BOTIM Cash Loan | Download Botim App for Easy Instant Loan

BOTIM Cash Loan — launched recently with an ad on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, BOTIM looks to fast-track instant cash transfers merged with a chat feature in one interface. While that has been a largely successful bid in the UAE so far, the app users have spiked, with more people signing up to access instant transfers and loans.


Do you need a loan in the UAE?

If this is the case, then leverage the BOTIM Cash Loan app to get instant loan credits approved in a few minutes. That solves most of the complications arising from in-person loan requests.

BOTIM offers a modern mobile app for Apple and iOS devices. Also, it has merged with top fin-tech dev giants like MoneyGram and Astra Tech, intending to simplify instant loan requests, transfers, and mobile money transmission between users in the UAE and other countries like India.

Further, BOTIM is not only a loan app, but also a social video and voice call media that interfaces at least two users in different locations. It has intuitive search features, photo-sharing supports, and other practical add-ons that make it optimal as a social platform.

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Download BOTIM on your Smartphone

If you need an instant loan, then you probably require a mobile framework that helps you to fill in for a loan on short notice. The BOTIM App is one such tool. You can get it for different devices — check below for the download procedure for Play Store and App Store.

Depending on the device you are using, you can download the BOTIM App from any of these platforms.


You need enough storage space to complete this process and avoid cutting off the download mid-way. Also, you need adequate internet broadband. Then use the procedure below.

  • Open App Store on your mobile phone.
  • If you are using a web browser instead, then Google
  • In either case, enter the app name in the search box.
  • For e.g., type in Botim — Video and Voice Calls
Download the BOTIM App from App Store
  • Check that the result is provided by Algento Cloud Computing Limited.
  • Now, click on the INSTALL icon to get the app on your iOS smartphone.

Retrieve the app from your phone and complete the suggested syncs to enable optimum functionality.

Use — BOTIM App

If you are using an Android phone, consider downloading the mobile app from Google Play Store. The details required are the same as the iOS outlines above.

Once you are set, use the method below to download the BOTIM App on your phone.

  • Search (or use the App already pre-installed on your phone).
  • Search Botim — Video and Voice Call.
BOTIM Cash Loan
Download the BOTIM App on Play Store
  • Also, check that the provider is Algento Cloud Computing Limited.
  • Finally, click on INSTALL to get the app on your device.


You can reference the official BOTIM Cash Loan website for the latest, updated BOTI App. Then you can download it by selecting the option that matches your device.

How to Use the App | BOTIM Cash Loan

One advantage of the simplistic BOTIM App interface is that it is quite intuitive without sacrificing quality efficiency. As a first-timer, you can easily identify the features by checking the FAQ on the official site for a concise guideline or using the prompt on the app.

In this section, we explain how you can use the BOTIM App features to add money to your Account Balance, withdraw to your UAE account, or Login.

How to Add Money to BOTIM Account | BOTIM Cash Loan

You can add money to your BOTIM Cash Loan App using the steps below.

  • First, open the mobile app on your phone (also check the login for Mac, Windows, or Linus).
  • Second, log in to your account (BOTIM defaults to the Login Page when you sign out).
  • Click on Me to access your wallet.
  • Once you select Wallet from the features on the Me cache, click on Recharge.
  • The embedding that allows you to add money to your account will be provided.

You can now follow the screen prompt to complete the process.

How to Withdraw Money from BOTIM to UAE Bank Account

The BOTIM App supports transfers to a UAE Account, especially for pre-defined accounts. So, you can easily withdraw your money from the BOTIM App to any designation account tier of your choice, as long as this is primarily a UAE subsidiary.

Here are the steps you can take to accomplish this.

  • Login to your BOTIM App.
  • Click on Me to access your profile features.
BOTIM Cash Loan
Use BOTIM for Top Ups, Withdrawals, and Transfers
  • Now, select Wallet.
  • Also, click on Balance (you will see the feature under Wallet).
  • At this point, you will be required to provide your IBAN Number and supporting details to establish your ID.

On completing the withdrawal, BOTIM charges AED 2.00 for every successful withdrawal from the app to your bank account. Moreover, the request takes up to two (2) days to complete.

Only Pakistan, Uganda, India, the USA, South Africa, Morrocco, and several other countries can use the app.

 How to Request a Loan via BOTIM | BOTIM Cash Loan

If you are only getting to use the app for the first time, you probably want to know how the instant loan requests work. For a start, only users from the indicated transfer IP Address cohorts can send, receive cash, or request a loan using the app. If a request is made from an outside zone, BOTIM simply will not work.

So, if you are covered by the BOTIM Cash Loan requisites, here is the deal for you. Whenever you need cash, you can use the social call and video feature of the app to reach a mutual (a friend, a family member, or a colleague).

BOTIM executes the transfers, ensuring that your designated receiver account gets the fund within 2 days of the transaction. In a nutshell, you need to enable some crucial details on the Chat cache to help you connect with people that you have on your Phone Contact list.

If you use the app, you will not have to sort out mobile money transmission documents with banks or other government bureaucracies in practice. BOTIM makes it all easy.


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