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Minerstat Review Today we are presenting you with a review of one of the best mining management platforms. This platform helps miners manage everything including the workers on the mining by allowing the opportunity for the creation of a dashboard for the miners.


Most of us might have known what mining is but might overly be finding it difficult to understand it in terms of cryptocurrency. Well, in the world of digital currencies crypto is the leading energy, and with bitcoin being the father of crypto certain activities help in the existence of the currency at it is.

In this case, we are going to jump right in with crypto mining in its simple form. Mining in actual practice is simply running mining software on your mining hardware or equipment.

With mining, miners set their mining software by defining the coins they wish to mine and as well the wallets they wish to receive their rewards.

Another thing we are going to talk about is the miner or mining client. This is the software that miners use to solve the algorithms involved in the mining process which brings about the rewards when the mined coin matures.

Minerstat Review | Information on the Minerstat Software

Minerstat is a mining management and monitoring software. It is not the miner client type of software but the one that helps miners manage the activities of the software they already set in place for mining.

In addition to that, this software covers the function of checking the power consumption of the mining equipment, switching between wallets and mining pools as well as temperature management.

However, this does not mean that it is the minerstat that pays its users. Rather it is the pool that sends rewards to its members. The major work of the minerstat software is to help you set your mining equipment and session as well as connect with the pool.

Minerstat review | Features

There are so many features that make the minerstat software the best mining management software.

This is of course apart from the user-friendly interface which allows its users to navigate, set, and choose pools of choice from a whole list of available pools with the best mining efficiency.

  • On the minerstat dashboard, there is the worker’s management tab which includes details and information on workers. With a review of settings as well as a general overview of their working conditions.
  • Worker’s analytics which shows charts for the functionality per worker and its profitability with tools to be able to diagnose and improve on the mining operation
  • The worker’s automation features also help in the easy switch between any setting example, between mining different coins and or joining other pools. With alerts and adjustable settings in conjunction with schedulers for workers on their different mining operations.
  • In the order of finance, it helps in the management and display of the different available minable coins with their market capitalizations as well as the list of coins and muti-algo pools. It also comes with a miner calculator for about 500 plus coins and pools.

These are the best noticeable features. But there are other features which of course you will get to meet when you get to the minerstat platform.

Anyways, getting started on the minerstat doesn’t require anything. it is easy and free. The only process is the signing up and then you are in.

How to Start Mining or How to Join Minerstat

In this part of the minerstat review, you will get to see the things you need and how to register and get access to the minerstat software. But before that, you will need some important equipment to begin as a miner.

We already stated before that the minerstat is not a cloud mining program or platform, and does not pay miners their rewards. in that case, you are not required to invest in other people’s equipment or hardware. Every miner uses his or her hardware with the software configurations in it.

It only helps you to set it easily and shows you the major pools and mining clients to join and make use of.

Requirements for Mining Minerstats

The most important things to take into a note before joining include

Mining hardware: this is the major or in one word the number one thing every miner needs. You choose the one you wish to buy according to what you want it to do and the results you wish to get from it. Example of miners includes; a GPU rig or ASIC machine pick your poison.

Another thing is knowing the coin you want to mine. This is one easy decision because sometimes buying the mining machine already tells you the coin to mine. Notwithstanding, some machines can allow mining of a few coins but not at the same time.

So, in other to maximize the profit and functionality of your machine, you will need to choose to mine a particular coin and the pool it belongs to. Thus, this is where the minerstat steps in to allow you to switch at any time into and out of coins and pools all the same.

Finally, on this note, you will need a wallet address for your mining on a pool. Off course you will select the pool, but what about the rewards of the mining activity? You should create a wallet and use the public key for that kind of thing.

The minerstat review pricing starts from €1.45 per worker for some packages and a free testing plan for additional workers. It also has a free plan for basic features.

The functions of the platform and its mining management software cannot be overly emphasized. As a miner, all you have to do is head to the minerstat site and sign up to manage your equipment easily and simply.

They also provide online support for any questions and or issues.

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