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Zamob is a fast-rising website in South Africa. Millions of Free Games, Apps, Mp3 Music, TV Series, and wallpapers are available on for immediate download for free. The platform is notable for its user interface and popularity.


It is a multi-task platform that allows you to download all your favorite apps, music, wallpaper, and more, all available for free. This site is user-friendly and contains added features that aid functionality.

About Zamob

Zamob is a 5 in 1 package website where you can access and download all files that you need for free. With just a search on you get to download all the electronic files necessary for your mobile device to function well.

The search Bar on the homepage will help you as you browse the site. This search bar directs you straight to the exact files you are looking for. The platform is compatible with any kind of device.

The platform has categories. This category enables your search to be fast and smooth. The files you want to access will be available in the site’s category just go under the category and make your selection. If don’t see it use the search button.

This all purposed website is built with great Features, Categories, and Alternatives to serve you better. On the website, you can explore recent and latest TV series, Movies, Cartoons, wallpapers, and Anime all for free at

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Zamob Free Game Download


Free Games Now

You can now play high-quality games on your smartphones for free possible with website. A lot of games have been specifically developed for users to ease stress and enjoy free time.  Download all your favorite Games for free here.

This platform recognizes the importance of Games. It set the site in a way that gives the users easy access to download games on Android Java and iOS. This doesn’t limit the web users to a particular form of download.

How to Download Games on the Zamob Website

On the website, one gets to download all favorite games for free. No subscription is required and you don’t equally need to sign up before accessing the platform for download.

These games are very easy to download with improved visuals to aid your sight. The step guide to downloading  Games is simple and easy to follow. Be guided by the following steps;

  • Go to your browser and type in the search bar  Make sure to have a connected and working internet device to allow you access to the website.
  • Under categories select a game, then a display of the list of games will pop up, from the list make a selection of the game that interests you. If you didn’t see the one you are looking for simply use the search button to get it.
  • Remember that a genre of the game you want is available you can so you can select the one you want
  • After you have made a selection of the game you want to download tap on it.
  • Press the download button that appears on the page. Your game is ready to be downloaded straight to your mobile device.

Download Zamob Free MP3 Music

Download Music Now

Every user of a mobile device is searching for a reliable and secure internet to download to download free music why? Because music is a special and trending file that almost everyone needs on their phone devices.

Zamob is that unique platform that you’re looking for to access free mp3 music downloads.  Music has its way of soothing individuals regardless of the mood they find themselves.

The website is created to give you the best music at its peak for free. A variety of mp3 music collections is available on the site and also free to download. These collections are useful as it arranges trend and the latest music to meet your demand.

More, you get to listen to and download all your favorite music on this same platform with high-quality standards of download for free and with stress.

How to Download Zamob Mp3 Music

  • Open your browser and using the search bar type in the URL
  • Then it takes you to the homepage of which contains lots of categories.
  • You click on music to gain access to the music collections available
  • Select the music of your choice and click on it.
  • Hit the download button.

Instantly your preferred music is being downloaded to your device immediately. You can download multiple music at the same time and it is simple and quick.

Zamob Latest TV Series

TV series are packaged to help you have an interesting stay at home.  Zamob TV series is the best, its collections are wonderful

A list of  collections has been made available below;

  • Movies[A-Z] List
  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Web Toons
  • Animations
  • Anime

These collections are available for you to enjoy, make your preferred selection and watch for free.

Zamob TV Series Top list available now are;

  • Prison Gate
  • Family Guy
  • Empire
  • Grey Anatomy
  • Legacies
  • Legends
  • Strike Back
  • The Blacklist
  • Orphan Black
  • Nikita
  • Runaway
  • Queen of the South

And more available for free download on the website.

How to Download Zamob Free TV Series

Follow these simple steps to get a download of your favorite TV series;

  • Open on your browser
  • Go to TV series collections and select the series of your choice and tap on it
  • The next display will allow you to choose the genre, language, and release date of the TV series you wish to download
  • Click on the part of the series you want to download as it comes in different parts.
  • Now, click on download to start downloading the file to your device immediately.

Zamob Free App

Many applications for both Android and Java are now available for download on It has the best app categories for mostly Android users which can be easily downloaded to their device for free. There are many Android Apps made available for download for free.

Steps to Download Zambo Apps

Just like other downloads, you can easily download apps on Zamob for free. Follow these steps to download mobile Apps;

  • Visit the  website on your browser
  • Tap the Apps category to make a selection
  • Choose the app you wish to download either Android or Java
  • Select the App Genre to download from, then choose the app you want to download
  • Now, click on the download button and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully download the App.

Zamob Wallpapers

The outlook of the mobile device should be spectacular. Zamob Wallpapers provides its users with exclusive and amazing wallpapers to download for free.

Its wallpapers and picture libraries are among the largest on the web. To download these wallpapers and pictures available you need to visit the platform.

Steps to Download Zamob Free Wallpapers and Pictures

  • Locate wallpapers on
  • Choose the wallpaper you want to download
  • Select the wallpaper genre
  • Click on download and follow the instructions that follow to complete downloading

Zambo Alternatives

A compiled lists of alternatives are available for you to consider in cases of setbacks or excessive file download on the website. The quality and video size are all put into consideration in selecting these websites as alternatives.


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