Best Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN | – Both PC and iPhone

Best Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN | 911. re – Both PC and iPhone


To get the 911 VPN software on your device, get the best any VPN can serve. This information is true because the VPN is not only in use by an awesome lot of individuals and corporations, but it has been shown to stand the test with security problems.

The Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN is among the best decisions for better privacy and security with data, profiles, and other access to private information.

So, whether or not you have been brought here with the idea of getting the software and installing it on your device, we promise you this is one of the best free information opportunities for you.

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All you need to do now is follow this article to the end to get all the required information on the 911 VPN installation. This article will contain all the necessary processes to help you scale through the installation and activation for you to be able to access fully your software.

This software does not only work on your windows but can also work on IOS combined with other supported platforms and to the best of our understanding, we are going to explain very well anyone we drop here.

More About 911 VPN

VPNs have been the ultimate since the advancement of the internet age. It has gone from being used only for IP address connections to so many other things. Now they can serve to change someone’s location, allow people to download files or use apps, etc that are not supported in their country and the rest.

Yes, there are VPNs and there are others that might be made to provide the same service. but those like the 911 VPNs rule the web and services. With this one you are anonymous if you choose to and you can transfer your locations from anywhere to any other where without having to go through any hassle.

Installing the 911 VPN gives you leverage on everything you wish to use it for. However, it is not that easy to get this one going this is because a careful slow configuration is needed for it to function in whatever way you want it.

To get the VPN you must know the official and secure site for the download. It is this site that will produce you the list of prices according to the package you wish to purchase. Though you can get the activation for as low as $30.

Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN | Before You download and install 911 VPN setup

  • This is one of the most critical aspects of the VPN installation process and you must obey the forthcoming instructions.
  • The first thing is to make sure all your windows defender or firewall is turned off
  • Turn off all your system protections as well as a virus scan. You can also uninstall them if you wish to, it will also help in facilitating easy VPN installation.
  • How to download and install Procedure for 911 VPN for the latest Version 911 Proxy VPN setup For Windows
  • There is no need to waste your time explaining more so we will go further into the software download.
  • This app you are about to download can help you unblock any restricted or banned content.
  • To download all you have to follow the link >>>Here<<<

Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN | How to download setup

We will walk you through the processes, of 911 VPN and also installing it.

  • Using your computer, you can download the installation file from the link we produced here above. The file you are going to download would be a WinRAR file whereby you can “extract here” the file and install the system.

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  • While opening the file you will be asked for your unlocking password which is this as password.
  • When it is done, open the folder of the new extract  double click on the dollar symbol named Client
  • When the interface from the dollar opens up input your username and password then enter.
  • Install any of your browsers on the VPN by placing the browser into the VPN system “program”
  • Right on the bottom right corner of the 911 setup and select the refresh IPs under the specific state shown.
  • Then you can right-click on any IP address and choose to connect. You can now use your browser free of worries. To test it you can search for and check your IP address.

Download and Install Procedure for 911 VPN On IOS (iPhone)

Below is a detailed but simple installation procedure on how to get this software working on your IOS system

To set up the 911 VPN on iPhone you need apps like SURGE OR SHADOWROCKET.

This tutorial will only make use of shadowrocket. The apps can be downloaded from the app store and support international proxies. They make all the connections go through them.

  • Connect your phone and computer on the same network (with the same IP address). This can be done by connecting both devices to the same hotspot.
  • Launch the Dollar Sign VPN on your computer and then log in. When you are logged in, choose the IP address you want to connect to, right click on it. Hover your cursor on the ForwardPort Proxy and then Click on 500 (Free), this will make the IP address disappear.
  • Click the PortForwardList, the first address should be your systems IP address and this is the address you port forward

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  • Next, you launch the shadowrocket app and tap on the Global Routing, and select proxy. Go back to the global routing page and “Add server”
  • On the add server page, select “Type” and change to “Socks5”. For “Host”, go to the computer and note the numbers on your “Local Proxy”. A local proxy can be located above your username and password on the top page of the 911 VPN. Now all you need to do is to input the numbers and dots just the same way they are on the proxy.
  • Put the numbers as such in the box at the front of the host on your phone. You should limit your IP address (the number) input to the number before the first colon on the IP address, for example, is the number, what you need to input is for the port.
  • Then you can enter 5000 and leave the rest of the spaces blank or empty.
  • Click the done tab to return to the previous page. On that page, you will find the “Choose a Server” tab then click on the add server. Select not connected to complete your setup. When you click on the slide, you will see a VPN icon on your notification panel, telling you that you are connected. By now all the apps on your phone should be running through a proxy

That’s all for today, with the detailed information above, all you need to do is start making your way to the download portal and use it for your security or for any other thing you wish.

For more information relating to this topic download and install procedure for 911 VPN, you can reach us through our site at For questions, you are kindly requested to use our comment box and provide us with good feedback. Do not also forget to add your email address.


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