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Earnhaus — We have talked about making money online so many times and this one is not going to be different. But one thing for sure is that it is as well as important as others, if not better. There are a lot of ways you can earn money online including surveys, staking, mining, engaging in likes comments, posts, etc.


These might be too good to be true but that is how it is. Here in these posts, we will tell you everything you will need to know about the platform we bring to your doorstep today.

With this platform, earning is easy all you have to do is take simple surveys that will pay you in dollars. Before we introduce you to the platform here are information, guides, steps, and how-to for easy access to the site of the platform.

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Well, without much ado, the site’s name is earnhaus. Earnhaus provides any user with the opportunity to earn money and cash out instantly at any time.

We will be discussing earnhaus in different subheadings for a better understanding. To get more info you should bookmark this page and visit it any time you need information on any money-making sites.

What is Earnhaus?

Earnhaus is a platform that rewards its users with real money to share their opinions online. The money paid is for surveys on particular issues that are always dropped to the users who have fully registered on the platform.

With Earnhaus you do not have to worry about when your money will be paid etc. you cash out immediately with either Venmo or PayPal. As soon as you have gotten to the threshold for withdrawal nothing will stop you from collecting your pay on this platform.

How to earn using the Earnhaus platform

Earning online has never been that easy and this is as easy as it gets. Who gets paid to just answer simple questions according to how they wish? This network is a double go, you don’t want to miss this opportunity

There are two major ways you can do that. And each of them has their level of payment as well as how they are paid or the amount.

  • The first earning form is taking surveys on the site. When you are registered on the platform, you receive a lot of surveys to take care of.
  • The other one includes becoming an affiliate for the site, referring people to the platform, and using promo codes. This means that you can make quick money and withdraw cash instantly to any online wallet (Venmo and or Paypal).

You can make a truckload of money using this site, that’s if you know a lot of people and those who are willing to do it in/her house.

Earnhaus | How to Register and Start Earning

Due to testimonies and results from those who have in one way or the other made use of this platform, many people have been asking for a way to get in and join others in making this easy online money.

So, we are not going to waste much of your time as we bring you closer to the best way to access the site and get your account.

Visit the official Earnhaus portal using the link on the sign-in with a new account if you are just meeting the site for the first time.

You can use your Gmail or phone number as the case may be to register.

The only information required from you is your mobile phone number or email, first and last names, and also your date of birth. This is used to verify your age to check if you are legally old enough to participate in the activities of this website.

Notable Information on the Earnhaus Platform

  • The registration procedure into the platform is free, you can create a free account by just providing the portal with the basics info and you are good to go.
  • With the online paid surveys, you get paid accordingly and based on the number of surveys you take in a day
  • The most important things here are careful attention while answering any of the review questions, you can get kicked out of any survey for fraudulent activity or if you refuse to participate wholeheartedly in surveys. Take your time as the case may be for any survey.

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  • The only payment methods available and in use with the platform are Paypal and Venmo. The amount you stand to earn is not limited, you can earn as much money as possible depending on the amount of time spend taking surveys.
  • There is a limit to the number of accounts a person may have. Individuals are required to use either a working email or phone number to register
  • You are allowed to leave surveys that you do not like for others without being charged for anything. Users might be qualified or unqualified for a survey and might be kicked out if they become too unresponsive or unserious about the survey they are doing.
  • Users can withdraw when they get to the threshold of $5 and for any three invites that register, you get $3. Your withdrawal is processed and sent within 24 hours. And sometimes due to other circumstances get to about five working days.
  • If and when you are done with your account, you can delete it completely without leaving any trace of it on the platform. You can delete your account from your account page.

That’s about it for the day. We wrap the information here up with a piece of final advice, you should try this now.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, Earnhaus is a great option. You can register for free and start referring friends and family to the site. For every person that signs up and uses earnhaus, you will earn a commission. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning.

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