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Tubidy Com is not only a reliable Mp3 video converter but also a good website for downloading songs.


It contains hits from U.S Hip Hop artists that top the most streamed charts, including songs from other genres. One thing about Tubidi is the ease of access to songs on the site.

Newbies can easily find their preferred titles on the platform using the simple user interface, search box, or any of the tags on the homepage. Also, there is no need to go through the possible entries that pops up for any query since the relevant results are displayed first.

So, what can you do with the website since there are many other options? For a start, you get to access a site that offers two functionalities in one interface — download mp3 songs and convert high-quality songs to Mp3 versions.

Ordinarily, you will need to get a separate downloader on your smartphone to be able to download any song that you like. This requires that you copy the URL from the site, then paste it into the Tubidy Com search box. Once you click on Save, the download process starts immediately.

Further, you can get the app on Play Store so that you can easily retrieve the latest hits from any song genre or niche uploaded to the site.

Download Tubidy Com App for Android Phones

Unlike some Tubidy Com proxies online, the mobile app allows you to watch movies without any ads. It also has music videos, an Mp3 downloader, and a trending song list.

The latest version of this app was provided only recently this year. So, there is the issue of downloading outdated apps. After all, this version has Play Protect, which reliably flags down potentially harmful apps.

Here is how to download the app on your smartphone.

Go to play store — search (if you are using the web option).

Use the search box to search Tubidy Music Download

Check that the available version is provided by Babakanda Polepel

Tubidy Music Download is rated T, meaning that teens can use the app.

Click on INSTALL to get the app on your smartphone.

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 Tubidy Com | Download Songs on Tubidi Mobi

There are different proxies that use the Tubidy Com tag, showing that the website is not just one. If you check the site URL online, you will come across options like Tubidy Com, Tubidy Mobi, and Tubidy Net.

So, how do you know which of these options is best for you?

To get started, y can check the attached links on the site to verify that they are sourced from the main website. They all offer the same content, with minor variations in a few cases.

However, only a few of the proxies have the same content as the official Tubidy app. The rest are merely redirection subpages, albeit, with similar designs to the main homepage.

Moreover, you don’t have any account to use the features on the site, unless you wish to upload content. In that case, you will need to create an account on the platform for free.

On the website, you can search Tubidy Com Songs using the tags on the homepage. You only have to click on any of these tags to get to the subpage — Songs, Recently Uploaded, Top Videos, Popular, New Added, etc. This depends on the Tubidy Com proxy you are using to access the site.

Here is how to download the Tubidy Com Songs on your smartphone.

Go to the official website (most of the proxies redirect to the .net domain).

On the homepage, you can see a search box with the names of artists.

Tubidy Com

Either go through the available lists on this page or use the menu tab to select a more specific category.

For instance, if you wish to access your account on the site, click on My Account, enter your login details, then use the widgets to retrieve titles in your search history.

If you do not have an account on the site, use the search box to locate the songs you wish to download.

Once you locate the song, you will see the available Mp3 formats for the video, along with other video quality options like Mp4 and 3GP.

You can then select a suitable format to start the video download.

How to Create an Account on Tubidy Com

Do you know that you can create an account on Tubidy Com? It makes using the website very easy and also allows you to access a few extra features on your profile.

Also, if you have an account, you can easily retrieve any song instead of using the proxies at the risk of clicking on spoofs. Here is how to sign up on the site. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Go to the official website (use

Scroll to the top of the page and click on the menu (three short horizontal bars).

Select My Account from the options.

Then opt for Create Account when the Login page pops up.

Opt for Create Account

Follow the onscreen prompt to finish this procedure.

That is all it takes to create an account on the site. Anytime you wish to download a song or get an Mp3 conversion of your popular songs.

Additionally, you can log in to your account by clicking on the My Account option from the Menu.


Because of the several Tubidi proxies online, it may be difficult to differentiate a safe Tubidy website from clones, which makes accessing the legit .net domain a bit stressful. However, most of the search results for Tubidy redirect to the official website. Considering that there are at least six (6) proxies online, you can reduce the possible results to a few relevant URLs by simply searching


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