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GDriveDL is a 1080p-quality display leak for free movies and TV series, uploaded and shared via a cloud server. It does not require any prior subscription from the user, nor does it support account logins — as far as open-source content-sharing goes, GDriveDL is top-notch.


But recently, this window is getting shut, leaving people with less par platforms that do not actually prioritize quality in their videos. You have probably run into this problem if you have been using the platform constantly.

Some GDriveDL Reddit groups may have a few hacks for It. On the whole, the best thing going forward would be to scout GDriveDL Alternatives that provide optimum content as well. So, we explain the general free deals for users on the platform, especially as they compare to the GDriveDL Alternatives in the sections below.

GDriveDL Features — Overview

 Every free movie download website has unique and appealing features. However, those free codes sourced from clouds and dev forums offer more range, stay on trend, and are far more reliable than typical third-party sites.

On GDriveDL, you can get your preferred movies in a default Blue Ray 1080p file format, along with quality display effects thrown in the mix. That is a plus on aesthetics and efficiency. Check out the most outstanding features below.

High-Quality Movies in 4k HVEC BluRay

Quality is everything as long as on-screen entertainment is involved. So, GDriveDL takes this a notch higher by providing 4K HVEC Blue Ray Movie formats for thousands of its daily visitors. And that is only for starters.

Some packages are indicated as similar to HD in display and intensity. Also, the platform does not lose touch with viewers’ choices, consistently providing high-res videos for all the MCU movies and Hollywood TV Series on the website.

Free Movies & TV Series

You can get as many movies and TV Series as are available on the GDriveDL site. This is because they do not require any subscriptions, nor does the platform fix a limit to a preset number of downloads.

Feel free to download content on the website using the shared links — also, check that most of the attached links have reliable follow-ups that allow you to get the sequels or spinoffs of the previous movies.

Regardless of your niche or genre preferences, you can download episodes from your favorite TV Shows, the latest chapter of a shared movie, or any documentary provided on the platform. Again, no subscriptions or user account verifications are required. GDriveDL is free.

Easily-Referenced Interface

What are the odds of a third party offering unabridged access to Hollywood movies and TV Series via a neat modern interface? Most likely, the odds are zero. But the case is different on

It offers an intuitive prompt, free concise cues attached to every entry, and a clear indication of how to download the videos, which conveniently removes any chances of clicking on ad links.

The only problem is that good things don’t stay around for long. GDriveDL is witnessing downtimes and a few glitches here and there. So, in this article, we share a few alternatives to the site.

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How to Download Movies from GDriveDL

If you wish to download movies from, consider getting the following prerequisites ready (before getting on the website.

Ensure that you have enough space and internet data, strong connectivity, and the exact movie title or TV Show episode title. Then use the procedure outlined below to download the GDriveDL Movie you want.

Go to GDriveDL — search Gdrivedl on a browser.

If the address momentarily defaults to an error page, try accessing it again via Incognito Mode.

Once you get on the site, locate the movie link from the captions.

Select your preferred movie from the A-Z list or MCU categories on GDriveDL

Alternatively, you can search for the title, although this is not the basic pattern with most of the uploaded content on the site.

You can click on the video link once it comes up. That’s it.

But is that really all it takes? Not exactly!

Fixes for GDriveDL Movie in Rar Encryption

What do you do about a GDriveDL Movie file in Rar encryption? This could be tough if you are just getting on the sight for the first time and don’t know much about the nuances of using a GDriveDL Movie download hack. But it is really simple to decrypt.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can get a suitable file so that you can download the movie/TV Series on your phone or PC.

Use 7zip

7zip is a software that helps you extract Rar encryption in a desirable format. For example, if you have a part11.rar file, all you need to do is enter the link in the space indicated by the screen cue, then allow 7zip to extract the complete package using only the partii.rar fragment you previously downloaded.

This same method works for any movie or TV series that you want to download on the site.

Clear Cookies If the Glitch Persists

If the problem is not a file encryption thing, consider clearing your cookies cache, checking relevant boxes as marked by the screen prompt, and refreshing the page afterward.

This should at least optimize smooth browsing.

Use Incognito

Lastly, you can use the incognito Mode to access the site — especially when trying out hacks from third-party liaisons on Reddit or other forums. Although this is a good way to start on a fresh trail, it does not mean that all file formats will magically turn to the 1080p you want.

GDriveDL Alternatives

GDriveDL is not quite the 24/7 movie plug you might  Be expecting from a movie platform. Despite having very appealing features, it is not exactly user-friendly for newbies.

If a default file is hard to extract, then the download procedure will inconvenience the newbie user, making it more difficult for people to access the site even if it is free and unsubscribed.

So, here are the GDriveDL Alternatives that you can use to download free movies.

FZMovies — GDriveDL Alternatives

It offers free Mp4, HD, and other high-quality movie and TV Series videos. The contents are selected from the latest Hollywood and Bollywood A-Z lists.


Also, the website offers a mobile app, a niche for downloading series, and options to use at least two servers to complete a download. It uses several subdomains with different categories cached in them, allowing the users to source files even when the parent site is down (visit Fzmovies).


Do you enjoy TV Series and docuseries?

If so, then O2tvSeries is the best plug from the GDriveDL Alternatives that you should try. Even TV Series animations, Bollywood serials, and K-dramas are daily uploaded on the O2tvSeries website.


Further, it has several APK versions, requiring only a few megabytes to download and install on your phone. O2tvSeries is free and unrestricted to users regardless of IP address.

Goojara CH — GDriveDL Alternatives

This is mostly suitable for Hindi-dubbed movies, including titles from popular shows in Telugu, Tamil, etc.

If you are a Bollywood Action Movies fan, consider getting the latest flicks from Goojara CH. Most of the movies and TV Series are in HD and Mp4 formats.

Below are other GDriveDL Alternatives you can check out.



Bolly4u Trade

NewToxic Wap

Waptvseries Movies


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