5 Best Games for Android Offline Without Internet or Wi-Fi

Best Games for Android Offline and without any tethering or internet connections are hard to come by, given the myriad of junk 2D games that often come up. However, there is still a chance that you can get your preferred game quality without even subscribing to any platform.


In this article, we have a list of the 5 Best Games for Android Offline, selecting from categories like racing, brawls, space expedition, and puzzles. The genres are varied and the characters in some of the action/fights scenes have complex storylines, which adds to all the fun.

Still, it may be a surprise to note that some of the games you can get for offline modes are often top-tier and high-quality. As far as money-for-value goes, this free crop is a treasure. You will enjoy them for the reasons below.

  • Generally, they require low data sizes
  • Fewer add-ons
  • No pre-installations and syncs
  • Hands-on features
  • Intuitive and Easy to Play

If the above features are among your most-priced values in a video game, check out the titles in the sections below for a likely franchise. Also, you can see the video download procedure as well.

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Kingdom Rush — Best Games for Android Offline

This game has a medieval setting to it, including all the hurdles of politics, battles, and risk of death associated with castles. In this case, the player has to fortify his castle against invasion by conquerors, rivals, or alien warriors from a different country. It makes no difference who the invader is, the goal is constant: keep the camp safe.

Game Genre: Strategy Type

5 Best Games for Android Offline
Download this all-time classic Android Game for Free!

So, from the start, you know that you are dealing with a strategy game that combines various elements of war, like siegecraft, to provide the optimum content for the players. In the process, the characters can contrive any invention that gives them an advantage, making the game more creative.

To shore up the fantastic experience it promises, Kingdom Rush has a rewards-based game plot. After a certain period, you earn gold and move your chances of survival a notch higher. The game complexity increases with the frequency of gold wins, which happens every time the killer wins over any of the fifty adversaries in the game.

How to Download Kingdom Rush

Since the options for the Best Games for Android Offline here on this list are non-premium on the providers’ site, you need not go for the subscribed version. Instead, use the easy download procedure below to get the video game on your smartphone.

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Once you have opened the app, type Kingdom Rush — Tower Defense TD into the search box.
  • Click on the lens icon to search for the game.
  • Select the entry provided by Ironhide Games
  • Lastly, click on the prompt that reads, “INSTALL”.


The current version of this episode has been downloaded over ten million times and contains ads. It is rated 7+, which is pretty much viable for kids.

Once Upon a Tower — Best Games for Android Offline

Here is an entire deviation from classical Prince Charming games, where the male figure plays all the heroics and dominates as the central POV in the entire game sequence. Instead of this cliche storyline, Once Upon a Tower uses a different direction entirely. In this case, the prince is a badass, taking on series upon series of adversaries as the game shapes up.

Game Type: Strategy and Levels

5 Best Games for Android Offline
Download Once Upon a Tower for free on your Android Phone

All through the game, the adversaries struggle up through different platforms intending to throw down the Princess’s last defense, regardless of the odds, but they keep failing.

The odds are damning enough, even without the issue of attacks from enemies. As a player, the princess character faces formidable opponents like dragon fire and deathtraps.

Once Upon a Tower is a 2D game with graphics, almost an outdated genre. It does not have the snap of a modern Android game, but the experience begins to improve as you keep up with the survival routes. It is another valuable free Android game that players would like to have on their smartphones.

How to Download Once Upon a Tower

You can get the game on Google Play Store (of course, this only works for Android phone users). Here is a short step you can use to download the game and play it offline.

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Once you have opened the app, type Once Upon a Tower into the search box.
  • Click on the lens icon to search for the game.
  • Select the entry provided by Pomelo Games
  • Lastly, click on the prompt that reads, “INSTALL”.

Just like Kingdom Rush, Once Upon a Tower contains ads and is rated 7+. The game version (as outlined here) has been downloaded over five million times. You can play it offline on your Android phone.

Sudoku —  Best Games for Android Offline

Do you play Sudoku? Of course, most people have come across the Sufdoku Puzzles, as there are lots of them lying around on popular game provider sites online.

You can easily open the tab to a nice array of free and fascinating Sudoku games, increasing from the simple mods to higher levels as you win more sessions. Also, some of the versions on Play Store can be set to a desired complexity and increasingly adjusted as the game continues. It is an immersive game that allows the player to think and organize pieces strategically.

Game Type: Puzzle

5 Best Games for Android Offline
Try Easy, Hard, Expert, and Evil Sudoku Levels

Sudoku is a puzzle genre game, with many varieties online. Also, it is not limited to Android phone users, as there are free versions for iOS devices.

In particular, many game developers have begun creating unique experiences for players by offering various move sets. For instance, the board is structured like a chess game, so that the players only get to move a piece within the specified corridors.

Other versions deviate slightly from the popular Sudoku rules, but the essence of the game is still retained.

How to Download Sudoku on Your Smartphone

You can download the game (choose your preferred version from any provider) using the procedure below.

