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Tamilyogi is one of the latest sites for streaming and downloading trending Bollywood movies and complete HD TV Series episodes. Tamil WEB Series, Tamil Serials, Tamil HD movies, and Up-to-date Bollywood TV Shows.


It operates in the pirated contents niche, providing links to copyrighted media files via the website,, and several other proxies online. Only a few sites come close to the level of domain proliferation that Tamilyogi attempts. From the .bike domain, the whole Google Result for the site tops till the third page. You can see the same TanilYogi categories from the following proxies.

  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil

And there are more proxies besides the ones outlined above.

Tamil Yogi gets the heads-up from popular media, which details how notorious and evasive the website is, including the issue of piracy. Regardless, the website is still very much accessible. And there is a Tamilyogi App on Google Store, besides the Tamilyogi APK mods online. Below is a simple procedure you can use to download the app on your smartphone.

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How to Download Tamilyogi App on Your Smartphone

If you do not want to follow every Tamil Yogi domain trend just to source a free Movie/TV Series download link, use the Tamilyogi App instead. All it takes are

  • Enough internet data
  • Storage space on your mobile phone
  • Strong Internet connectivity.

Once you have the details ready, use the steps below to download and install the app on your smartphone.

  • Open the Google Play Store app — alternatively, search
  • Use the search box on the interface to locate the app entry.
  • For instance, type in TamilYogi.


  • Once you have typed in the word, click on the lens icon.
  • It brings up the Tamilyogi App entry on Play Store.
  • Click on the prompt that reads, Install to get the app on your smartphone.

The same thing applies to the Tamilyogi APK if you prefer it to the app. You need to get the same prerequisites before starting the process. Below is a short procedure of how this works.

  • Find a suitable Tamilyogi APK provider site online.
  • Preferably, use APKMonk.
  • On the homepage, locate the search box and type in TamilYogi.
  • Click on the lens icon to search for it.


Once the result loads, select TamilYogi and use the onscreen prompt to complete the installation on your smartphone.


The Tamilyogi APK needs an Android version V.5.0+ or higher. Also, check that the file size is not exceeded. Subsequently, you can easily download movies, web series, and dubbed HD movies from the website using the app or APK. Below are some interesting TamilYogi movies to download.

Tamilyogi Categories | Free HD Movies & Dubbed Tamil TV Series

Every movie site has set categories that highlight the broad content available to users. In this case, the Tamilyogi Movies category includes:

  • New Movies — titles from Hollywood and Bollywood
  • HD Movies & HD+Mp4 TV Series
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Web Series

And there are lots more on the other proxies. If you use the .net or .com domain, you may access genre tags for the available content. The broader categories are the ones listed here, though.

If you open the New Movies cache, you can see titles filed as Tamil New Movies, Tamil HD movies, and Tamil Dubbed Movies. So, the choice of movie list is not immediately stinted by the category you click on first. The options are variable and exhaustive. Below are fascinating HD Movies to download and enjoy from TamilYogi.

  • Stand Up Rahul — HD 720p Tamil Movie
  • Farhaana — HD720p Tamil Movie Online
  • Takhar
  • Lost Stories 1
  • Lost Stories 2
  • Theera Kaadhal
  • Karungaapiyam — HD 720p Tamil Movie Online
  • Kondraal Paavam
  • Regina 2023
  • Bloody Daddy
  • Custody 2023 — HD 720p Tamil Movie Online
  • Maalai Nera Malipoo 2023 — HD 720p Tamil Movie Watch Online
  • Mumbaikar 2023 — HD 720p Tamil Movie Watch Online

You can get more titles from Tamil Yogi or any of the other proxies online. Also, there are new updates on the Tamilyogi App or the APK, whichever one you opt for.

One thing is always guaranteed: all the videos (TV Series, Movies, Tamil-dubbed Movies) are in HD formats. You can use the easy procedure on the next page to download your preferred titles on your smartphone.

How to Download Tamilyogi Movies & TV Series

As a Bollywood movie fan, you can download movies from TamilYogi using any of the following methods below.

  • Download Movies via Tamilyogi App
  • Download Movies via Tamilyogi APK
  • Use any of the web proxies to download the TV Series or Dubbed movies.

Remember, you need a good web browser, an internet package, an Android version v.5.0+ (for the Tamilyogi APK users), and stable internet connectivity to complete the process. Once you have the details ready, use the steps below to get your preferred HD Movies and TV Series on your Android smartphone.


  • Go to the website (any Tamil Yogi proxy will do).
  • Use any of the references — genre tags or TV categories on the homepage — to find the movie entry.
  • Also, you can type in the title in the search box and click on search (or the lens symbol attached to the box).
  • Allow the results to load completely, then scroll down to retrieve the specific video webpage.
  • Click on the download prompt (if there are any redirections, go back to the page and try again).

After that, the video will download to your device folder. You can now retrieve it and enjoy the series. If you want more movies or TV series episodes, use the same procedure again. 

For viewers who have the Tamilyogi App or the APK, the same method works, only this time, they do not have to search for the proxies online. All it takes is the movie title or TV Series episode name. Once the search results are fully displayed, click on the episode you want to download, then follow the screen prompt to complete the process.

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