Video Downloader and Player | Get 5 Free Video Player Apps & APKs

Video Downloader and Player — get a free all-in-one HD video player from reliable stores and enjoy your favorite movies, song videos, and TV Shows on the media.


It is a valuable tool for movie lovers, creators, and designers who view files in high resolutions for concepts. 

Only the best offers can get the most traffic, going by the user stats in some of them Video Downloader and Player widgets online. So, we have compiled a few options in our list to help you get the most out of this tool set. You just have to select the ones that offer exactly what you are looking for — typically high-res video formats, 4k/8k or 1080p displays, and even edits.

See below for some interesting Video Downloader and Player features to check out.

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Video Downloader and Player | All-in-One Features of HD Players

The best video players are HD Pro. Often, they add other file formats as well, completing the fun with options for the user to download videos and Edit them later. Some allow the user to edit basic functionalities, if only as enhancements. Low default mp3 volumes can then be adjusted to suitable decibel units (whether in micro-units or other subs) and the brightness too can be changed according to what the user wants.

Also, there is the option for the user to view the media in default formats, instead of using the pastel blue or red that some players would add to the screen before the video is even completely loaded.

Below are the top 5 Video Downloader and Player widgets for your smartphones (Android systems too, like tabs).


Some of the suggestions below are taken from the best APK video players with good edit support for the user. In practice, the user needs to ensure that he does not expose his device to malware by indiscriminately clicking on baits.

If you want to get only the video player apps with Google Play protection, then use the Play Store.

Video Downloader —

The APK mod is provided by Tresor Tech, which has other similar tools to their credit. In this case, the APK has been downloaded over one million times and has close to three thousand reviews on the provider’s website.

As entered on the page, “Video Downloader: Video Player”, is for free and caters to non-subscribed users. You will not see the support paywall some APK sites attach to the app link. Everything is provided for free.

So, here are the specifics.

Video Downloader: Video Player has been downloaded nearly 1000,000 times since it was provided in 2022. It is rated “Everyone”, with the complete media compressed in a 39397Kb file size. At the time of writing, only version v.1.024 is available.

Video Downloader and Player
Download the Free Video Player on

To download this Video Downloader and Player APK, you need the details below.

  • A good browser (safari or Chrome will do)
  • Android version 6.0+ (the APK does not work on iOS or any PC).
  • Enough internet data.

Then use the procedure below to download the APK on your smartphone.

How to Download Video Downloader: Video Player 

  • Go to
  • Click on the app category.
  • Select Video Downloader: Video Player from the app options in the directory.
  • Alternatively, use the search box on
  • Search Video Downloader: Video Player.
  • Once the result with the relevant entry comes up, click on the icon that reads “Google Play” (there is an arrow sign pointing downwards).
  • This redirects to a Play Store webpage, from where you can complete the procedure.

After that, install the app and retrieve it to complete the required syncs with your mobile phone.

The Video Downloader and Player is rated 4.2, averaging from 2790 ratings. It offers up to fifteen libraries and does not require any user subscriptions.

HD Video Player & Downloader

If you want an HD pro in video player media, consider getting the free HD Video Player & Downloader app on Google Store. It is one of the best tools you could get for downloading and playing HD videos.

From the jump, it offers a few extras apart from the basic features like retrieving the file/play media bits. In this case, the user can get automatic, undisrupted playbacks, options to play all kinds of Mobile videos, and extras on a premium tier.

Unlike the APK option that you might come across online, the HD Video Player & Downloader app is truly a universal downloader, with a verifiable Google Protect tag, a Data Safety policy, and a user-friendly T&C.

Further, the app interface is uncluttered and rid of ads. Some players will squeeze in ads between times while the app is playing a video. But this is not the case with HD Video Downloader and Player.

Video Downloader and Player
Get HD Player on Google Store

The app is provided by Unique Apps Store and it contains ads, although the ads are not so rife.

See how the download the app in the section below.

How to Download HD Video Player & Downloader

You can get the app from Play Store using the procedure below.

  • Open Play Store on your mobile phone — search
  • Enter the app name in the search box and click on search (the lens icon attached to the box).
  • Allow the results to load then select the relevant entry.
  • Check that the provider is Unique Apps Store.
  • Finally, click on the icon that reads, “INSTALL”.

The app is rated 3+ and has been downloaded over fifty thousand (50+) times. It promises advanced features, which could include options to edit videos.

Real Player —

Real Player is a bit on the high-end side, although it is still free. It offers a lot of value to users without setting any subscription tiers. For instance, you can download videos from multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

As we mentioned at the start, some Video Downloader and Player apps/APKs allow the user to adjust the video content volume and brightness. The same is true for Real Player.

