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PeopleLooker Com Login allows you to get detailed information about anyone, including the person’s information like credit card history, criminal records, or email address and phone numbers.


It works in a similar way to platforms like TruthFinder and other reverse-search tools that are accessible online. To use the platform, the user will need to subscribe and keep up with other requirements.

After signing up on the site, users can get to the search box through the PeopleLooker Com Login portal. Typical offers provided upfront on the site are People, Phone, Email, Property, Unclaimed Money, B2B, etc.

As you can see on the official website, has conducted more than a million background reports on various individuals.

Is this useful? In so many ways, the PeopleLooker Com Login page and the myriad of details it offers are very useful to people in the long run. For one, you don’t usually get these sorts of information from Googling about the person.

Also, if you wish to know about an influential person apart from what is already reported about them on popular Media, you can just get the info from PeopleLooker. They do the leg work, but you will have the data you need at the end.

However, the site is not there to provide data just for malicious intent. Instead of seeking harmful personal details of people, you can leverage the platform for valuable information such as getting in touch with your lost contacts.

For old schoolmates, colleagues at a previous workplace, former roomies, etc., the PeopleLooker Com Login site is a good way to build lost or broken connections. It helps in many ways.

Moreover, the good thing about the site is that no one has a monopoly on searching private info about other people. Everyone that has subscribed to the site can easily pull up every other person’s file, as long as they are available on PeopleLooker.

Despite being so thorough and versatile, the platform is not used by employers as it doesn’t align with the current jurisprudence in the US at least. So, PeopleLooker Com Login has its limitations.

PeopleLooker Com Login
The T&C requires visitors not to use the information for tenant screening or employment and encourages compliance with FCRA.

Unlike some conventional sites where job hunters can upload their details to find suitable placements from employers looking for the skills listed, PeopleLooker isn’t a workplace or career advice tool.

You basically consult the website when you need information about someone that is not easily obtainable on Google.

See below for details about the PeopleLooker Com Signup, Login, and Subscription.

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PeopleLooker Com Login | How to Sign up on

You can access the platform by signing up for an account, then subscribing to use the services provided by the site.

The signup procedure is easy and fast, which makes it user-friendly and convenient. Generally, once you have an account, you can get details like a friend’s favorite shopping spot, preferred social media platforms, interactions with popular media, real estate, etc.


PeopleLooker Com Login is strictly for information. In terms of purpose and intent, the platform is not a spy tool. Also, you have to make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions before going through with the procedure because PeopleLooker doesn’t have live chat support.

Here is how to sign up on PeopleLooker Com.

Go to the official website — search on a browser.

PeopleLooker Com Login
Select your preferred membership plan to continue

You can see signup and login options at the top of the homepage (otherwise, click on the menu icon to view these options).

Click on Sig-up.

A Terms and Conditions slip automatically pops up, with other prompts to progress to other sections of the PeopleLooker Com Signup process.

Once you read through the T&C and are content with it, check the consent box.

The next step is to select a subscription plan, enter your email address and other details as required by the onscreen prompt, then tick the boxes to complete the procedure.

Remember, you can always call customer service for cancellation whenever you feel like opting out of the subscriptions.

How to Subscribe to

Before you can get a legit PeopleLooker Com Login pass, you need to subscribe to the platform using either of the two available membership plans.

The PeopleLooker Com Login page works on the 1-month and 3-month subscription plans. Whichever one you opt for will get you access to the PeopleLooker Com Login page. And you can then search for information about people using the platform.

After signing up and subscribing to the website, you can get details ranging from background checks, contacts, email inspections, relatives, social media activities, criminal records, property, typical schedules in the past year, and so on.

Here are the pricings offered by

Severn-day Trial

If you are going for the seven-day trial, you will pay just $1 for the period, during which you can access the same features as offered on the higher subscription packages.

However, this is only a trial, so, consider upgrading to the monthly or 3-month plan.

One Month Subscription

For the one-month subscription plan, you will need to pay $22.86.

Unlike the $1 trial period, you enjoy an extended search and continued service for a full month, after which you can renew the plan to continue using the platform.

Compared to the next package (3-month subscription), this plan doesn’t come with discounts no matter how many renewals you make.

Three Month Subscription

If you subscribe to the three-month plan, you need only pay $18.28 monthly, which is less than the $22.86 payment for the monthly plan.

PeopleLooker Com offers a very competitive 3-month plan in this case, compared to other platforms that offer similar services.

PeopleLooker Com Refund

The good thing about online subscriptions is the cancellation and refund policies. It lets the subscriber know how the service works upfront. So, there is no confusion or coercion from the service provider for the customer to stay on the site.

In this case, PeopleLooker Com has a refund policy, which allows you not just to unsubscribe, but also get your money back. To get this refund, you need to provide the following details.

Member ID

The email address used in opening the PeopleLooker account.

After providing the above details, you can then request a refund and give the platform up to a 10-day working period to comply.

So far, there haven’t been any complaints about the PeopleLooker Com Refund.

How to Login to the Site | PeopleLooker Com Login

Since you already have an account (if you don’t have one, you can’t log in), you can now access your profile via the PeopleLooker Com Login page.

Here is how the procedure works.

Ensure you have access to your PeopleLooker Com Login email address and password.

Then go to the official login webpage — search paperlooker/app/login.

PeopleLooker Com Login
Enter your email address and password to log in

Once the page loads completely, enter the email address you used to create the account. Also, enter your password.

Finally, click on the login icon to access your profile.

For Password Recovery

If you have lost your PeopleLooker Com Password, you can click on the Forgotten Password prompt to create a new password.

PeopleLooker Com will send a link to your email address through which you can set a new password and continue using the site. This doesn’t require any payment or deductions from your subscriptions.

To Use the Platform

If you wish to use the platform to search for details about someone, here are the easy steps you have to follow.

Ensure you have a valid subscription (at least use the $1 plan).

Type in the person’s details as required by the onscreen prompt on this page.

Optionally, if you don’t want too detailed info about the person, especially someone who used an anonymous email to contact you, then you can simply use a reverse email option on the site.

Download the PeopleLooker App on Play Store

To make your access to the website easy and fast, consider using the app whenever you wish to look up details on the PeopleLooker Com site.

Here is a short download procedure that you can use to get the app on your smartphone.

Open Play Store — search if you are using a browser.

Search People Looker Background Search.

PeopleLooker Com Login

Check that the app is provided by PeopeLooker, LLC.

Then click on INSTALL to get the app on your smartphone.


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