Paycor Employee Login | Download Paycor App & Sigin with SSO

Paycor Employee Login is a payroll portal for employees to access benefits and other payments using either the mobile app or the web option.
As a Paycor user, you will never miss out on any HR update as long as you have the valid login steps and know which details to use. So, you can go about this using the procedures described in this article.


Paycor supports multiple employee login options — this could be single-sign-on, through the mobile app, and the mobile app. If you wish to use the app, consider getting the software for iOS or Android.

We briefly explain what the company is all about before we get to the app download details.

Paycor Employee Login | Overview

The most common function of the app is payroll. Every other use case is broadly referred to as payment benefits, but that is a very general term. In detail, Paycor provides services like Human Capital Management pay services, which can be automated.

Also, users can get information about openings, along with tax docs that ultimately factor in with tax compliance on the platform.

Here are the benefits you can expect from the app.

  • Payroll is generally automated
  • Payment is provided on demand
  • Also, you get cues about compliance, including further props from the CS.

Further, there is a mobile app, unlike some employee login portals that only use the website regardless of the variety of features offered.

Moreover, the payment tiers are not just basic payroll and benefits, it could also be advanced finances. In essence, everything about Human Resources in the workplace, especially the practical aspects of it, is covered by Paycor.

Download Paycor App for Android

You can download the mobile app using Play Store if you have an Android smartphone.

Go to (or simply open Play Store app on your phone).

Search Paycor Mobile

Paycor Employee Login
Download Paycor on Play Store

Check that the provider is Paycor, Inc.

Then click on INSTALL.

Download Paycor App for iOS.

The iOS procedure is also quite simple, just like the method for downloading the app on Android devices. Here is how it works.

On your App Store app, search Payor Mobile, also provided by Paycor, Inc.

Download Paycor for iOS

You can click on INSTALL to get the app on your Apple smartphone.

See below for the different Paycor Employee Login procedures.

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Paycor Employee Login | Sign in With Your Account

To log in to Paycor, you need to create an account first. So, we start with how to easily signup for a Paycor account.

Go to the official website — search

Select Registration from the options on the site (optionally, opt for Create An Account on the Login page).

The Signup page will offer a language prompt from which you can select your preferred language (English is the default language).

Paycor Employee Login
Enter the required details to signup

Follow the onscreen prompt to fill in the required details (typically information like full name, email address, access code, etc.)

Once you complete the signup, use the Login procedure below anytime you wish to sign into your account.

How to Login to Paycor via Account

If you have a Paycor account, you can retrieve information like tax docs, compliance, and so on. Also, you can easily print these details for reference.

To access the Paycor Employee Login portal, go to

Then click on login.

Alternatively, search

Paycor Employee Login

This leads directly to the Paycor Employee Login webpage.

Now, enter your login credentials (password and username), and then click on Sign-in.

This is just the best procedure if you are considering the employee account sign-in method. Apart from this procedure, there is an SSO alternative (SSO is short for Single Sign On).

Login to Paycor Employee with SSO

You need a unique Single Sign-on account to use this method when signing in to Paycor. It does not require different credentials from the ones for the Paycor account login. All it takes are the same details outlined above but with a different sign-in portal.

Here is how the Paycor Employee Login with SSO account works.

Go to

Then select the SSO login option.

Paycor Employee Login
Login to Paycor with SSO Portal

Instead of choosing this portal from the homepage, search Paycor on a web browser and select SSO Login from the search results.

Now, enter your email address and username (optionally, just one of these will be enough).

If you want a rote login, check the Remember Username box. Then any other time you click on the Paycor Employee Login link, it will automatically log you into your account.

Forgotten Paycor Employee Login Password? See Recovery Steps

You can easily request a recovery link if you have forgotten your Paycor Employee Login username or password. However, you will need to provide unique details that help Paycor determine that you are the account owner.

Note that you can only recover misplaced login details if you have other supporting details tied to the account.

Here is how to recover your Paycor Employee Login Username.

Go to

On the login page, opt for recover username.

Paycor Employee Login
Select Password Recovery to Reset your Password

Otherwise, enter the email address linked to the Paycor account, as this prompts a username display (only the username attached to the email address during signup will be displayed).

You can complete other detail using the onscreen prompt.

For password recovery, you only need to select the Forgotten Password option from the login page. Then enter the recovery contact to set a new Paycor Employee Login password.

Paycor Pros & Cons

Paycor has many valuable features that offer Human Resource solutions. These range from accessibility, analytics, and tax docs, to useful management of benefits. Regardless, it is not without a few cons.

So, here we outline the Pros and Cons of using the service.


  • Paycor provides thorough analytics, with well-researched conclusions.
  • It gives an in-depth analysis of the workplace, detailing the current employees and the ones that have left.
  • It also helps implement interpretations like charts and data stats.
  • Further, Paycor covers a lot of features on the employee benefit aspect.


So far, the only downside might just be that the pricing is not affordable. Only relatively high-scale and big companies can afford to use the service consistently.


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