If you are using the application, you need only click on a few features (e.g. locate the prompts to adjust brightness from the three dots at the top of the page) to access the edit tools. This works easier if you set the app to do all the automatic editing, then use manual guides to crop out the details you do not like.

However, Real Player does not provide all the features on the free end. If you want to access more packages, you will have to upgrade to a premium tier. For the most part, the only reason to upgrade is Priority Update. Obviously, most users can do without such coverage.

How to Download Real Player

  • Go to the official website — search
  • Allow the page to load completely, then click on the menu tab to select Real Player Download.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the link here,

  • Scroll down to select Download For FREE (inscribed in a damp yellow banner).
  • This should redirect to the Video Player and Downloader subpage for Real Player.
  • You can now retrieve the valid download URL and complete the procedure.

Real Player offers advanced features if the user subscribes to premium. But this is not contingent on how frequently you use the free version — there are no free trials. As a user, you are at liberty to opt for an upgrade, otherwise, you will remain on the free version with basic features.

APK Video Downloader and Player

Apart from mobile apps, APK mods also have a number of dubs that work in a similar way to the popular universal downloaders you can get on popular stores like Google Store or even app brain., The features and toolset are preserved, but the efficiency is not guaranteed. So, you may need to check back to the website for the latest app versions.

APKPure, APKCombo, and APKMedia are a few of the most popular platforms that you can use to download the videos that you want.

Here is a typical description for an entry on

  • The versions have been updated to the latest iteration v.44.0, each requiring only 2.8MB data size.
  • Also, the app category is filed under Free Entertainment App
  • Most importantly, it Is available on Google Play, where it has been downloaded over ten million times.
  • Unlike the Video Downloader and Player apps on this list, this APK is rated 12+ and is unique for its user-friendly interface.
  • The app is rated 3.9 from 88.2k reviews on Play Store, but there aren’t many ratings for the APK entry on

How to Download the APK

  • Go to the website — preferably, search
  •  As a shortcut, click on>vieo downloader and player>download.

  • Allow the page to load, then search the webpage for the icon that reads, “Download SAPK”, with an arrow mark pointing downwards.
  • Once you click on it, the APK downloads on your mobile phone.

VLC Media: Best Player for PC

So far, we have only outlined players for smartphones, Android systems in particular. But there are many options for iOS, Windows, and Mac as well. So, this section is a bonus, an extra for users looking to download a media player on their PC.

If you want to view your movies, song videos, or TV Series in HD or Mp4 file format, consider using VLC Media Player. Although it does not offer as many edits as the universal players described above, it plays a range of files.

Specifically, the link here in this section is for downloading the app on Windows PC. If you want to get the app on your Android smartphone also, toggle the download icon for more options, then select For Android.

What Can You Do With VLC Media Player?

For one, it is a multiplayer that is compatible with many files, regardless of the default format. Also,  it does not add or remove filters. VLC Media Player does not compromise the video in any way, regardless of the device you use to play it — iPhone, Mac, iPad, tab, Android phones, and Windows PC.

How to Download VLC Media Player for Windows PC

  • Go to the official website —
  • Scroll down to the icon that reads, “VLC Media Player for Windows”. (the for windows is in small font)
  • Once you click on the icon, the VLC Player will download on your PC.

After that, you can retrieve the app from your download folder and complete the installation.

Video Downloader and Player


The VLC Media Player is optimal for easy synchronization with your PC’s default file media. This implies that it can import images from the image folder into the VLC media, compiling all the files in one interface.

Also, you can actually get a few fascinating edits on the latest VLC versions. An option like Skin Editor allows you to set displays to your preferences, i.e. if you do not like the default pattern.

Moreover, the VLC media player has extension supports for add-ons that help the user to import more editing tools into the app.


A Video Downloader and Player app allows the user to download videos (movies, TV Shows, Action TV Series, or song videos) and play them on the app. Most of these apps are only available to subscribed users, but there are still free non-subscribed tools.

Some of the best Video Downloader and Player apps and APKs include the ones below.

  • Video Downloader: Video Player
  • HD Video Downloader and Player
  • Real Player
  • APK Video Downloader and Player
  • VLC Media Player

You can download these players from the official website or check Google Store for the app. Usually, the APKs are dubs. If you want to get the actual app, search the title on Play Store, then install it on your phone, since this Is the safest approach considering that the APK mods may contain adware and clickbaits.

In any case, all the Video Downloader and Player apps will offer a two-way functionality — options to download and play the videos on the app.


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