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Dubai Islamic Bank Online is an extension of the banking experience that Islamic Bank offers, that goes beyond Loan services. This online banking gives customers the opportunity to make transfers both locally and internationally.


You can process card transactions and make bill payments from the comfort of your home with your mobile phone. It allows account users to make transactions on the go through account transfer, and check banking portfolios such as accounts cards, finances, and other transactions on the site. 

On Dubai Islamic Bank Online, you get instant transfers, go paperless and enjoy quality digital features. You also get to manage your account through the downloaded mobile app and view many other money transfers.

You can access more than 135 online services on Dubai Islamic Bank online platform aside from making transfers and bills payment

This article will discuss how to register an account, log in and make transfers on Dubai Islamic Bank Online both locally and internationally.  Now let’s get to know of the intriguing features contained in this online banking.

Dubai Islamic Bank Online Features

Dubai Islamic Bank Online offers a lot of interesting features that make the transaction process on the platform very exciting through the Mobile App.

To get an overview of the experiences and services you will perform on the site, we have compiled a list of them, locate them below:

  • You can make a card payment 
  • It is accessible to fund transfers on Dubai Islamic Bank online.
  • You make bill payments of any type including, waste bills, electricity bills, water bills, and more right on the DIB Mobile app.
  • View accounts and finance details 
  • You can request a checkbook
  • Activate and block Cards at an instance
  • You can manage your finances by setting spending limits and saving goals on your account 
  • Open an investment deposit account 

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Dubai Islamic Bank Online | Make Money Transfer

You can easily make transactions on the mobile app. Money transfers can be available and accessible by all as long you have an account on the platform.

It is good to know that you can quickly transfer money to just anyone in the UAE from your Dubai Bank without encountering any restrictions or limits to who you should transfer and not.

There are three available means by which  you can make domestic transfers and there are;

  1. International fund transfer 
  2. Online fund transfer
  3. Mobile fund transfer 
  1. International Fund Transfer

Transfer money internationally with the Dubai Islamic Bank by following the simple steps listed below on the online platform:

  • Using the link dib. ae to log in or the DIB mobile app, open to the homepage
  • Click on Transfer on the dashboard
  • Select the international Fund Transfer button 
  • Proceed to enter the beneficiary information
  • Crosscheck the details and submit

Just as simple as it sounds, you can make transfers worldwide by exploring Dubai Islamic Bank online. With just the right click everything is done in minutes.

  1. Online Fund Transfer

Please follow the instructions below to send money from your Dubai Islamic bank using an online mode. These steps are easy and quick to access. Below are steps to follow to get it done instantly

  • Open DIB Online Banking and log in.
  • Select ‘Domestic Fund Transfer’ after clicking ‘Transfer’.
  • Select your beneficiary*
  • Enter the transfer’s amount and goal.
  • Choose who you want to charge 
  • To complete the transaction, click “Confirm.”
  1. Mobile Banking
  • You have to first sign in to the DIB mobile app after a successful download of the app
  • Locate the transfer and click on “Domestic Fund Transfer”
  • Enter your beneficiary, amount, and reason for the fund transfer
  • Choose who you want to charge in
  • Press ‘Confirm’ to finish the transaction process

How to Login on Dubai Islamic Bank Online

To successfully log in to your DIB account after the registration process has been completed all you need is your card and pin to make a quick login and have access to the online banking experience available on the app.

Always remember that terms and conditions apply, meanwhile to get a quick login to follow the steps provided below:

  • Select Quick Login at
  • Enter your card information and PIN.
  • OTP (one-time password): Enter the OTP that was delivered to your registered mobile number.

To access the login portal you need to first make a sign-up by registering an account, the procedures to do that will be discussed below.

Dubai Islamic Bank Online Sign-Up Now

You can only have access to the online banking services offered by Dubai Islamic Bank when you have registered an account with them on their official site.

  • Click “alt online” on the website
  • Select “Register Now” under the “New User” tab.
  • Choose Individual. holding a card
  • Enter your USER ID, password, and any other necessary security information.
  • Input your active card number, PIN, and CAPTCHA before clicking “Submit.”

Once you’ve clicked on Submit, you have signed up successfully and can now access the login button.

Dubai Islamic Bank Online | DIB Mobile App

DIB Mobile App is available for download on the Apps Store and Google Play Store. Right on the app you get to manage all your finances and enjoy frequent updates and overview of funds.

With the Mobile app, it enables you to easily access the various online services offered by the bank through a download of the app.

Dubai Islamic Bank Online
Sign-up Now

To easily get download the app follow the quick steps below:

  • By visiting the App Store or Google Play, you can download alt mobile to your smartphone.
  • On the login page for Alt Mobile, select the “Register” icon.
  • Details of your Card and PIN must be entered.
  • Input your USER ID and password.
  • Put in the necessary security information.


Dubai Islamic Bank Online is an online platform with the vision to make transfers both internationally simpler and better with the best experiences.

It provides the ultimate digital online banking where transactions are simple, paperless, and quick for its customers. The platform offers its user the opportunity to explore other fund transfer services that are obtainable via the mobile app


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