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Spinrilla Music is all about free mixtapes, songs from any genre of the users’ choice, and an unlimited music library. It doesn’t require any subscriptions.


Primarily, the domain genre is hip-hop, although mergers often get uploaded on the site. As it happens, there are thousands of such collaborations available for free on the Spinrilla Music Downloader App. From crisp tracks to exclusive mixtapes, the platform offers all you could hope to get from a third-party site.

Also, it doesn’t get out of trend, and for people who have bookmarked a few titles from the music library, Spinrilla Music is one of the best plugs to keep in touch with the newest HipHop songs.

If you find any track suitable to your craving, you could simply download it on your smartphone or tab and play it at your leisure. That is just the ABC of the app.

Spinrilla Music Downloader App Features

Here are the features to look up on the site.

Download Free Mixtapes and Songs on Spinrilla. Also, get free Hip-Hop News Updates!

Compose Playlists

Do you want a personalized play mode whenever you stream songs online?

Too bad, only a few sites work on their UX, choosing to keep a basic interface over so many years. You can make up for this slack by switching to the Spinrilla Music Downloader app, which allows you to compose a personalized playlist.

You may be wondering how a third-party streaming platform could provide such a top-notch User Experience. But that is the niche of Spinrilla. On the site, you can randomly pick titles from any category — Hip-Hop, trap rap, RnB/Hip-Hop, etc. — then place them all in a personally curated list. And voila, that’s the playlist!


This goes with the compose playlist feature, where you get to choose your favorite music and Hip Hop clips. But it is not a separate menu. So, if you find your favorite songs on the site, consider adding them to your playlist, streaming online, or downloading them on your smartphone to listen to them whenever you like.

It offers a great way to connect with your favorite songs and music artists. Getting this app is a sure ticket to unlimited access to the latest updates from your celebrity singers.

Stream the Latest Hip-Hop Songs

Hip-Hop is varied in history, style, and range. Naturally, you would expect that the newly released songs will follow this pattern as well. That is just so. On the Spinrilla Music Downloader App, there are thousands of Hip-Hop songs, freestyles, Mixtapes, and news bits for you.

You can download Spinrilla Music App today to keep a tab on the latest Hip-Hop Songs. Remember, it is for free — every feature.

Hip-Hop News & Updates

Do you enjoy fresh headlines about the latest drops (singles, collaborations, features, or debut songs)? If this is your preference, then consider using Spinrilla Music App to catch up with Hip-Hop news. That is where all the updates are uploaded.

What makes it truly amazing is the option to stream the songs while checking the Hip-Hop Newsreels. See below for how to download the Spinrilla Music App on your smartphone.

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Download Spinrilla Music App for Android & iOS | Get Spinrilla APK

If you enjoy good Hip-Hop songs, You will likely find it better on an app player. The Spinrilla Music Downloader App or APK mod will serve perfectly. We explain how to download the app on Play Store, App Store, or your favorite APK plug.

Ensure you have enough internet data, connectivity, and adequate storage space to make the procedure smooth and fast. Then, using the methods below, download the app on your phone or tab.

How to Download Spinrilla Music App on Play Store

Spinrilla is one of the many music apps that are on the Play Store. It is only a few tens of data in capacity. So, there is no need to worry about space. You can download it with the following steps.

Go to

Search Spinrilla (also attach any tag or provider details to get specific results)

Then check that the version is up-to-date.

Finally, click on INSTALL to have it on your phone.

After downloading the app, you can complete subsequent installation settings to boost functionality. That’s it.

How to Download Spinrilla Music App on App Store

This works in the same procedure as described in the previous section. You need only go to the website (or use the AppStore app), search Spinrilla, then click on INSTALL to complete the download.

Go to

Search Spinrilla (also include details to make the result specific).

Once you click on INSTALL, you will get the Spinrilla app on your phone.

Download Spinrilla APK

If you prefer an alternative to the app versions on Android and iOS, consider downloading the APK mods available from popular vendors like APKPure, APKMonk, APKCombo, etc.

In any case, Spinrilla is currently facing a backlash from a copyright lawsuit (check the sections below for details). This would make the APK versions the best Spinrilla Downloader options. Here is how the procedure works.

On, search Spinrilla Mixtapes & Music.

Check that the provider is Spinrilla.

Also, check that the available version is mod v.4.11.3.

You can then click on Download (the prompt is in a green bar icon).

Unlike the Spinrilla Apps on Play Store and App Store, this downloader allows you to play music without data. You can do this with the Offline Mode feature.

Fix Spinrilla Music App Not Working | Spinrilla to Pay $50 Million in Piracy Case

Spinrilla App users will have been searching for a Fix Spinrilla Music App Not Working troubleshoot online. And that is for a good reason — the platform is down.

Spinrilla Lawsuit

Before the court ruling against Spinrilla, which stands defendant in a piracy charge, the music app functioned properly without glitches. However, since the U.S. District Court ruled a $50m piracy damages fee in favor of the music companies that Spinrilla liberally pirated their songs, the Spinrilla app and website have been getting downtimes and serious issues.

The Complaint against SPINRILLA, LLC

At the time of writing, the entries on Play Store and App Store have been deleted. If you attempt to retrieve the pages, you only see a blank reference with the option to go back.

So, how do you get around the issue? You can use the APK versions since they are still available online. Bar this alternative, there is no fix for the Spinrilla downtime — not on the app, nor the website.

As per the ruling by Judge Amy Totenberg, Spinrilla will pay $50 million, for damages, to copyright owners Sony UMG, and Warner, plaintiffs in the DMCA lawsuit against Spinrilla. Despite Spinrilla protesting its liability in the infringement, citing it has collaborated with creators and artists to promote songs, about 4000 songs on the platform streamed outside the DMCA safe harbor decided the matter in favor of Sony et al.

Following the court case, Spinrilla will lose its website, apps, and, impliedly, other Spinrilla-controlled music outlets. This is determined by the U.S District Court to be indemnities for the infringement on Sony, Warner, and UMG DMCA copyright.

Is Spinrilla Coming Back from This?

Not anytime soon. For one, the platform cannot hope to claim a Digital Millenium Copyright Safe Harbor blanket. The DMCS indeed covers Online Service Providers from any activity by a user that does not originate from the provider.

Part of the coverage includes providing a network for infringed content shared online by a user — this has been Spinrilla’s safety catch in court.

However, as reported, over 4000 songs were directly streamed on the site. As this does not meet the criteria for the DMCA Safe Harbor, Spinrilla has been found guilty of copyright infringement against RIAA-backed companies, Sony, Warner, and UMG.


Spinrilla is shut down and will pay $50 million to the copyright owners.

Spinrilla Music
U.S District Court Judge Amy Totenberg: Spinrilla will shut down and pay $50 million to the Copyright Owners

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