical street quarrels that typically escalate into gun fights, which makes it all the more interesting.

Car Games — it has several themes for the entries under this game.

  • Race
  • Arcade

Use the procedure below to download the Waphan Games on your smartphone.

Go to the official website —

Download Call of Duty and other free games on Waphan

Check the top of the homepage for Play Free Online Games.

Then click on the link to access a redirection page with free games available on Waphan. You can now go through the details on this page to locate the game caption.

To make the search easy for you, just type in the game title along with other specific details like version, release date, or game provider.

See below for how to download Waphan Apps on your smartphone.

How to Download Waphan Apps

If you want to get mobile apps for your Java phone or Android versions v2 and lower versions, click on the App option on the category options. Then follow the steps below to complete the download procedure.

Go through the result for the App.

Download cool apps on Waphan

Select the title that matches your entry.

If you search for a title that is also related to other entries on the site, you will get several results. To avoid this confusion, use more precise queries to narrow down the results to a few relevant ones.

At this point, you can either scroll through the results to select the app you are looking for or search the app title again using the search box on the App Category page.

This works smoothly for a website that doesn’t have ads on the interface. However, Waphan uses ads, making it nearly impossible to navigate the website without setting off several ads with just one click.

Consider using the search box, once you get to the App Category.

How to Download Free Photos & Wallpapers on Waphan

Waphan gives users hundreds of free photos and wallpapers. This isn’t even available for subscribed app users that create content using free wares online. So, it is an extra value for Waphan users.

The uploaded photos and wallpapers are like Java versions of Pinterest concepts — some of the photos have food themes, fingerprint whorl patterns, ariel shots imprints, crater designs, cool themes, etc.

It is one of the most fascinating deals up for grabs. And no one has to pay anything to get photos in this catalog.

Here are some useful concepts that you can get on the website.

Pet auras — this has pics of cats and dogs in different camera angles, providing illusions and amazing perspectives.

Cars — you can see photos of ultra-modern car designs, wheels, and fancy rides without any steering.

Download Cool Cat and Utra-modern Car Concepts on Waphan

Exotic Plants — get pictures of tropical plants on your smartphone. This option is available for Android phone users (v4+).

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