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First AbuDhabi Bank is among the largest bank that operates in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It provides financial solutions and products and services through its seamless and excellent online banking process.


The name of the bank was gotten from the owner whose name is Au Dhabi. It was established on April 2017, with Abu Dhabi, UAE as its headquarters.

First Abu Dhabi Bank remains the most secure bank in UAE to operate with, it is the No. 1 choice of the people. This online banking platform has made more than AED 13.4 billion recently.

This platform offers special customer service support that paves the way for a userfriendly interface while making inquiries or complaints.

This article it will focus on these areas, features, the login process and alternatives to First Abu Dhabi Bank, and more.

Features of First Abu Dhabi Bank

This online banking platform offers many unique features that make it stand out from other forms of Internet banking.  Are you doubting if this platform is legit? Check out what it has to offer to its vast customers around the globe.

Below is a comprehensive list of the available features that customers get to enjoy and explore once they register an account with the bank.

  1. Diverse Banking Solutions: First Abu Dhabi Bank offers a full range of financial solutions to meet customers’ demands for wealth management, corporate banking, personal banking, and business banking.  This platform is a single source for all financial needs, offering loans, credit cards, and investment services in addition to savings and current accounts.
  2. Online Banking: This platform makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide an excellent online banking experience. Customers may conduct transactions, pay bills, and manage their accounts while on the go thanks to their user-friendly smartphone application and digital banking platform.
  3. Global Presence: First Abu Dhabi Bank offers its services in numerous nations around the Middle East, Asia, and other continents. It is convenient for customers with worldwide financial needs because of this global reach.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: This online banking system understands that its vision is to serve society and it takes it very seriously. It engages in health, school, and environmental programs, providing needed finances when necessary.
  5. Investment Advisory: First Abu  Dhabi Bank has a group of advisory whose job is to give expert advice to customers who want to make investments. They also provide strategies and market trends that will improve the customer’s investment decision.

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How to Check Eligibility Criteria For First Abu Dhabi Bank

You must meet up with the needed requirements so you can fully access the platform. However, the criteria solely depend on the product and service that you want to perform. Either way, the following procedures have been outlined, you need to attain almost if not all of the requirements below:

For personal banking:
  • Must have a source of income either as an employee or self-employed individual
  • Must be of age least 18 years and Above
  • Must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates with a document of proof
  • Must present a valid means of identification such as a passport, ID card, driver’s license
For Business Banking:
  • Must have a business registration document duly signed by the concerned authorities
  • Must present the address of the business
  • Must present documents that show that they own and operate the business
  • Must present a business account statement
  • Have a minimum earning of AED 50,000 

As a reminder, customers are advised to always check the requirements criteria as they might be updates or changes made to them over time.

This will ensure that you are well informed and avoid following the wrong part to access the online provision made available.

How Login to First Abu Dhabi Bank

first Abu Dhabi Bank
Login Now

Exploring the platform can be done by logging into your account. This process is very easy and simple to achieve whether you prefer using the mobile app or the internet banking platform.

While it is important to log in to your account, the first step will be to create an account to enable login. The following steps will show you how to do that using two different avenues::

Online Banking:
  • Using the official website link
  • Open the link and locate the login icon’
  • Click on it and enter your username ID and password
  • Verify the account by entering the OTP code that will be sent to your phone number
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to successfully log in to your account to explore the many features that it has to offer.
Mobile Banking:
  • Open your app on your device 
  • Locate the login button
  • Enter your password along with your username
  • Click on Login to access the dashboard of the platform and utilize the service provided.

How to Download FAB Mobile App

First Abu Dhabi Bank designed a mobile app for easy access by individuals. Through this app, you can navigate all the features, products, and services that are available on the platform with a single click.

To access your account using this mobile app you must first download it into your device, to get that done check out the steps below;

  • Using Your App Store or Google Store, search for the app name 
  • Once you see it, click on Install, to enable the download
  • Wait patiently as it downloads directly to your device
  • Open the app on your device and click on login
  • Enter your User ID and password 
  • Follow the onscreen procedure to finish verification and account authentication if you wish to do it.
  • Afterward, you can now access utility payments, and transfers, and manage finances right inside the Mobile App.

Alternatives to First Abu Dhabi Bank

This wonderful platform offers a flawless banking experience to many individuals today. Amidst this fast-rising online banking platform, there are other options that customers can choose from while trying online banking.

Depending on the need of each customer, they may decide to make use of the other available alternatives that offer Internet banking. We have a few alternatives to First Abu Dhabi Bank:

    • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
    • Mashreq Bank
    • Dubai Islamic Bank
    • Emirate NBD


First Abu Dhabi Bank is one of UAE’s Banking institutions that has grown over the years in its service to humanity. It has become to be a trusted online banking platform for people.

Its ability to provide banking solutions, Transfers, bill payments, and investment management makes it stand out amongst its competitors in the market trend.

This platform is only accessible to citizens of the UAE, but it is versatile when it comes to making transfers, as it accommodates international transactions.


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