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Mepco Mis known as Multan Electric Power Company was established in Pakistan on the 14th of May 1998. Aside from being a leading power distributor in Multan, it also provides electricity to 13 other District areas around there.


The Mis was brought into play to streamline operations and give customers better services by using their system to manage information.

Mepco billing service and customer relationship management operations are fully supported by the Mis, a software solution.

Furthermore, it is useful to know that Mepco electricity is generated through the waters and it is legal, and licensed by NEPRA.

Services Offered by Mepco Mis

Mepco Mis has a variety of services and functions that its offers to their consumers. These Services include;

Bill Generation: With the availability of system software, there is instant bill processing and generation making sure it is accurate and correct.

Bill Distribution: It offers timely delivery to all its customers, ensuring that swift and quick service is assured to them to maintain relationships among them.

Customer Information: There is an update on customers’ information to enable the support team to see the queries and customer service request and respond to them effectively.

Billing Information Management: Mepco Mis keeps thorough records of each customer’s billing history, payment status, and pattern of spending.

Data Analysis: Information generated is analyzed to help in decision-making that concerns Data processing and equally enhance resource allocation

Online Bill Payment: The Mechanism makes it possible, for consumers to process online payment of bills with a convenient and hassle-free way of doing so.

Complaint Management: Customers are totally free to make complaints through the systems management which will hasten the prompt to take action and resolve the issues faster.

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Mepco Mis Bills Online Payment Process

The era of long queues  and time has been wasted trying to make bill payments has now been replaced by the establishment of Mepco Mis, which enables consumers to comfortably make bill payments in their own time and space.,

All electricity bill payments are achieved online, saving time and offering stress-free access to bill management with just a few clicks.

To Make a bill payment online and also make payments, this can be done through the following ways as outlined below.

How to Pay Mepco Mis Bill Online

  • Visit the online official website
  • Make a selection of the payment method that you want to use which include online banking, mobile wallets, debit cards, and credit cards
  • choose the payment options available and follow the on-screen instructions to continue the payment process.
  • On completion of the transaction and the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message that will contain a reference number for the transaction.

How to Check Mepco Mis Bill Payment Online

Mepco Mis

On Mepco Mis, You can simply check your bill payment status just a few steps away. visit the website to access up to 1-year months bill details.

Now see the steps below to carefully check your Mepco Mis Bills Status;

  • Visit the website
  • Locate the “Bill inquiry” or “Bill check”section on the homepage of the website
  • You will be asked to submit some important information. there is a need for you to enter your consumer reference number which is 14 digits. ensure that the information provided is inputted correctly.
  • After the accurate details have been entered, you will view the bill details which will show the bill information such as the amount paid and the date when it will expire.
Now to print out the Bill Payment Receipts, follow these steps below
  • Right on the website, after you have finished checking the bill, you will have the option to print the receipt, or you could just simply press Ctrl+p
  • If it is the PDF format you want to download, select the option”save as PDF”
  • But if you want to print, then you select the printer that you will be using and then select the print button to get a hard copy of the bill payment.

Mepco Mis Areas Of Distribution

Mepco Mis is a distributor of electricity to 13 districts of South Punjab. We will be listing out the names below, so if you see the name of an area that you reside that means you are one of Mepco Mis Consumer.

  1. Multan
  2. Khanewal
  3. Bahawalnegar
  4. Dera Ghazi Khan
  5. Vehari
  6. Muzaffargarh
  7. Rajanpur
  8. Rahim Yah Kahan
  9. Paakpattan
  10. Layyah
  11. Lodhran’
  12. Sahiwal
  13. Bahawalpur

Different Ways of Receiving Mepco Mis Bill

Every consumer has a preference different from another person, this is why Mepco Mis has been considerate enough and has provided various means for their customers to receive their bills.

Let us look at the ways that consumers can have access to their Mepco Bills

1. Physical delivery

This is a means by which the bills are delivered to the consumers in person by the company Agent to the address provided by the consumer.

It is in a paper format containing all the necessary details about the bills, the way it was consumed, the charges, and the due date for payment to occur

2. Online Account Access

Mepco Mis Online services have immensely been of great value in the lives of consumers as they go about their monthly bill payments.

With a log-in to their account, customers can easily and conveniently download and check their bills at their own comfortable zone and preferred time.

3. SMS Notification

Customers of MEPCO can also receive bill information by SMS. So, you can also access your bill via SMS. To be able to do that just type in ‘pitc<14 digit reference number>’ and send it to 8334.

Consumers are kept informed through the use of this communication method by just using your phone message app and entering a few clicks.

4. Email Billing

This method is possible only when you provide your valid email address. this is paper and resources conservative.

It can be delivered within a few minutes after it has been sent. it is also a better option to make use of in checking and viewing your bills for every month

Benefits of Mepco Mis and Online Bill Management

  • Convenience: Online bill payment through MEPCO MIS saves customers considerable time and effort by removing the need for in-person trips to payment centers.
  • Accuracy: The automated billing system makes sure that bills are generated accurately, minimizing the possibility of mistakes and disputes.
  • Timeliness: With online bill payment, users may pay their bills on time and avoid late fees.
  • Transparency: Online access to billing histories and payment records by consumers encourages openness in financial dealings.
  • Environmental Impact: Choosing digital bills decreases the use of paper, helping to save the environment.
  • Consumers are immediately notified about bill amounts and due dates thanks to SMS alerts and email reminders.


Mepco Mis is a company that offers bill payments and other customer service. It is available to only Pakistan Residents and the other 13 areas as mentioned above.

By providing options for online bill payment and a variety of ways to receive bills, this online bill service provided has revolutionized and made payments easily accessible

The ease of use, accuracy, and openness offered by Mepco Mis demonstrates the company’s dedication to making its customers’ lives easier and embracing the digital age. Make use of it today and save yourself the stress.


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