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TFPDL Movies is one of the top trending free torrenting platforms for movies, TV series, Japanese anime, cartoons, and HD PC games. It offers the most varied categories compared to other streaming sites.


If you’ve had enough of third-party streaming sites using too many proxies and redirection subpages to complete downloads, consider switching to TFPDL. The website doesn’t use different domains every week, unlike options like Waptrick and the O2tvseries proxies.

Most of the Hollywood titles scheduled for 2023 are on the trending movies list, with the newly released movies and premieres also included. You will have all these varieties and more to choose from, depending on your preferred genres.

Stream Free TV Series & Movies Categories on

If you are looking to stream 3GP and HD format videos on your smartphone, use the download links on the official site. It makes the entire download process easy and quite fast.

Although several TFPDL Movies may have less clear format qualities, most of the entries on the website are high-res and grand. Also, the captions are accurately linked to the URLs.

Instead of the misleading ploy of posting CAM-rips in place of the HD or Mp4 video quality on a URL caption, TFPDL Movies are tagged with the video format shown on the page.

So, if you expect to download Mp4 videos, then the link won’t suddenly redirect to an Mp3 video download URL. This makes the site reliable and very user-friendly.

Below are the TFPDL Movies free streaming and download options available to users.

Latest TV-Series | TV Series Complete Seasons

Are you a fan of TV Series? TFPDL Movies have just the perfect treat in store for you. Once you get on the official website, you get to access two TV Series and TV Shows download options, each one offering unique content.

Further, this TFPDL Movies category not only offers download links for TV Series but also includes options for you to access complete movie-length videos from genres like comedy, Romance-comedy (Romcom), Action, Mystery, Horror, etc.

It has most of the details you may be looking for on any website.

Here is a sneak-peak.


Peaky Blinders

TFPDL Movies
Download Free Dramas on TPFDL

Marriage Story

I Lost My Body


Missing Link

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A Man Called Otto

80 for Brady

What’s more? Well, there are APKs for TFPDL Movies, which makes the whole process easy and fast. See below for how to download the APK on your smartphone.

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TFPDL Movies APK | Download App for Android Phones & Tabs

If you are using an Android phone to access the TFPDL Movies website, then you probably will have a better experience with the APKs.

For one, the mobile APKs for Android smartphones are fast and handy. Also, they get updated from time to time, adding new and improved features to the interface. With each updated software, you get to enjoy new and better features.

Also, there might be other versions that allow the user to go to the exact TFPDL Movies category without checking through every entry on the menu. As the software gets better, users will enjoy better UI and faster download time.

Here is how the TFPDL App/APK download process works.

Search TFPDL on or

Download TFPDL Movies APK

Check that the result is the same as TFPDL Movies.

Also, verify that the provider is Timely Dev (release date was June 4, 2021).

Click on Download APK (the green icon with the arrow pointing downwards).

Then wait for the TFPDL Movies APK to download completely on your smartphone. On several APK sites, Timely Dev is the only tagged provider, offering TFPDL Movies APK version 1.0.0.

If you are using the APKResult website to download the app, check that the title is TFPDL APK 2021 for Android Free Download. So far, this has been the only version available.

What About an iOS Smartphone option?

Generally, there are no apps or APKs for iOS phones. You have to use an Android phone alternative if you are looking to access the APK.

Most third-party apps don’t have any specific provider, preferring to use proxies. As such the apps won’t be available on Play Store and Apple App Store. And that’s a big disadvantage, considering that most of such apps will get low ratings.

Further, apps without Google Play Protect could have potential red flags like ruinous adware and viruses embedded in the interface.

In the case of the TFPDL Movies APK, the latest version is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on the two APK websites outlined above.

How to Download TFPDL Movies

You can download movies from TFPDL by using the menu tag highlighted at the top of the website homepage.

Once you get to the website, click on any of the available TFPDL categories to access the available titles under it. For instance, you can choose from any of these categories — Japanese, Anime, Movies, TV Series, Latest TV-Series HD, Cartoon, etc.

Go to TFPDL (search

Click on your preferred movie category.

Alternatively, use the search box to find the movie from any of the categories without searching through the Menu tab.

TFPDL Movies
Search TFPDL for Movies & TV Series

Once the movie turns up, click on the Download Now icon,

Now, complete a simple Captcha challenge on the redirection subpage.

On completing the Captcha, you can now access the download link.

Select a preferred download format (this option is only available for a few movies on the site, as most of the movies are already in HD or Mp4 formats).

Is there a Safe Link for TFPDL Movies?

Some people might be looking for a Safe Link for accessing the website, but this would be pointless since the download subpage has a Captcha. This ought to be enough security.

Moreover, you can go for the APK instead of the website, considering that it could get spoofed by copycats.

Last Words

TFPDL Movies are free and unlimited. You don’t need to create an account or subscribe to a newsletter to use the features on the site.

Most importantly, TFPDL is one of the few third-party TV Series and movie streaming websites that doesn’t use proxies. Although, as a third-party site,  it doesn’t have any apps on Play Store or for iOS devices, there is an APK for fast and easy streaming.

The only downside to the APK is that it could contain adware.

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