How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code | Unblock MTN SIM Card

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code for a registered SIM card and also get the SIM unblocked — either use the MTN center or liaise with online customer care by the network carrier.


Also, you can get this code using a MyMTN App. Here is a quick procedure that you can use to do this on your smartphone.

If you have been using an MTN SIM for a long time, chances are you have misplaced the SIM pack, which among other things contains your personal unblocking code (PUK). This PUK is like a bypass for instances when you have entered the incorrect SIM codes and have been blocked.

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code Using MyMTN App

Getting the PUK may be tedious for you if you do not know the procedures to follow. Luckily, the Network has good CS support offering different methods of How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code.

So, we explain the MyMTN app method here.

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code
Retrieve PUK Code and Unblock MTN SIM Card

Before you get started, ensure that the SIM card in question has not been blocked from the service, as this approach only works with unblocked sims.

Now, you can either download the app on Play Store or continue with the How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code process online.

Step 1

Using a browser, go to

Find the prompt for retrieving the PUK.

Now, specify the MTN number you wish to retrieve the PUK for, then enter this number in the box indicated.

Once you click on Proceed, you can access a different tab from which you can check an OTP request to get a one-time password.

You can now retrieve the sent OTP from either your email address or phone SMS (depending on the one your chose), type in the password in the relevant space, then click on Continue.

After the last step, you will automatically be logged into the site.

At this point, you can select a My Profile from the menu options to complete an OTP verification.

On completing the verification, you can now access all the details on your profile — including email address, phone number, the full name provided during registration, and PUK. If you have any number tied to the account, you can also see it on this page.

Step 2

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code Using Facebook Account

Your Facebook account has an MTN Self-Care listed in the app section. You can select this app from the category on Facebook (just search MTN Self Care), then provide your details as indicated by the onscreen cue.

See below for other procedures that you can use to retrieve your MTN SIM Card.

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How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code | Contact Customer Care

The surest way to retrieve your MTN PUK code is through customer service. MTN is one of the best CS in most of West Africa, proffering solutions to daily problems that the network users are likely facing.

So, you can use this procedure to contact the CS closest to your location.

You can opt for in-person visits, where you just call the MTN center in your vicinity and fill out a complaint form. Some centers will simply ask you to state the problem, then check their records for a solution.

Within minutes, you will get the fix for retrieving your MTN PUK Code.

Call an MTN Outlet to Retrieve your MTN PUK Code

Alternatively, you can also reach the CS using only your smartphone. Here are the hotlines to dial to get across to MTN Customer Service.

For Callers Using MTN SIM — Dial 180

If you are using an MTN sim card, you need only dial the official CS hotline, 180. This puts you through to Customer Service.

Once the connection is established, you can state your request, provide the details as required by the CS, then wait patiently to have the issue resolved in a few minutes.

For Callers Using a Different Network

If you are using a different sim network to contact the CS, then dial 08031000180. This hotline works best for Globacom, 9mobile, and Airtel, depending on the network connection from any of these carriers.

Contacts from non-local carriers will have to use the +234 reference.

As in the 180-hotline option, this procedure involves stating the issue to be resolved and providing the details as requested by the CS.


If you are contacting the CS for How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code, ensure you have the following details ready.

  • Your full name (this must correspond with the names used to register the sim card).
  • DOB — Date of Birth, which must also be the same as the one you used to register the SIM.
  • Similarly, the address will correspond with the one on the sim card.

Then, to help the CS place your number, you will be asked to state the last number you dialed via the line.

Whichever method you use to retrieve your PUK Code, the above details will invariably be required. So, when visiting the center, you should go with them. Similar requirements also apply to blocking MTN sims.

How to Unblock Your MTN SIM Card

Did you misplace a vital detail that helps you to access your sim card? If this happens, it could lead to your sim card getting blocked, hence stopping you from making phone calls, sending/receiving text messages, or using the line for social media account verification.

Also, if you just got through a How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code procedure with the MTN customer service, this is definitely the next step will take to unblock Your MTN SIM Card.

Unlike MTN PUK retrieval, unblocking your SIM Card is easy and it doesn’t involve a second party.

Here is a short step that you can take to Unblock Your MTN SIM Card.

Insert the blocked sim in your smartphone.

Open sim card lock settings.

Input the retrieved PUK in the sim lock settings to Unblock SIM

A prompt requesting your PUK code pops up.

You can now enter the MTN PUK code that you just retrieved.

After the last step, you can now set a new and different Lock Pin for the sim.

That concludes the process.


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