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CBN Ties Loan Application Portal There is an opportunity for a bright future for graduates and undergraduates from recognized institutions (universities and poly techniques).


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Okay, today what we have here is an update from the Central Bank of Nigeria on the proposed loan for schools and students to help in achieving their entrepreneurial growth and that of the country’s resources.

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The application is currently open on the CBN ties loan application portal for any intending academic institution or person(s). This involves both graduates and undergraduates who want to enter into the entrepreneurship world without much capital, to begin with.

One of the top terms and conditions for this loan is having the idea of what it is you wish to get the loan for. With that is also a good business plan that will support what you have in mind as well as the capital accompanied with expected results after the opening of the business.

Information on the CBN Ties Loan

We will hereby first and foremost give you the information regarding the creation of the CBN ties loan.

CBN ties loans are the Central Bank of Nigeria Tertiary Institution Entrepreneurship Scheme. This body was created due to the rising rate of unemployment after graduation and to reduce the rate at which graduates seek white-collar jobs.

The main aim is to curb the general notion of a lack of jobs in society and also produce youths who are ready to create more job opportunities for others. It is also meant to enhance the ability of students and fresh graduates to learn entrepreneurial skills that will help them in the future and in society as well.

Before the end of this article on the CBN ties loan application portal, you must have learned the basic requirements as well as terms and conditions that apply to getting the loan.

CBN Ties Loan Application Portal | General Application Requirements

  • Candidates must be Nigerian with a birth certificate or any document of such documents
  • The application requires graduates and or undergraduates from government-recognized institutions. And possess certificates from a higher institution (BSc, HND, etc.). a degree certificate or higher, or other equivalent results.
  • Before applying, candidates must have completed the youth service assignment in the corp. and must present a certificate of completion or exemption letter by the corp.
  • Candidates must not be 7 years past the year of the NYSC completion period
  • Possess a certificate of participation or evidence of entrepreneurship training by a reputable academic institution

CBN Ties Loan Application Portal and How to Apply

This is the official portal for all who have interest to apply. Application is easy following the design and specificity of the page that helps applicants to register and access their loans

This is the only portal where you must apply for the loan. Applications are to be submitted online.

We already told you guys that the process for applying for the CBN ties loan application is easy so long as you follow the guidelines on this page as well as the one on the official CBN ties loan application portal

So here is how you apply successfully on the site

The official CBN ties loan application portal for the submission of applications is the web porta at

  • Follow the link and when you get to the homepage, click on register and select register. This helps you to create a profile on the site with your password where you can always access your dashboard and continue with your loan application.
  • When you are registered, make sure to go through the loan description as well as the terms and conditions of the loan application. Make sure you qualify for the loan and also if you possess any of the documents that will be required.
  • After that, you should click on apply from your dashboard
  • Fill out the application form that will follow later and make sure to submit all the requested documents with the correct info
  • Finally, you can submit your application.

Other information you need on CBN Ties Loan Application Portal

The CBN ties loan application portal is a free online application portal so you are not supposed to pay anything to apply

Always check the terms and conditions as well as requirements on the type of loan application you are making

The organization does not support or provide capital for trading investment

Areas in which the loans can be applied include:

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  • Agrobusiness: this includes the production, processing as wells as packaging/storage and transport
  • Science and Technology: new and improved medical innovations etc.

Other includes

  • information technology and the creative industry

For more information, you can visit the official CBN ties loan application portal. You can also ask us questions on this application for further clearance.

In conclusion

In a world where there are few or lesser numbers of white-collar jobs and other forms of employment, entrepreneurship skills provide the best avenue for living a great life after school.

Having an idea or perhaps a skill does not always mean you are going to make it big in the business world, especially without enough capital at hand. So, this opportunity is for you who have all it takes to make it in the business world with low-interest capital. The question is are you going to take the chance and apply now.

Disclaimer: we at site have no affiliate with the CBN and TIES. We are not responsible for providing you with the job but rather the information about the complete ways to get to it. We will not ask any user for any form of payment or commission for the application.

For more updates, kindly bookmark this page, and also don’t forget to make use of the comment box to ask questions. There is also a space for your email if you wish to get your replies and updates earlier.


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