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NetNaija Movies are the greatest choice for one to download movies online for free. is an interesting free movies site to download trending Movies, Music, Videos, and Korean TV Series without a subscription.


It gives a free subscription, unlike Netflix. It enlightens you more on the various movies category that the website offers.

If you want to download free movies on Netnaija, this article discusses how to go about; it all you need is to keep reading this article to the end as it will take you through easy ways to do it without stress. So let’s get started.

Meanwhile, the NetNaija Movies website contains wonderful and user-friendly features that make downloading movies and other media content easy, simple, and secure.

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NetNaija Movies Categories

Netnaija Movies offer several categories to make it simple for you to find the movie you’re looking for on the website.

These categories vary and make it interesting for you to access. This enables you to make your desired choice without much complication.

As a new user, you need to be aware of the movie categories made available on the website.

A variety of content is available on Netnaija such as content apps, music videos, TV programs sports documentaries, and pageant shows but NetNaija movies remain the most remarkable site to get amazing content.

You can search for the cache that contains the movies you desire, then download movies and entire seasonal shows from the platform’s movie categories.

Netnaija movies just like the majority of other trustworthy websites online are arranged by title. As you browse the homepage, you can sort the list of movies in a category by popularity, time, period, or genre.

There’s an update currently added in the Nollywood movies category if the Yoruba genre of Nollywood movies interests you. You can check it out under NetNaija Category as you may probably find it listed there.

NetNaija Movies Categories

  • Nollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood movies

There is a long list of movies category on Netnaija. First, let’s take a look at the Nollywood category. Below are some of the Nollywood movies contained on NetNaija:

  • One wish
  • Sorrowful maiden
  • Gold ashes
  • The family business
  • Game of the Thrones
  • Crown of victory
  • NetNaija Movies
    Download FBI On Netnaija
  • Royal war
  • Marriage conspiracy
  • My wife my love
  • My boss wedding
  • On a platter of gold

And lots more on the Netnaija movies category.

Further, the Netnaija movies category makes it possible for you to download interesting Hollywood movies like;

  • The new mutants
  • Broken law
  • Friend Request
  • Come away
  • Echo boomers
  • Its cuts deep
  • Death of me
  • The cure
  • Jungleland
  • Unhinged

The above-mentioned are just a few of the Hollywood movies that are accessible in the offered movies category on the website. You can get as many as possible if you want.

The movie list covers a lot of content that touches different genres such as drama, adventure, horror, romance, action, and more. All you need do is, make a selection of any one of your choices that interests you and explore.

Also, Bollywood movies are also offered on the website. As you browse the site, you can download all your favorite movies such as:

  • London Confidential
  • Lootcase(2020)
  • Crackdown
  • Serious man
  • Bandish bandits,

And lots more which are available for download on the Netnaija website

The Hindi movies have a subtitle in English which you can download using the website, It can be downloaded directly to your device made available.

 How to Download Netnaija Movies

You might be anxious to download it from the online site. It is often difficult but with a step to step guide, you can download any movie of your preference. Don’t worry as this article got you covered.

Here are important steps to take to download movies from the website:

  • Open a web browser
  • Type in
  • Click on videos
  • Select the movie category of your choice
  • Scroll down to get download options, click on it and it will download immediately

Once you click on the download it starts downloading automatically into your device.

Netnaija Videos

The Netnaija has a section where you can download trending videos for your consumption. These videos are organized to help your search on the site worthwhile. Below is a list of some videos you will find interesting;

  • Gospel videos
  • Foreign music videos
  • videos
  • Comedy videos
  • Video news
  • Sports videos etc.

How to Download Netnaija Videos

To download Netnaija videos use the simple steps below;

  • open your browser, type in
  • Select the video icon
  • Choose any video that interests you
  • After that, a display of another page will appear
  • Click on the download button
  • After which you click on “download now” it will download instantly to your device

Netnaija Music

A lot of music is available on the Netnaija website for free download. All you need do is to go to the internet and browse about them from the site. Some of the music compilation you will see on Netnaija includes;

  • Highlife music
  • Blues music
  • Religious sermon
  • Foreign Music
  • Instrumentals music
  • African music
  • Gospel music
  • Old school music
  • Upcoming artist,

And many more just explore the website to see more music collections.

You can also download and watch music videos on the Netnaija website. It gives a high video quality that you would like; try it out today and be glad you did.

How to Download Netnaija Music Videos

There are several ways to download music but here are the simple and easiest procedures to follow while trying to download music videos on Netnaija;

  • Search for  on your browser
  • Click on the music link that appears at the top of the page
  • Select any music of your choice from the numerous options that appear on the screen of your device.
  • After that you browse down, you will see a play icon and a stop icon that looks like a box
  • Click on the “download better” link
  • Then another page will appear, click on the “download now “

The music will start downloading immediately into your device directly.

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