Emirates Islamic Bank Online | Emirates Credit Cards | How to Apply

You have full access to the products and services that Emirates Islamic Bank online offers. On this platform, 100 % of online banking is assured. Transactions and payments of bills to all parts of the globe are guaranteed. 


Looking for a place to perform all these online transfers, borrow personal loans and business loans, this is just the best platform to utilize to your own advantage.

Emirates Islamic Bank has proven to be the top in providing online financial solutions to its customers across the country. This article will take you through the various ways to access the product and services that it offers along with the features.

Emirates Islamic Bank Online offers its credit Card as its many features to the platform and with this new feature you can pay bills online and make transfers.

It offers various services to individuals to sort out their financial needs and it has a vast range of services ranging from personal to business loans.

Emirates Islamic Bank Products and Services

Emirates Islamic Bank Online

This online platform offers a wide range of products and services. We have a list of some of them below.

  • Personal Banking. Emirates Islamic Bank Online offers personal services to persons such as the opening of different kinds of accounts like savings accounts, current accounts, and personal finance. These different accounts provide easy access to funds on a daily basis and meet their financial targets.
  • Business Banking. This online banking platform offers funds for Business enterprises both small and large to help them manage their firm accordingly.
  • Wealth Management. Emirates Islamic Bank Online offers a variety of investment products that are structurally planned. Takaful is another product that protects families from future and unplanned events.
  • Online Banking. The best online banking experiences can be enjoyed on Emirates Islamic Bank Online this includes transfers, withdrawals, bill payments, personal loans or finance and others not mentioned.
  • Credit Card Services. Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Card is one of the many features that this online banking platform has to offer. With this card, you can purchase anything you want and also manage your spending limits. These credit cards vary all available to meet individual needs.

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Emirates Islamic Bank Online Credit cards

You can get the best credit cards from Emirates Islamic Bank. With it, you get to enjoy online services that the comfort for your home.

This platform offers a wide range of credit cards, each designed to meet the individual preferences of others. The available credits cards are as outlined below:

Emirates Islamic Bank Online
Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Card
  • Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card. this Cashback Credit Card offers discounts to its users. On every transaction made you get rewarded. This makes the users always opt for this type of credit card. You can enjoy the same benefits by applying for access to own a cashback credit card.
  • Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card. The Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card is ideal for frequent travelers because it offers Skywards Miles on every purchase. These miles may be exchanged for travel, accommodations, and other benefits. Additionally, cardholders have access to special travel perks, access to airport lounges, and travel insurance.
  • Emirates Flex Credit Card. A credit card from Emirates that is designed to be flexible and convenient is called the Flex Credit Card. It has no annual fees and offers several payment schedules for significant purchases.
    One of the top Islamic financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates is Emirates Islamic Bank. It provides a variety of goods and services to meet the various demands of its clients.

Features of Emirates Islamic Credit Cards

There are so many features peculiar to credit cards offered by Emirates Islamic Bank. This makes it stand out and different credit cards are obtainable elsewhere.

Here are some of the features;

  • Free travel insurance benefits. You can enjoy free benefits that will cover your traveling expenses.
  • Quick access to cash withdrawals. With this credit card, you can make withdrawals at any ATM location of your choice at a very fast rate to meet up with your needs.
  • Contactless payment. This allows for swift and more convenient payments to be, made using Emirates Islamic Credit Card.
  • Easy payment plans. You can manage your bulk payments by utilizing the monthly installment services, which enable you to split the large payments into smaller units to be paid at certain picked dates in the month. 
  • Purchase protection. Each and every item bought through Emirate Islamic Bank Online is secure and protected from any damage.
  • You can enjoy a transfer balance facility 
  • Cashbacks on dining are offered on any credit card you choose to use

Eligibility for Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Cards

  • Both self-employed and working individuals can apply
  • Minimum income requirements of about AED 5k
  • Valid residential address
  • Trade license
  • Submission of certain forms like proof of income, means of identification 
  • Other documents may be required depending on the type of credit card that you are going for. All this form part of the application process which must be met with.

Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Card Profit Rates

Emirates Islamic Bank Online avails over 14 credit cards to aid customers and allow them to make their desired choice.

The profits rates that apply to these credit cards are such that the customers pay a certain amount for the experience they have been enjoying from the finances provided by the bank.

Each of the credit card profit rates is determined by the type of card you applied for.

The profit rates are decided on at the purchase of the credit card, this enables the user to go for the one that is affordable.

How to Apply for Emirates Islamic Bank Online Services

You can easily access the application process at your own convenience. The steps to follow are simple and hassle-free. Check below to get started.

  • Visit the official website of the platform Emirates Islamic Bank Online 
  • Locate the apply now button 
  • Choose the services or product that you want to apply for such as credit card or personal finance, transfers, bills payment, and more
  • Fill out the needed information on the application form online including your phone number, personal details like name, date of birth, employment status, residential address
  • Make uploads of some documents online which are a passport photograph, salary certificate, bank account statements of 3-6 months of recent, and an Emirates ID.
  • Proofread the information enter to make sure it’s free from typographical errors
  • Submit the online application form

Qualification for Emirates Islamic Bank Online

These are the compulsory criteria that one must qualify for before having the plan of applying for the online services offered by Emirates Islamic Bank.

The below requirements are needed to qualify:

  • The applicant must be of age. This means that the accepted age group is from 18 to 65 years 
  • To purchase credit cards and personal finance, you must have an income of AED 5k, this may vary on the products and services you are applying for.
  • A valid means of identification must be presented which can be a driver’s license, UAE ID, Passport, phone number, and address


All variety of products and services are fully packaged in Emirates Islamic Bank Online. Its accessible and available Credit Card makes the banking experience more exciting.

You can easily make an online application for any service or product that you want to purchase due to the user-friendly interface that the platform avails to its users.


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