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Waptrick is one of the widely used websites on the internet where you get to download free games videos, music, and apps. Have you been looking for a good site to download your music, videos, apps, and games? Have you heard of Waptrick?


It is among the top platforms that millions are using to get their download. It offers free downloads on the website and unique content and products. To enable you to download your videos and more this article has been carefully written to serve as a guide.

It focuses more on how to help you achieve three things which include how to download videos, how to download music, how to download apps, and how to download Apps all on Waptrick.

Waptick is mostly accessed with a mobile phone that’s why it’s called a Mobile Site but the enticing and special feature of this website is its ability to be used on other devices like a PC.

Its contents are well organized in such a way that promotes smooth running without delays. Waptrick is a free website that does not require you to register just type in what you want to download and its processes it as fast as possible.

The website also functions as a social network where a variety of individuals can speak and interact with one another. Items on the homepage are organized in sections to help serve you better. Simply select the category of your choice and continue browsing.

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 Waptrick Categories

These categories are designed to help its users access the website with ease. They are organized in a manner that appeals to the individuals.  Contents available on Waptrick are categorized based on the type of content. Such contents include:

  • Videos
  • Games
  • Music
  • Photos and pictures
  • Sound effects
  • Photo Gallery
  • Apps

All these contents are available for you for free no need to subscribe or pay for the services. What you need do is to charge your mobile phone and start downloading.

Waptrick Videos

This platform offers its users a variety of videos to download including adult-sensitive content so discretion is advised. Its videos contain the most downloaded videos, movies, music videos, sports updates, and shows which can be downloaded from most countries you desire.

Videos are very important to its users which is why this website gives the best video qualities to enhance visibility clarity and understanding.

Steps to Download Waptrick Videos Free

You might be skeptical about how to go about downloading your favorite video. Below are practical steps to download videos for free. You need to follow them to get the desired action you want.

  • Search for on your browser
  • Click on videos
  • Choose any video you like
  • Click download and it will download immediately.

Waptrick Music

This site offers you one of the best music collections to suit your mood at any given time. Music is healing to the soul that’s why many access music more on the website. Its categories are available to make your search simple and enjoyable. Here’s the list of options available on the site;

  • Most download music
  • New music download
  • Global Music
  • Most new global music

These categories make the search easier for you and fun too. Select anyone that interests you to enjoy.

Steps to Download Waptrick Free Music

The basic steps to follow in downloading music include;

  • Search for on your browser
  • Click on music
  • Search for any music of your choice
  • Click download and it will download automatically to your device

Waptrick App

Apps are important features that you need in your devices for them to function properly. The website offers catchy apps available for download for free.  It has a vast compilation of apps that will help you enjoy your device void of boredom. The categories are numerous and they include:

  • Antivirus application
  • Game application
  • Dictionaries application
  • Themes application
  • SMS/phone application
  • Guides application
  • Social application
  • Tools application
  • Live wallpaper application

These categories and more are available under the Waptrick application.

Steps to Download Waptrick Application

  • Search for  on your browser
  • Browse down you will see the  Applications
  • Make a selection of the category you want
  • If you wish you can type in the application and search
  • Click on the download option
  • Select the download option that you want,
  • click on the “download button” and it will download instantly

Make sure to adhere to the above guidelines for a smooth download of the application into your devices

Waptrick Games

Games are important features on the mobile phone. It has the ability to keep you busy and relieve stress. You can download all the interesting and fun games on the Waptrick website. This website allows kids to access and download their most loved games with ease.

You can download the games using any device of your choice like Android, iOS, and Java games.

Waptrick Games Categories

This category for games is organized for all its users especially to help kids who enjoy downloading their favorite games online. These include:

Download Free Games
  • Kids games – fun games for kid’s educational games
  • Action games- classic games retro and platform
  • Arcade games- battle games, shooting, FPS
  • Racing games
  • Movie game
  • Sports Games
  • Driving games

You can play and download them for free using the website. It is just the right site to dive in and explore.

Waptrick Download for Android Users

  • For those of you that operate from Android here’s a guide to downloading on this website.
  • Go to the mp3 section and select the song you wish to download
  • Next, choose the quality you want to download always go for the best quality to enhance visibility.
  • Now you can download the song without stress.

Waptrick Download for iPhone Users

You follow the same steps as Android users to download but to successfully download Waptrick music from your iPhone you need a third party which can be TDownloader or DManager.

You should be able to locate the files saved on your phone by using any of those apps and following the same instructions outlined above for Android users.

Only the apps you used to download them will give you access to those files aside from that you can save videos to your iPhone’s gallery.


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