Blue Video Player APK V1.2 | Download Free IPA File for iOS

Blue Video Player APK — download the free video player for suggestions on the best storage for your downloaded videos, Also, learn how to toggle the free features and enjoy HD and MP4 content on the video player.


There are many APK providers with viable links for installing the software, after which the user can retrieve it and use it to watch movies, song videos, and other motion clips. One such site is APKCombo (also check APKPure). It supports a few simple, procedure that leads directly to the play icon.

Here is what to expect from Blue Video Player APK mods.

  • Less error feedback when trying to play a video
  • Supports varied formats, especially the popular ones
  • Also, the platform supports SD Cards
  • Provides storage options on/off the internal memory of your device (smartphone or PC)
Blue Video Player APK
Download Blue Video Player for Clear Display

Now, depending on the APK provider you use to download the app, you need only to verify that the providers are as outlined below:

Version v.1.2 (2), updated on Dec 21, 2018, is available on APKCombo, recording over one hundred thousand installs, along with a Google Play ID (check the attached link under this tag).

Blue Video Player APK is everything you can hope to expect from a display enhancement widget. And the aesthetics that comes with it is not a coincidence. See below for how to download the APK on your smartphone or PC.

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Blue Video Player APK | Download Hot Video Player App

Do you want to get a free video player that does not revert to low-quality video format before working? If that is what you want, then use the Blue Video Player APK mod for your free and clear videos. All the time this app is working on your smartphone, you will not experience any glitches.

Of course, there are other visual widgets for movies and TV Series, but only a few stand out like the Blue Video Player APK. If you have tried accessing a video with a different player, you probably can only view the popular file formats. Once it spills over to less-trendy files like a rar file, the screen goes blank, displaying a cue that reads, “Rar file can not be read”. This happens a lot on VLC. But Blue Video Player is a breather.

Why do you need a TV Show or Movie player APK or app? Well, you need these tools precisely to play the videos, especially if the other popular options are not working as desired.

Also, the Blue Video Player APK does not interfere with the video quality. If you get the movie in HD, it will be playing in the HD version. No upgrades or file decryptions are needed too. Everything is already sorted out.

Please, note that you need to stay au courant with the software so that you can get only the latest versions. This makes the process easy and undisruptive, which might not be the case if you use an outed Blue Video Player APK software version.

So, consider downloading the APK through the procedures described below.

How to Download Blue Video Player APK for Android Phones

Before you get started, you need to get these details ready. They include a good Android smartphone (preferably, get versions 7.0 or higher), adequate storage capacity, and enough internet data — you will need this to search the movies and transfer it to the player.

Also, you can use any of these APK providers to find a secure download link: APKCombo, APKMirror, APKPure, APKdone, etc. Once you have selected your preferred APK provider, use the easy procedure below to get the Blue Video Player APK on your Android smartphone. (The following method only uses APKCombo, but the steps generally work for other websites too).

Blue Video Player APK
Get the free Blue Video Player APK on APKCombo
  • Go to the website — search on a web browser.
  • Allow the page to load completely, then use the search box to locate the app.
  • Type in Blue Video Player.
  • Click on Search.
  • Once the results are displayed, select the entry by Mirrro Dev Inc.
  • Click on the download prompt (a green banner with an arrow icon pointing downwards).

After downloading It, accept the request for installation and subsequent sync.

That is all.


The app is small in data size, which is only about 3 MB. If this does not match your preferences, you can still find other modifications from a different APK Site (or explore other dev teams for a new and better app).

Moreover, to get the APK quickly without selecting from a list of query results, simply use this concise reference — APKCombo>Apps>Entertainment. I.e., you have to search Apps on getting to APKCombo. Then select Entertainment. Under this category, you can now enter Blue Video Player APK in the search box. This removes redundancy and brings up only the one entry that matters.

How to Download Blue Video Player IPA File for iOS

If you are using an iOS device, then an APK file will not work for you. Also, there is no way to convert the APK format to an IPA file architecture. The whole set-up is like an OR command — this or that, no in-betweens.

So, what do you do if you need a Blue Video Player for iOS (iPhones especially)? The best way to go about it is to look for a Dev provider online. To make the search easy and short for you, check popular communities for a linkup (liaise with the Reddit/p group — the/p reference is only an example).

Further, you can request the Blue Video Player APK dev team (check the attached link for reference) for an iPhone alternative. Then use the link you were given to access the IPA file bypass for downloading Blue Video Player.

  • Go to the website.
  • Locate the Apps category and click on it.
  • Once the subpage has loaded completely, click on the entertainment cache.
  • Then enter Blue Video Player in the search box.
  • Wait patiently for the result to load, then select the relevant entry (always the first few results).
  • Lastly, click on the download/install icon to get the app on your iOS device.

The procedure is for iPhones. It does not work on Mac.

Blue Video Player APK
Download the Blue Video Player IPA for iPhone

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