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MTN Free Data Code — How is life fun without data? Even if you had a data connection or network and there is no data subscribed it still means nothing. All of this we owe to technology. Technology has improved so far that we are now able to do whatever whenever with almost any device we have in our possession.


Tech has given man another mission and this is not going to the moon or trying to reach the other side of the galaxy. But a mission to stay connected and by the connection, we mean staying online. Being online gives leverage to many things like current news, excitement, online money-making, etc.

In all these we need data and come to think of it, data is not free. But we will always need endless of it to be able to stay online as much as we want.

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So here we bring you closer to the best way to acquire data free of charge without having to pay for it. And this, you can use as much as you require. We bring you the MTN Free Data Code, yes MTN free data code. It might sound crazy but we have a lot of them in store for you on this page.

With the MTN Free Data Code, we will be posting here, you can choose anyone to make use of to get your free data. Continuing, we don’t want to get into big long talks so we will be jumping right into the main objects of the day.

MTN Free Data Code | How to get 12Gb

Mtn users are very lucky on this post, anyways very soon we will also check out the best working cheats for other networks and post here. But for now, MTN customers should enjoy this.

There are small steps or probably rules that you need to follow to be able to get the MTN Free Data Code successfully working. However, you will need to continue reading further after getting the codes to get that too.

Okay, the one that is still making people go crazy today is the *131*205# code. For this particular MTN Free Data Code, you can dial as much as you want. First of all, you will receive a prompt, you can ignore it until you get your data. With this cheat code, people have received more than the average 12Gb.

Importantly, this code is free and does not require that you have airtime in your balance to be able to get the free data.

MTN Free Data Code | Get more than 120Gb doing this

With the cheat above giving you more than 12Gb, this one here will blow your sim card and leave you very much in the abundance of data.

Using this code, you have the chance of getting amazingly up to 900Gb you better upgrade your memory space then. This is a code you don’t want to miss. Moreover, there are two processes that you can try and if it doesn’t work you can as well follow the other path.

The first one is the code *343*5*0#. When you dial this number, there will be a pop-up. On the pop-up, pick option 7 to get the MTN Free Data Code. Then follow up with code *121*1*1#.

The second one is, dialing the numbers *567*59# or *567*2*22#. The results from these particular codes come with a time frame which may range from 3 to 6 months.

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Furthermore, make sure before you start tapping the codes in your device, that the MTN Free Data Code sim is a sim that is yet to get any free data of any kind from anywhere. This is one rule for this code or else it won’t work for you.

This next one, you know it or almost everyone knows it. And maybe you are yet to apply it. This one is called the MTN Free Data Code App. Can you even imagine it is from MTN itself so you should know that it is rightly legit and working?

To get this 500Mb you will have to download the MyMTNApp. The app can be downloaded through playstore, Appstore, or the official MTN Free Data Code app link. After making the download, open the app and fill in the form. Then you can claim your 500Mb data.

These are the ones we have for you today. From tomorrow, we will be publishing new and updated MTN Free Data Codes which you cannot meet anywhere. But before we conclude anything, we already promised to give you the steps and guidelines for any MTN Free Data Code.

MTN Free Data Code | Other things to be aware of

You can use the code *131*4# to check your data balance when you have successfully received it.

The SIM to use must be an MTN SIM. The codes above will not work with any other network unless specified.

You must be aware that not all of the codes work for all the SIMs and for some of them, you will need to try it more than once. Your device or SIM might not be compatible with a particular MTN Free Data Code or all of them.

Have you wondered or sought a way to get back online and there was nothing you could do? Now is your time. You can leverage this opportunity to get even much higher data bundles for free. If you are going to join now please follow the instructions as carefully as possible

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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes and so anything any user chooses to do with the information provided here on the post is at his/her own risk. Bookmark this page and visit regularly for your new MTN Free Data Code updates.

For more related updates, you can reach us by following the link For questions on the guidelines for the MTN Free Data Code, do make use of the comment box below the page. Do not forget to leave your email address in the space provided.


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