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GoHenry Card Review — teach your kids financial literacy and responsibility using the GoHenry Debit Cards and mobile app.


Parents get tangled in a web of ads about the best way to approach the crucial topic of savings, expenses, and money management with their kids. Thankfully, the chunk of competitors offers very good programs. However, is one of the best platforms that every parent should try.

From the jump, kids could get familiar with the rudiments by playing puzzles and quizzes, all crafted to guide them in a controlled space, eventually teaching them important lessons about finance. It goes a long way, and parents are grateful for it.

If you want your kids to ease into the role of accountable young adults, then you should give GoHenry Debit Card a try. Here are the reasons.

Why Use GoHenry Card?

For kids between the age of six and seventeen, GoHenry Card is the best onboarding widget to introduce them to finances. But then there are other platforms that offer similar services. So, why is unique?

Every financial literacy app aims at shaping the user Into a better-informed person. The GoHenry Card does the same. Check out the unique features below.

Learn While Playing Puzzles and Quizzes

Using intuitive guides and contextual clues, the puzzles gradually teach kids all the savings tips that they need to know. It does not attempt to pack every idea or concept into one interface.

This feature is basic heuristics — teach kids by imitation and participation. And this has been the best way to share experiences.

Great Customizations

Unlike the flat, not-so-colorful designs on a regular bank debit card, the GoHenry Card is artfully designed, offering more than forty-five templates. You can get the one that your kids love and then start the program from there.

Also, this removes monotony and adds a lot of fascination to the entire process.

Parental Control

Most finance platforms have caught the idea that parents want a window into every property of their kids’. That is a good way to assure them that all is safe. And besides, parental control is good for inclusivity, as it helps the kids learn alongside an animate older person, instead of just prompts.

Further, GoHenry uses bank-level encryption, which keeps the platform safe from hacks.

Learn more about GoHenry Card, How to Activate GoHenry Card, download the mobile app for Android phones and iOS devices, and how to login in this article. See below for details.

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GoHenry Card Review | How to Activate Debit Card

You need to activate your GoHenry Card so that it can be valid for use. Before you get started, though, remember that the card, issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd, is for kids (typically between six and sixteen). So, the Activate GoHenry Card procedures are in two stages — one for kids, and the other for parents’ accounts.

However, to activate the kids’ GoHenry Card, you will need an activated GoHenry Parent Account. Use the steps below to activate your card first, before moving on to the kids’.

Steps to Activate GoHenry Parent Account

This requires a few unique details from the parent: username and password. If you see “PIN” in place of a password, still enter the password combination as both prompts are used interchangeably.


Locate the Parent Parental Controls from the Features subcategory on the menu.

Now, select Login to access the Activate GoHenry card slip.

Follow the screen cue to complete the Activate GoHenry Card procedure.

Typically, you will need to enter your PIN (same as password) and username (an email address will do).

After that, you can continue with the Activate GoHenry Card procedure for the kids, as explained in the section below.

Steps to Activate GoHenry Card

Since you already have an activated GoHenry Parental Control Account, use the sign-in portal to access the kid’s card log.

On, enter your login details.

Then find the kid’s name and click the prompt for Activate Account attached to it.

Use the screen cues on the webpage to complete the activation.

Points to Note:

The website is not an open-service portal, which implies that you will need to check the pricing and subscribe to a tier before you can access the services.

Also, it offers PIN Recovery options in case the user misplaces his login details. Depending on the Terms of Service, a GoHenry Card user can opt for a new card and be issued a replacement in a short time, with no extra paperwork involved.

If you enter an incorrect PIN up to three (3) times, your card will be blocked. The only way to unblock it is to withdraw from the ATM.

Moreover, you can deactivate your kids’ cards using these steps.

Access the card from the kid’s account>>click on Block from the options attached to Card.

How to Sign-up on

Without an active account, you cannot access the services on the site. But this does mean that parents will have to go all in, considering that there is a free trial option.

So, if you wish to know how it works, the backend features, and other extras, start the free trial. On the other hand, those who are already satisfied (by checking ratings and reviews) can use the sign-up procedure below.


Scroll down to select Choose Free Card from the homepage.

Then go to the redirection page (

GoHenry Card
Enter your email address, mobile number, and password to continue

Now, enter your email address, mobile phone number, and password (create a password).

Optionally, you can enter your Promo Code and click on Continue to finish up the process.

Finally, use the Activate GoHenry Card procedures to activate your card and start using the services.

How to Download GoHenry Card App for Android & iOS

GoHenry is available for Android smartphones and iOS devices. You can download it on your smartphone using any of the methods here.

For Android Phones and Tabs

Open Play Store — search if you are using a web browser instead.

Enter GoHenry Youth Debit Card & App in the search box and click on search.

GoHenry Card
Download GoHenry App on Play Store

Select the result with Gohenry Ltd as the provider.

Once you click on INSTALL, the app downloads on your smartphone.

For iOS smartphones and iPads

Open the App Store app on your phone — search if you are using a web browser instead.

Search GoHenry Youth Debit Card & App.

Download GoHenry for iOS

Select the result with Gohenry Ltd as the app provider.

Now, you can click on the INSTALL icon to download the app on your iOS device.


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