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Waptrick Homepage has all the categories that you may likely be looking to access on the site. Also, it contains a few extras that are usually found on any of the Waptrick proxies online.


On this website, video content in Mp3 formats is arranged in various categories, along with cached sub-pages that offer free themes, wallpapers, mobile apps, games, songs, and video clips.

You can get soft accessories to beatify your smartphone and add the zap to it, considering that the Waptrick Homepage has all sorts of design widgets, especially for Java phones.

Is there any Waptrick Homepage content for Android devices? Of course, yes! The site is full of dubbed videos and games that you can enjoy on an Android phone v.2+.

Typical upgraded game versions on the platform include PES Games (as soon as the franchise is released per Konami updates), clips from wrestling matches, songs, audio soundtracks, etc.

The Waptrick Homepage doesn’t lack content for Android smartphone devices, despite being a bit out-of-trend. You can get loads of freebies for your v.2+ devices — smartphones, tabs, and more.

Currently, there have been some tweaks in the available features on the site, which now allow users to download songs on any phone version. Below is one of the most readily accessible categories for you to enjoy.

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Download Songs from Waptrick Homepage

Are you looking to download and enjoy cool songs, Christmas rhymes, or hip-hop? If yes, then look up the Waptrick Homepage Song Category. It offers all of these contents and more.

On the subpage for songs, you can see file charts for categories such as the ones below.

New Music

New (Global) Music

Most Downloaded Music (rated Top on the site)

Most Downloaded (Global) Music

Apart from these caches, the Waptrick Homepage has entries for some of the most popular music genres. Here are a few genres that you can check out.

Rock/Metal Music — contains heavy metal music, rock music, and country

Electronic Music — features remixes, deep house, techno, electronic dance, etc.

Waptrick Homepage
Download low-data Mp3 Electronic Music on Waptrick

Classical/Contemporary — also includes Jazz Blues, A Capella, Alternative, Classical, etc.

Dancehall — allows you to play Latina, Nudisco, Dubstep, and Reggaeton

To get to the thick of the whole music content, use the tags on the site. This leads to a webpage that has all the songs referenced in the genres above. Some popular Waptrick tags you can use to find the songs include A-Z Index and Sounds.

Another interesting bit of this amazing site is that it provides free song lyrics.

Go to the official Waptrick Homepage (alternatively, simply search on a web browser — ensure that you disable ad blocks or plugins that might interfere with the site).

Once the page loads completely, search Mp3 Music using the search box.

Then go through the genres and music subcategories listed above to select a suitable library.

On the redirection subpage, select a title from the songs on the list.

Waptrick Homepage
Select a song title from the music category

This leads to the song URL link, which you can use to download the song.

To complete the steps, just click on the Waptrick prompt that points to Download Song.

Just a few lines down the listed music genres there is an option for users to change to a preferred language. You can click on this menu to check if your language is among the available options.

Further, for any song that you download on the site, there is a corresponding lyric for it. So, you can have a swell time vibing to the Mp3 songs with the lyrics in sync.

Waptrick Homepage | Download Free Games — Soccer & Car Race

Free games are another Waptrick Homepage specialty, as the platform has loads of free game franchises in high-quality formats. Regardless of the game type you wish to download and play on your smartphone, Waptrick has updates and the latest versions of the games.

Popular Waptrick Com games include PES Soccer and car races. Also, if you enjoy playing arcades and bar fights, then you may want to check out the titles on the Waptrick Homepage game categories.

Here is how you can download the games on your smartphone.

Go to the official Waptrick Com website (

For convenience, use the search box to find the game categories.

Select the game sub-category that contains the title you want.

Alternatively, you can search for the exact title of the game on this page.

The results for your search query will load in a few seconds, then you can click on the relevant one to access the download subpage for the game.

Once you get to this subpage, click on the Download Game prompt.

Select a suitable game from the Waptrick Game Categories

That completes the process.

To make the game download procedure easy for you on the Waptrick Homepage, consider using this approach.

Search Waptrick Games on a web browser.

Then select the result with the title header, “Free Android Games”.

Allow the page to load completely, then you can choose any category from the options.

Is The Waptrick Homepage Safe?

Most people don’t use the Waptrick Homepage or any of the proxies to download stuff anymore. And this is for good reasons: the site has adware and links to adult content.

Although the Waptrick Homepage has a lot to offer in terms of content and a versatile library for all users, it lacks the same metrics in site security and user data policy priority. Without any checks, this could easily escalate into serious threats to the users’ smartphones.

Moreover, Waptrick has several other proxies and clones. You can get redirections from sites like Wapkid, Waphan, Wapcon, Wapking, etc. For a website that provides download links to non-subscribed members, this is really a huge red flag.

So, the site is not safe, especially for your Android devices. Instead of using the Waptrick proxies to download songs or video games, consider alternatives that work well with Android smartphones. These other options do not have as much adware nuisance as Waptrick.

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