Compass Mobile Dollar Tree | Download App, Sign-up & Log in

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree is an online employee portal specifically designed to enable Dollar Tree employees to access their accounts. The portal accounts allow employees to log in and see their work activities and schedule.


The website lets employees access their accounts and new employees can register for an account through the sign-up button.  Are you looking for how to create and have a Dollar account?  If you want to know more about this online portal? This article is just for you.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree

Compass mobile dollar tree also known as Dollar Tree is an online portal that has a multi-price-point bargain variety store supported by a statewide logistics network of 24 distribution facilities, located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The website features an intriguing “thrill-of-the-hunt” experience in shopping which helps customers discover new treasures at exciting prices each week. Family Dollar Label is controlled by Compass mobile dollar tree. Dollar Tree is operated in over 15,500 corporations and Canadian regions.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree works toward maintaining high-quality employee relations and organized teamwork. The customers and new employees discover new valuables to purchase every time at a cheaper and more affordable price.

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This is the official web portal of Compass mobile dollar tree. It can only be accessed by the employees and managed by them. Compass Mobile Dollar Tree portal gives easy access to their employee’s paystubs, accounts, work schedules, and many more. Stay connected to this article to help you get and access your account.

For you to get started, you have to sign up and download the app on your phone. This will enable you to log in anytime you want into your account and explore.

Dollar Tree Employee Schedule

This employee’s schedule records the dates and hours the dollar tree employees are required to work daily or weekly. This schedule helps keep the employees in check and more focused to discharge individual duties.

Dollar Tree employee schedule can only be accessible once you’ve logged in to your account. So, make sure to have an account before attempting to log in.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Sign-Up

As a newly employed, for you to sign up for a compass mobile dollar tree account, you need to visit the HR department for an account sign-up. It is only through the Human Resource Department that a request for an account sign-up can be obtained.

While the sign-up lasts, take note of the username and password used as you can only access the account through those means. you are now ready to log in to your account.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Log in

compass mobile dollar tree
Login to access your account

Employees can quickly follow up with their work schedules and activities on the web through follow these steps to see how you can do that:

  • Visit
  • Go to the login section.
  • Enter your username and password that is linked to your account
  • Now, click the Login” button.

You have successfully logged in to your account. Needed adjustments can be regarding your work schedule and supervisors.

What Is Pay Stub

Paystub is a piece of paper given to an employee describing just how much the employee has made and how much money was taken away for insurance charges, taxes, and more. This Pay Stub can also be known as an accounting paper that keeps employees in check on how their money is being utilized.

With this employees can monitor and know what is in current and past pay stubs as well as their yearly tax statements. Printing and selecting pay and tax stubs can be done online.

How to Access Your Pay Stub

Accessing your pay stub as an employee can only be achieved if you follow the guidelines below:

  • With an internet-connected device, visit
  • Here you are required to create a new account
  • Enter your employee ID, date of birth, and your social security to request an account
  • Select authenticate and create account option

When you’ve successfully done the above, an instruction will be provided on the screen, follow it to complete the login process. Your pay stub can be accessed now. Click on view pay stub and explore.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App

Mobile App Available
Download Now

The dollar tree compass mobile App is a must-have for all dollar tree employees. This will enable them to log in and manage their account. Many choose to call the app Compass Mobile App, but anyone you choose to call it will be okay.

Just make sure you download the app straight into your device and begin using it. This is all you need as an employee of dollar tree as it helps you see crucial details about your status application, upload and send files curled to your app, and more.

A list of steps has been carefully provided to guide you as you proceed to download the dollar tree compass app.

How to Download The Compass Mobile App on an Apple Device

  • Connect your Apple device to an internet that is strong enough to enable a download
  • Open to your App Store on your device
  • Search for Compass Mobile App to locate the App
  • The app will pop out on the screen of your Apple device
  • Click on install

The app will gradually download into your Apple device and after a few minutes, the app is ready for use. Click on the App to open, log in to your account, and start exploring.

How to Download the Compass Mobile App on Your Android Device

  • This app can also be accessed through your Mobile device or Android. These are the important steps to adhere to enable a download:
  • Connect your Android device to a powerful network
  • Open the Google play store on your Mobile device
  • Search for Compass Mobile App using the search bar.
  • Click on install and instantly the app is downloaded and installed inside your device.

Dollar Tree Payroll

This is a list that contains the names of dollar tree employees and also their payment amounts. The payroll is accessible only on the Dollar Tree Terminals. For more information contact the DTAIC here.

My Tree

MyTree website matters a lot to dollar tree employees as they access their benefits and other useful pieces of information and materials. It keeps the employees informed about their health, benefits plan, and wellness.

How to Create MyTree Dollar Account

  • Visit the website
  • Tap on Create an account
  • Input your date of birth, social security ID, and Last Name
  • Now click on next to follow the instruction there to finish up the process.

   To log in To MyTree Dollar Account

  • Enter use
  • On the displayed screen input your username and password associated with the account.
  • Then, click on “log in”

Dollar Tree employee pay

This pay is determined by an employee’s schedule and position. Bonuses and benefits are given to the employees at a merited point in time. The benefits serve as a stipend and encouragement to boost their work capabilities.

Meanwhile, the operational manager earns $12 hourly, the same as the merchandise and retail store.


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