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Tamil Moviesda offers a large library of HD movies and TV series selected from Bollywood and mainstream Hollywood titles. It promises lots of free content, mostly Tamil Drama with Hindi dubs. If you enjoy Telugu and Punjabi melodrama, serials, and action movies, then Tamil Moviesda is going to be fun and entertaining for you.


From the Homepage to the varied movie categories, the official website offers hundreds of free titles daily. And these are all premium content — recently added movies Hollywood, Telugu Movies, and Hindi serials.

Also, it provides these contents in HD resolutions, keeping the display high-res and top-notch. The only thing the users need to do is to visit the site, select any title to their liking, and use the easy download steps to get the movies on their smartphones, laptops, or tabs.

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Tamil Moviesda Features

In terms of variety, Tamil Moviesda has one of the most diverse directories for a third-party website. It is much similar to Isiamini or TamilRockers,  especially in web design and site features.

At a glance, the platform offers the following features

Moviesda Trends

Under this header on the homepage, you can get the trending movies on the site, according to a ranking metric that Tamil Moviesda uses. You can expect some of the best recommendations for movies in HD 1080p.

Also, the section teases an Isaimini Movies Download proxy, but the link is not included. In any case, all the entries under this category are available in 720p/1080p and HD.

Moviesda Latest Updates

Do you want a website that provides the latest premiers in Hollywood and Bollywood cinemas? If yes, try the new cache on the Moviesda website. It has an exhaustive list of the latest movies and TV Series from various genres.

Some of the most popular categories you can get freely on the website include the ones below.

  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • History
  • Biography
  • Drama
  • Biopic
  • Documentary

And there are more categories apart from these ones. If a movie gets uploaded on the site, it usually has a genre tag that helps to identify the kind of movie category It falls under.

Search By Movie Genre

Broadly, Tamil Moviesda supports a genre tag that allows users to find the category they want without going through all the entries on the webpage. In that way, the site prioritizes efficiency and convenience, allowing users to focus on just the Movie Download procedures only.

Also, you can easily get to a sub-category by checking other Moviesda proxies or domains for a more complete list of available titles.

To search for a movie on Tamil by genre tag, use the steps below.

Go to the website.

Tamil Moviesda
Get free HD Tamil Movies from Moviesda

Look for markers like Tamil HD movies, HD 720p Telugu Movies, Isaimini HD TV Series, Hindu-dubbed HD movies, etc. Once you spot the one you want, click on the attached link to access the contents therein. Allow the page to load, then use the search box on this new page to retrieve the movie from the catalog.

Generally, you can even get your favorite titles from the homepage by just scrolling through the lists, checking for 2024 tagged movies, and using the Updated Movies cache on the homepage.

Below are some popular or trending Tamil, Telugu, or Punjabi movies and TV Series on the site.

  • Kadhai Paravaigal — Original DVDRip
  • Indha Nilaqi Maarum — 2021 Orginal DVDRip
  • Maharani
  • First Nights
  • Veerasmy — HD DVDRip Single Part Added
  • Enemy
  • Drohi
  • Sachein
  • Keshaven
  • Yuddham Sei, a 2011 Tamil HD Movie
  • House Owner
Tamil Moviesda
Download Home Owner from

Also, the titles below are available in Mp4, Mp4 HD, and 720p/1080p formats.

  • Thaandavam
  • Unnai Ninaithu
  • Ponnumani
  • Uyire

Check the official website for more details.

How to Download Hindi-dubbed TV Series from Tamil Moviesda

The movies in Moviesda are usually DVDRips or similar low-resolution vids. However, the choicest part of the site contains Hindi-dubbed TV Series and can be downloaded in a few easy steps.

You need the details below to get started:

  • Internet access (WiFi or internet bandwidth)
  • Enough storage space on your phone
  • The correct TV Series title or subtitle of the recent episode you wish to download.
  • Also, if there is a general tag for the movie, ensure you include it.

Now use the procedure below to download the movies on your mobile phone.

  • Using a suitable browser, search Tamil Moviesda TV Series.
  • This brings up results for TV Series on a particular Moviesda domain. For instance, you can get it from any of these proxies: moviesda5,,, etc.
  • Once you spot the relevant site for the movie, click on the website link to access the TV Series category.
  • Under this section, select the genre by searching at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the one you want.
  • Further, scroll through the results and select a TV Series entry that catches your fancy.
Tamil Moviesda
Select a movie from the titles on the homepage

Go through the subpage to pick the episode that you want to download.

For instance, if you searched for a BBC Series dubbed in Hindi (e.g. Sherlock Holmes), select the recent episode — for instance, The Abominable Bride — to continue the process.

If the site redirects to an ad page when you click on the download link, go back to the previous page and retry the procedure.

After the first redirection, the episode will download completely on your mobile device and you can retrieve it from your Videos Folder. That’s it.

Similar Websites to Tamil Moviesda

If you have used the Moviesda website or any of its proxies to download movies before, you probably have spotted similarities between the design template and other platforms like Isaimini and TamilRockers. In fact, there are several sites that merit a Similar Websites to Tamil Moviesda list, but these two are the most obvious ones.

So, what are the similarities between these platforms? Let’s check it out here.

Isaimini — Free HD Tamil, Telugu, and Hindu Movies

For lovers of niche Indian movies like the ones that come with Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil dubs, this is probably one of the best treasures a third-party site could avail users of.

It provides valid URL links for full-length unabridged episodes of popular Bollywood TV Series and Hollywood action movies.

Also, the download procedure is much like Tamil Moviesda. Interestingly, both websites do not require any subscriptions from users. So, you can get your favorite movies/TV Series from any of them.

TamilRockers — HD Mp4 Movies & TV Series

As the name suggests, TamilRockers is a repository of trending, popular, oldie, or newly released Bollywood dramas, TV Shows, Action movies, or documentaries. It is notorious for using several torrenting networks to disseminate illegal links that allow users to download copyrighted videos for free.

Due to the volume of pirated content on the site, all its digital footprints are currently under scrutiny in India, although many P2P platforms and Telegram channels for the website still exist. TamilRockers is one of the best options on our Similar Website to Tamil Moviesda list, considering its reputation, template, and genres.

Moreover, the site is quite free. The only downside is that it is illegal and possession of materials from the site constitutes a criminal offence.

Instead of these Tamil Moviesda proxies and iterations, consider using the alternatives below.


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