Apps Like CashNow in UAE | Easy Borrow Apps with Low Interests

Apps Like CashNow in UAE — We can’t always be sure of what will happen in the next few minutes. Most of man’s extra activities especially between another fellow require funds. It is always not that easy to get these funds especially when it is not yet paid day and banks have a lot of rigorous processes that can be hard to pass.


During this financial situation, you need an instant loan to be able to cover up for emergencies. It is a good thing that we are already the most innovative of all time, and anyone can request anything from almost anywhere.

With the situations and the rigorous practices by banks that make people give up sometimes, we have created a list of some of the best lending and borrowing apps. These apps can help you scale through any loan in a few seconds as well as with lower interests without many commissions.

The number one app we will want to discuss is the CashNow app. However, we will also be telling you about other apps like CashNow in UAE.


The cashnow app provides cash advances that are meant to give people the opportunity to borrow money in UAE. The amount can be up to AED 1,500.

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Why is the CashNow app important?

This platform offers online loans that are very affordable with little interest to its users in different countries. Just by downloading the app, you are already set to borrow money using the app. With the app on your smartphone, you can borrow easily any time anywhere so long as you have your Emirates ID.

The application is a secure one for managing funds. No privacy issues since it has been taken care of. You are the only one with your personal information. All you have is to register and submit the required credential and you are good to go. This can only take you about a few minutes.

Customers can receive up to a loan of from AED 500 to about 10,000 according to the customer’s use of the platform’s lending services. Loans can last from about 91 through 180 days according to the financial plans of users.

Requirements to obtain a loan with the CashNow app

  • Individuals must possess a means of Emirates identification
  • A Valid bank account from any bank in UAE. It supports any bank in UAE
  • Users must be between the Age 20-55 years
  • And also, UAE residents

Okay, that’s all, for now, we have to get into other apps like CashNow in UAE. This is to tell you that you don’t have to only go for the cashnow, you have other options to choose from and you have many of them. Below are examples of the apps like cashnow in UAE.

Apps Like CashNow in UAE


Lnndo is responsible for lending funds to small businesses in the UAE. With no collateral as well as quick and easy access to the money they help businesses thrive and grow. It is a flexible, short-term loan that you can get within one week of application.

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The process is completely online and the application is in 10 mins or less

You can sign up by visiting the and clicking on “Apply Now”. On the homepage of the website, you can download the app from Appstore or playstore.

  • LendMe

Lendme app is one other apps like CashNow in UAE. This app or its platform lends money to both individuals and small businesses.

You get your loans and pay in any way you wish to, you can get the app on the playstore. The app provides safe and secure very quick loans to carter for emergencies. Loans are available to you in minutes.

  • CBD Instant Digital Banking

CBD is an app from the commercial bank of Dubai that offers digital banking. This app can be used for almost anything banking from creating an account to managing it as well as other financial services which include loans to users with their emirates ID.

You control everything and you can also access easy small-scale loans in minutes without having to go to the bank.

  • DEEM

Deem is an app used in managing funds in-app and online with resources in managing funds. The company provides funds for individuals and small businesses and makes it easy to get access to capital for start-ups.

You can redeem cash or miles-up points use them to pay for flights and hotels, and get cashback. With the deem app, you can keep track of your borrowed money and your installments as well as view your statements.

There is an android app on playstore for deem you can get it by searching deem on the playstore app.

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Well, that is what we have for you for now. More updates will come soon when we find more secure apps for the same purpose. For reference, you can always bookmark this page and visit any time you want

Borrowing is not what most people wish to always do but due to emergencies what can we do? Most of all of the apps and their platforms mentioned here are easy and provide better security with your funds.

You can get AED up to 10,000 in a few minutes and pay it back in a long time of about a year. For easy access to funds, you can download any of the apps and register. After registration, you can easily request instant cash.

For other apps like cashnow in UAE and other countries, you can visit our website at For questions and comments using the comment box below. Do not forget to add your email address.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I apply for a loan?

All you have to do is to download any of the apps, and register with your information and your mobile number as required. Then you can borrow.

How much can I get in a loan?

You can get from AED 500 to about 10,000 AED when you sign up

How long does it take to process a loan?

Some might take a few mins while others about a week depending on the amount of money requested.



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