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Pahe Movie — you can download your favorite movies and TV Series from or using any of the Pahe proxies. They are all for free.


The official website is one of the best free TV Series and Movie lists, with many subcategories offering more titles from Hollywood and Bollywood Hindi-dubbed movies. Every content comes in a default Mp4 or HD format, along with a reliable download URL.

Pahe is an intermediate between the main source file for the hundreds of movies on the site and the person attempting to download movies through it. Most of its contents are cached on clouds — typically this is OneDrive and Google Drive, from which you can retrieve the download link.

Users can get all kinds of movies from any preferred genre. But for the most part, Pahe movies are Hollywood Action, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, War, etc., and Bollywood TV Series. Other entries are either directly from a related production studio or implicitly Hindi-dubbed movies. — Download from New Pahe Movie Site

Lately, though, the main Pahe Movie website has been a bit unsteady. Since there is a new Pahe URL proxy online, most of the media files on the previous iteration have been moved to the current site.

So, what is the new Pahe Movie website?

Being a video torrenting site with a peer-to-peer network rooted in GitHub and similar clouds (possibly BitTorrent and uTorrent), Pahe is merely a third party. It often needs a domain upgrade to avoid being taken off the internet completely.

Apparently, this is why the former site URL is no longer available. You can now visit the platform using the new link This will lead to a new Pahe Movie directory, with the same contents, interface, and download link.

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Pahe Movie | How to Find TV Series and Movies on

Are you looking for a reliable website where you can download free movies and TV Series without any subscription? If so, then Pahe Movie is for you. With only a few clicks, you can get as many videos as you like in your preferred formats.

Before you get started with the download procedure, though, you need to learn how to find the movies first. So, here is how it works.

Select a popular title on

If the title of the movie that you wish to download is popular, use the homepage movie list to find it. This should be easy since most of the titles are pulled from fan-favorite lists, top-10s, and trending movies or TV Series.

For instance, you can go to the website, scroll down the homepage, then select the movie entry you want from the list. See the attached picture for reference.

Pahe Movies
Select a title from the movies on the homepage

Alternatively, you can use the categories, as explained below.

Select from the Categories

Selecting movies from categories is faster than looking randomly at the titles on the homepage. In this case, all you need to do is to click on the relevant category from the menu.

Pahe Movie
Select a title from the A-Z Pahe Movies List

Allow the complete category list to load fully, then choose the relevant one. Once the sub-category opens, you can scroll through the lists to select the movie or TV Series title. To make the search short, use the search box on the movie category subpage to find the movie.

Select Movies by Search

Of the three options here, selecting a movie by using the search box is the best. It does not take time. Also, you don’t need to open a separate category to retrieve the series.

Here is how to find the movie by title search.

Go to the Pahe Movie website — Search

Pahe Movies
Enter the movie or episode title to find the movie

Once the site has loaded completely, enter the title of the movie or TV Series in the search box.

Then click on SEARCH.

Subsequently, you can select the one you want from the results (this should be one of the first few titles if you entered the words correctly).

To make the process easy and fast for you, ensure that you have the following details ready: internet data, enough storage capacity on your mobile phone, strong network connectivity, and the title of the movie that you wish to download.

How to Download Movies & TV Series from

Downloading Pahe Movie from is easy, just like the previous proxy. It entails finding the title cache using the procedures described in the previous section. Here are the methods that you can use to download any TV Series and movies you want.

Locate the Movie

This is the first step to downloading from So, you can search for the movie title from the homepage movie list. Otherwise, use the search box to look up the entry.

An alternative way to locate a movie, especially if you want to watch similar storylines after the current movie, is to use the genre tag. Go to the category menu, then click on the tags attached to it.

Once you find the movie you want, click on it. Then use the next step below to complete the download.

Choose a Suitable Format

Now that you have located the movie, click on the attached download link to access the download URL webpage.

This URL page should also show the available video formats, download servers, and similar titles (possibly episodes if you searched for a TV Series). You can now select the movie format. When given the option, go for HD or Mp4 video quality.

Now, you can also select a server, and wait for a redirection — this is a Captcha check. After checking the captcha box, proceed to the movie or TV Series episode download URL link. Once you click on this link, the video will download on your phone.

Alternatives to Pahe Movie is the new website of the platform, and this is probably one of the iterations that the third-party app has used so far. It may not be ideal for you, particularly if you want a steady plug for your free movies.

Instead of, you can download your TV Series and Hollywood movies from the alternatives below.

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O2TVmovies Free O2Tv Movies

NewToxic Wap

Netflix Movies



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