Mp3Clan | Download Mp3Clan APK for free Music & Audio Songs

Mp3Clan is one of the best sites for downloading Mp3 songs in audio formats with minimal data. It has a versatile song library with a fast and reliable search engine that allows users to find their preferred titles in a few seconds.


One unique aspect of the site is its simple interface and fast response. At least on the website, you don’t experience as many downtimes as third-party apps like the Wapcone proxy of Waptrick.

For most people, getting access to the music catalog is the main deal. And this pays off eventually, providing a versatile collection of media files for users to freely access and download their favorite songs.

Stream & Download Songs on Mp3Clan

You can download songs on Mp3Clan with low data. This saves you enough space on your smartphone and gets you exactly the quality of music you want in one stroke.

However, the streaming option is not easily accessible on the site. Often, the best alternative is that you will have to download the songs directly on your phone and play it on your tab or smartphone.

There may be a hack for streaming Mp3Clan songs on a different site, but this is mostly sourced from another platform. Previously, you can easily stream the songs on the website without requiring any mods or special audio players.

Regardless, there is still a stream and download option for you to access on the site. For instance, you can sign up on the website, then subsequently get extra features on the front end. This option is only available to subscribed members though.

If you wish to get all the features on a clean and ad-free interface, consider using the APK to stream the songs on your smartphone or tab. Below is a simple step that you can use to download the songs.

Download Mp3Clan APK

There are several APK provider options that offer app mods for movies, songs, and even wallpapers.

APKPUre Is one of the best options available currently. Here is how you can find and download the app on your phone.

Go to

Search Mp3Clan.

Search Mp3Clan Music to get the app on APKPURE

Then check the search results for a valid Mp3Clan APK link.

Also, check that the link source trails to the official MP3Clan website.

Then click on the link attached to the page.

Subsequently, you can retrieve the app on your phone or tab. Anytime you feel like enjoying cool songs or checking out new entries on the platform, you can get the app, then click on the tags on the homepage to find newly-uploaded songs.

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Mp3Clan Sign-up | Create Account on

If you wish to access more features on the platform, consider creating an account on the site to easily retrieve your preferred songs without a glitch.

Also, creating an account on the app could unlock potentially valuable tweaks such as bookmarks (for songs that you do not want to download immediately) or a chance to create a personalized list for your profile.

Here is an easy procedure for you to create the account.

  • Go to the official website — search
  • Then use the categories at the top of the homepage to find a Login option.
  • Since you don’t have an account on the site, click on the prompt that reads, “Don’t have an account?”.
  • This will lead to a subpage with a signup slip.
  • You can now enter your details on this page.
  • Once you have verified that the details you entered are correct, click on the sign-up option on the webpage.
  • Also, there is a subscription plan cache on the page, from which you can select a suitable package.
  • Finally, click on Create Account to sign-up successfully.

Usually, after clicking on the Create Account option, you might see a pop-up cue on-screen that has further suggestions. This comes up when the user did not opt for a subscription plan.

Mp3Clan can be used without creating an account or subscribing to the platform. But people prefer keeping a tab on the available features as soon as they’re updated on the APK. So,  this makes the app a sought-after widget.

If you don’t want to use the mobile app, though, you can continue with the website option, only this time, you may need to get a different Mp3Clan proxy to access updated features.

How to Login to Mp3Clan

The login option is for those who have an account on the site. If you wish to access features on this end, consider signing up on the site (check the previous page for the sign-up cue) before trying these steps.

Go to the website — (or check other proxies like the .com domain with Mp3 Caln as a reference).

Locate the Login prompt on the homepage.

Locate the login prompt on Mp3Clan

Then click on it to access the login webpage.

You can now enter your email address and password in the relevant spaces to access your profile.

Once you are through with the last step, click on Login. This should open your account profile along with other features on it.

See the section below for how to download songs on the website.

How to Download Songs on

You can download songs from Mp3 Clan using either the official website or the mobile app.

To download the songs with the mobile app, use the steps below.

Open the app on your smartphone or tab.

Use the search box to find the song title.

Enter the title of the song in the search box to locate it

Also, you can find the title using the artist’s name or any other tag associated with the song (this could be the name of the song album).

Click on search and wait for the results to load fully.

Once you spot the relevant caption for the song that you want to download, click on the attached link to access the download subpage.

Then follow the onscreen cue on this page to complete the process.

Usually, there is an option for you to select a song format of the entry that you wish to download. By default, the typical format is Mp3. However, you can also get other audio resolutions along with this — Mp3 320p is the highest quality.


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