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Mp3 Direct is a directory for free Mp3 songs and music videos. It contains several categories with additional libraries that allow you to play your favorite songs anytime you want.


Unlike some platforms that offer Mp3 songs, Mp3 Direct doesn’t require the users to signup on the site or to subscribe to a premium account. Instead, it provides the contents for free, using one frontend — sites like Mp3Juice have several proxies.

Also, Mp3 Direct works well on several devices, depending on what the user prefers. If you are downloading songs on the site, you can stream and download songs on your desktop or smartphone.

Further, it offers three options to users — download songs in Mp3 formats, stream your preferred music genres online, and create your personal playlist using the songs uploaded on the Mp3 Direct Com website.

If you wish to access the site without using the web option, consider downloading the APK on your smartphone. See below for a procedure that you can use to download the app on your smartphone.

Download Mp3 Direct APK for Android

Although Mp3 Direct doesn’t have any apps on Play Store or App Store, it has APKs and similar mod versions that allow users to stream and download Mp3 songs just like on the website.

Here is how the procedure works.

Using a suitable web browser, with any default ad-block disabled, search Mp3 Direct: Music Download.

Check that the available version is V.2.0, provided by Mp3 Direct Music Download.

Mp3 Direct
Download free Mp3 Direct APK

Also, the file size is small, 3 MB, implying it doesn’t take up the storage space on your smartphone. So, Android versions less than v4.0 can also be used to download the app.

Once you click on the prompt that reads, “Download APK (3 MB)”, the APK will download immediately on your smartphone.

According to the description, this Mp3direct APK version supports audio music. The latest version was uploaded three years ago, but it still offers similar features as the official website.

Check out the features of this platform in this article.

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Mp3 Direct Features

The platform has similar features to popular Mp3 Song streaming sites online. However, its unique attribute is the free and uncluttered interface, which doesn’t have adware or malware.

It also uses a prominent search box on the homepage, allowing visitors to easily find any uploaded content by searching the title. In this way, users find it easy and fast to locate and download their preferred songs, spending less time on them than they would on platforms that contain ads on the interface.

Stream Mp3 Songs on the Site

Only a few third-party apps offer options for users to stream songs online before downloading them on their smartphones. Mp3 Direct is a good exception to this pattern. Instead, it includes the “stream song online” feature.

If you stream songs online a bit, you can never download poor content since you have already gone through it. This is one good advantage of the option on any third-party app.

Mp3 Direct
Stream and Download Mp3 Direct Songs on Your Phone

Also, the Mp3 Direct stream on-site feature ensures that you don’t click on malware or download an advert instead of the Mp3 song you have in mind

No Subscription Required

Here is another interesting part of the website — no subscription is required. You just need enough browsing data, then you can go to the platform and download songs.

Moreover, you do not even have to create an account to start using the site. Some third-party sites will require the users to create an account for a free trial, after which some of the content will only be available to premium accounts. Mp3 Direct is different.

Regardless of the procedure you use to access the site (through the mobile app or via the web address), the same features are still provided without any subscription.

Download Unlimited Mp3 Songs

You can download any number of free Mp3 songs on the website whenever you like. Mp3 Direct supports a 24h/7 days streaming option, which means that the users can download songs at any time of the day.

More importantly, the site doesn’t limit the available downloads per day. It allows the users to get as many Mp3 songs as they like. Also, there is no need to upgrade to a premium account since all the high-quality and trending Mp3 songs are provided on the website for free.

How to Download Songs from Mp3 Direct

You can download audio songs in Mp3 formats from Mp3 Direct using the procedure described below.

To get started, ensure you have enough data and also disable any ad block on the web browser you intend to access the site with. Now, you can download the songs using the procedures below.

Search (alternatively, you can search

Allow the homepage to load completely, then click on the search box.

Mp3 Direct
Search the Song Title on Mp3 Direct to Download it

Type in the title of the song that you wish to stream/download.

A download format option will pop up, from which you can select Mp3 320kps, 256kps, or other low-quality formats. The best one is the Mp3 320kps.

Once you select a format (preferably the Mp3 320kps option), the page will redirect to the song download subpage.

You can now click on the download link attached to this page to get the song on your smartphone.

Last Words

Mp3 Direct is a third-party website that provides free Mp3 songs in several formats. It doesn’t require any user subscriptions or upgrades to a premium account.

However, the site is limited in terms of content because it doesn’t provide music videos. Also, the mobile app is mostly for audio songs too.

Although Mp3 Direct offers hundreds of free songs, it isn’t legal and could have clones that contain malware. If you search the site sometimes, you will see that it has lots of downtime. Site traffic algorithms show that Mp3 Direct has one of the lowest numbers of users compared to some popular Mp3 Song platforms out there.

Instead of Mp3 Direct, consider using these alternatives to stream and download songs.

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