5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE | Get Urgent Cash Loan in UAE

5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE — if you ever need a different mobile payment solution for your transactions anywhere in the UAE, consider using any of the 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE outlined in this article.


They offer a broad range of functionalities, varied options in case a particular payment model is not accessible, and generally improved flexibility. It simplifies your payments by unclogging the network when CashNow might seem to be at full capacity (this is rarely the frequent case, though). 

Also, having multiple payment options helps you to check glitches and, in extreme cases, an unfavorable policy regarding the T&C. Of course, any payment app could have these issues; troubleshoots are not specific to CashNow. In any case, you are better off with a list of instant loan apps at your disposal than sticking to one option.

So, here are the 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE that you can try out.


CashNow may have a few features that are not exactly offered by the alternatives here in this post. E.g., the instant loans may not be as easily sourced from any of the top 10 here as they are from the 1, 2, and 3 steps on the CashNow Loan App. See below for the specifics.

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5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE | UAE Quick Cash Apps

Undoubtedly, the UAE is a growing tech hub on many fronts, not least of which is the fintech apps. It offers a lot of features on most of these widgets, without setting high requisites for its usage.

While some of the apps like CashNow in UAE alternatives are for getting your credits on payday, several options out there support loan requests at minimal credit scores. That is a good way to onboard newbies to the UAE financial ecosystem in the emerging tech space.

Things to expect from the apps, regardless of the description.

  • Excellent Interface and good response time
  • Zero downtimes
  • Good Customer Support Service
  • Zero extraneous charges
  • A few basic features are free
  • Also, the interface is user-friendly.

Arcons — 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

If you want an integrated app that offers both savings and investment features, then Arcons is your best bet. Only a few pocket-friendly services are as well-rounded as the platform, allowing the user to prioritize time, money, and budget.

The pricing is set at $3 for a Month, but this comes with an average annual return of 6%, along with an accumulated discount of 0.25 dollars on purchases. Acorn uses a fetching phrase to pin this offer: $0.75 for every $1 coffee you order.

At the time of writing, the company has over 10 million active customers spread over the listed services — invest and save, broadly.

Download the Acorns App on PlayStore

Below is how to download the app on Play Store.

  • Open PlayStore App on your smartphone (search
  • Enter Acorns: Save and Invest in the search box.

  • Click on SEARCH to select the app from the results.
  • Check that the provider is Arcons.
  • Finally, install the app and complete the setup syncs to improve the performance.

At a Glance;

  • Acorn supports data exports in CSV files
  • Security
  • Data Backup and Retrieval Windows
  • Report, income and expenses, joint accounting,
  • Synchronizations (without compromising previous settings on your device)

Lending Stream — 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

Lending Stream is an outstanding UAE app alternative to Payday loans. It typically credits you in less than 90 seconds, without further checks, provided that the request has been approved.

Unlike the stricture about repayment channels from some Urgent Cash Loan in UAE apps, Lending Stream allows the customer to pay back over a random spread in a 12 months period, during which any amount can be repaid. The maximum APR is 1721%.

However, loan repayment is automated, along with a user-controlled payment window via the hotline, 0203 808 4440#. A fixed amount is deducted monthly after a prior notice of the due withdrawal has been sent to the customer.

Lending Stream offers up loans in three basic steps, namely:

  1. Apply for Loan,
  2. Wait for Approval, and
  3. Get credited in minutes.

Check the Repayment for a viable loan bracket (this should be before applying for the loan, anyway).

How to Apply for the Loan

You can apply for a loan on the platform using the steps below (only loans of up to 1500 Euros are provided, starting from a basic 200 Euro step-up).

  • Go to
  • Enter the required details, as outlined below.

The loan units count from £50 to  £1500, so you need to specify the purpose clearly, honestly, and convincingly, to boost your chances.

5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

  • Under Tells us about yourself, specify your marital status (Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms).
  • Also, enter your full name, date of birth, date of birth, and marital status.
  • The above details should correspond with the ones on your legal/government documents.
  • Follow the screen cue to complete the details (this includes employment status, address, email, and phone number).

Bills Monitor — 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

Bills Monitor is an Urgent Cash Loan UAE app that grooms the customers’ loan repayment habits. Also, it identifies the lapses in bank balance compared to the loan amount, then tops up the balance to help the customer get a loan.

Among other things, it really helps the user make good decisions about daily expenses, especially for those managing a limited budget. Bills Monitor is a flexible platform to arrange an Urgent Cash Loan in UAE for first-timers and customers alike.

Apart from data protection, a convenient directory that helps to retrieve any misplaced entry, and a chart, Bills Monitor offers a reminder detailing unpaid invoices.

Download the Bills Monitor App on Play Store

Ensure you meet the prerequisites before applying for the loan via the app, otherwise, your application may not be approved.

  • Open PlayStore App on your smartphone (search
  • Enter Bills Monitor Lite (or other premium versions, if you choose) in the search box.

5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

  • Click on SEARCH 
  • Wait for the result to load, then select the app from the results.
  • Check that the provider is Asutosa.
  • Finally, install the app and complete the setup syncs to improve the performance.

One outstanding feature of the app is the constant daily reminders of due loan repayment. It does not disrupt the function of other apps on your smartphone as it works in good sync with them.

HSBC Urgent Cash Loan — 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

HSBC is not a mobile app, but it offers an interesting catalog for customers who meet the requirements. Although it has stringent rules regarding eligibility and criteria for application, it supports a 12-months loan repayment period and approves loans in a short time.

So, check out the requisites below to see if it suits your budget, especially the local rules requiring any applicant to have a current account with HSBC. Below are the highlights.

5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

  • Only UAE residents are eligible for the loan.
  • Also, only residents of UAE who are 21-65 years old and in the employable age bracket can apply.
  • Further, the HSBC loan requires a prior Salary Transfer (check the website for details).

Apart from HSBC, banks like FAB, Emirates NBD, RAKBank, and Najm offer Urgent Cash Loans in the UAE. Some of these options provide up to forty (40) months of tenure period. However, they are mostly non-viable to visitors because of the large credit balance, credit score, and criteria involved.

EarnIn — 5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE

EarnIn is not as niche as the local-catering apps in the UAE. it has a broad global audience, with the potential to add more budget-friendly payment features in the future.

As advertised online, EarnIn is one of the top viable Urgent Cash Loan Apps in UAE that does not set interests or extract unspecified fees (hidden charges and baits are out of the picture). It pays instantly and has one of the fastest approval rates.

It is one of the convenient CashNow App alternatives. Below is how the download process works.

How to Download EarnIn App

You can get EarIn on both Play Store and App Store. Also, there are APK versions, but these are not suitable for any mobile payment transaction. To ensure you use a protected service, always use the EarnIn App versions from Play Store or App Store (for iOS devices). Below is how to download the app.

  • Go to PlayStore App (search
  • Enter EarnIn: Your Money In Advance in the search box.
  • Click on SEARCH 
  • Wait for the result to load, then select the app from the results.
  • Check that the provider is Activehours Inc.
  • Also, check that the current app version offers at least $100 per day or $75/check on a single cohort.
  • Install the app and complete the setup syncs to improve performance.

For iOS devices, search the same query using the search box.

5 Apps Like CashNow in UAE
Download EarnIn App on Apple Store

Once you verify that the results match the EarnIn App provider’s description, click on the install icon to get the app on your iOS device.


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