  • Open the Play Store App on your mobile phone.
  • Now search for any Sudoku Game type that you like.
  • Also, refer to a catalog from a game niche forum for an entertaining Sudoku franchise.
  • Then select the game from the results on Play Store.
  • Open the entry by clicking on it.
  • Check that the game is not a mere dub before downloading it.
  • Finally, click on the prompt that reads, “INSTALL”.

After that, you can retrieve the game from your device (smartphone or tablet) and play.

Remember, Best Games for Android Offline are free franchises and do not require any subscriptions from gamers. If you have downloaded any game from the list, you can easily play it without any tethering, WiFi, or bandwidth boosts.

Traffic Rider — Best Games for Android Offline

Traffic Rider, also previously Traffic Racer, is a street run, featuring a mono-player on a bike weaving through major metropolis traffic to beat the GPS. It is a thrilling game to play, offering a first-person POV that adds to the excitement and intrigue of the whole concept.

You need at least the specified minimum data storage space on your device to download the game. Otherwise, you may not get it Installed. In some cases, people can play the Traffic Racer game using APK mods and other low-data emulators online.

Game Type: Racing

5 Best Games for Android Offline
Download the Free POV Traffic Race Game on your Android Phone

There are different game franchises that you can enjoy online, although some of these options may require a subscription from you. Arcade and Grandtheft are favorite oldies that come to mind. And then there is Traffci Racer.

This game combines everything from the endless runner concept, POV, and internet tracking sideline to provide a top-tier game version for fans. It is one of the most widely played racing games.

Further, it is 3D graphics, with depth and awesome perspective!

How to Download Traffic Racer

Since you only need the Play Store app, at least 100MB of storage memory on your smartphone, and internet data to download the game, you can get it through the simple procedure below.

  • Open the Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Search Traffic Rider
  • Select the entry from the race games listed on the result page.
  • Check that the provider is Skgames.
  • Now, click on the prompt that reads, “INSTALL”.


Traffic Rider has been downloaded over half a billion times and is rated 3+. Also, it has a 4.3 Star review on Play Store, a large fan base forum online, and support from the developer’s site. So far, it is one of the Best Games for Android Offline on our list.

Flick Soccer 23 — Best Games for Android Offline

No franchise has as much intrigue, intensity, and technicality as soccer games. It is quite a universal sport available in many countries globally. If you want to enjoy unrestrained sportsmanship, try the newly updated Flick Soccer game this year — the episodes are released on a yearly basis.

It offers almost all the new dribbles, techniques, and accuracy in the previous year’s seasons. Also, the players get to access different tournaments, including a chance at a world-popular trophy, such as Europa and the UCFA.

Game Type: Sports

5 Best Games for Android Offline
Play Soccer Games Via Flick Soccer

Of course, this is a sports game, just like niche graphics for crickets and tennis that are provided as add-ons by some developers.

Further, the game has a beautiful graphics design, intuitive panel control, a good interface, and relatively less intrusive ads. It also provides wonderful kicks in assortments like Precision and Shots, depending on your preferences.

Flick Soccer is not exactly like a typical PES Game franchise, but it has unique features that set it apart from other Android football games. For one, it has a very specific trajectory, allowing for more tact and delivery. It is absolutely an enjoyable piece to try out.

How to Download Flick Soccer

You can download the soccer game from Play Store using the easy steps below.

  • Open the Play Store App on your smartphone.
  • Search Flick Soccer
  • Select the recently added version (this should be a 23-episode or the Flick Soccer 22 version).
  • Also, check that the provider is Full Fat.
  • Finally, click on the prompt that reads, “INSTALL”.

You can retrieve the game on your phone and play as many sessions as you want. It is one of the most user-friendly soccer games for Android phones. 12-year-olds can play the game.


If you enjoy Android games on your smartphone, consider tuning the fun up with the Best Games for Android Offline titles on our list. They promise unlimited fun, quality content, and lots of thrills.

Here are the top features to expect from these games.

Quality Display

Every entry on this page offers high-quality video graphics even if they are 2D games by default. If you also enjoy the POV Traffic Rider games on the list, you will enjoy the feel and heft the 3D graphics add to the interface.

Great Sequence

The one outstanding feature of any great game is the easy, fluid sequence as the plot unfolds and the main character evolves. Options like Flick Soccer and street brawls allow for complex techniques and scenes.

Free To Play

Now, here is the best deal from the Best Games for Android Offline list — they are all free to play. It does not require a subscription. Once you download it on your smartphone, you can improve with the added display quality, panel placement, and a variety of game genres to choose from.

Is it possible to play any of these games on an iOS player or iPhone?

Although some of these games are also provided for Apple iOS game payers, many of the retro games you can get for Android games offline are not available for iPhones or iPads. So, the best media still remains Android smartphones. If you want to explore all the options, consider upgrading to a premium account.


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