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Servforest is a Captcha program that allows participants to earn passive profits by completing a task. It also pays through the affiliate scheme, bonus tips, and other support communities run on the app.


It works like a typical proof of task template, only this time, the rules are slightly more stringent, and less thick on traditional blockchain tech. Only the Servforest Server mediates most of the operations — sharing data, sorting, and determining the eligible requests from users.

Like all free proof of task platforms, Servforest supports a forum liaison that helps to promote participation on the site. As such, the appended referral gig is easily appealing to users. Even first-timers can learn the ABC of Servforest Captcha tasks.

At a glance, Servforest offers two earning streams broadly.

  1. Sign-up for the Affiliate Program
  2. Complete a Captcha to get rewards

We explain how both methods work. But first, check out how to download the Servforest App on any suitable APK site.

Download Free Servforest APK

To get started on the main Servforest tasks, you need a stable tethering point, preferably, this is better on the app than referencing the website categories whenever you try to use the service.

APKPure, APKBe, APKMirror, etc., are some of the best online platforms that have an exhaustive list of mod versions for any APK you want. So, you can download the Servforest APK from any of these sites.

Further, you can get the app by requesting the CS for a secure download link. Below is a general approach you can use to download it on your smartphone.

Go to the website — search for any one of the APK cohorts listed above.

  • On the homepage, enter the title of the Servforest APK.
  • For e.g. search Servforest Captcha.
Download the Servforest APK
  • Allow the results to load fully, then select a relevant entry from the results on the first page.
  • Also, check that the software is provided by the Servforest brand.
  • Verify that the available version is the latest.
  • Finally, you can click on INSTALL to get the app on your smartphone.

This APK only works for Android smartphones, not Apple or iOS systems. If you want to get it for your iOS device, contact the Servforest CS for a secure link to download it.

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Servforest Signup | How to Register

After downloading the mobile app on your phone, you need to register on the platform to start earning profits from completed captchas. It only takes a few simple steps — check below for the procedure.

Before you get started, you need these details: a good browser with the default ad block disabled, adequate broadband, and a referral link if you have one. Then proceed with the steps below to sign up.

  • Go to the official website (use the APK if you have downloaded it).
  • Select Login from the top-right-hand corner of the homepage.
  • On the login page, opt for the prompt that reads, “Don’t have an account? Register here”.
  • Once you click on the prompt, you will access the registration page, wherein you need to enter the details below.
Click on Register to get to the sign-up page
  • Enter your full name — first name, last name, or any official sobriquet.
  • Also, specify your address and organization.
  • Enter your Referral Code if you have one.
  • Finally, click on Register (or Sign-up).

After signing up on the website, a string of personalized syncs will be suggested for you to allow for optimal performance of the Servforest APK with your device. You can as well specify the program tier you wish to join. For instance, you can opt directly for the affiliate program or go for the reward captcha immediately.

To get the Referral Package, just use the Services (or Program) icon on the website. The same applies to the APK, which has a toggle key for both the reward faucets and referral gig.

How to Login to Servforest | Servforest Login

You can log in to your Servforest account using any two of the easy procedures below.

  1. Use your Affiliate Code
  2. Use the main login portal (search

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how the procedure works.

  • Using a good web browser, go to the official login website.
  • Click on the Login option at the top of the homepage.
Opt for log in to Access Your Account
  • When the page has loaded completely, enter the required details using the screen cue.
  • Go through your Servforest Login details as provided.
  • Check that your email address (valid address only) and password combination are correctly entered.
  • Finally, click on the Login tab to access your account.

Alternatively, if you have the affiliate link/code obtained on registering on the platform, use it to access the dashboard. All you need to do is retrieve the code and click on the attached sign-in URL. Then enter your Servforest Login details as suggested by the prompt.

How to Earn Rewards from Servforest Captcha

A crypto captcha works the same way regardless of the provider or app functionality. Ultimately, it attempts to make the reward scheme competitive, difficult, and rarefy the solutions for set tasks. So, only those who can solve the problems will get rewards (usually crypto tokens).

Now, here is what you need to do to earn crypto rewards from Servforest.

First, you need a good idea of basic cryptographic tweaks, at least for the faucet model in use. And that is the tricky bit — crypto faucets only pay in fractions of a cryptocurrency. If you are solving an advanced captcha for Gram or Tron, your rewards will come in thousandths of 1Tron. The same happens for BTCs and ETH, although the captcha is more difficult in this case.

Are you just getting started on this task?

If so, consider using a support forum to learn the schematics. Without a daily prop from experienced miners, you may not get the headway you are looking for on the platform. Continuing the sessions with hands-on widgets guarantees that you will hone your skills on the task.


Servforest pays through a crypto faucet, which is a play on the blockchain tech for BTC and alt cryptocurrencies in current use. To qualify for a faucet reward, you need to complete the captchas set by the platform.


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