Habib Metropolitan Bank | Online Banking, Requirements | Mobile App Download

Habib Metropolitan Bank has become one of the most popular banking institutions that has adopted a new way of offering services to unlimited Customers.


The traditional means of operating the banking service are gradually moving to the mud as more convenient digital banking has evolved. This means of banking operates to a high degree offering financial assistance to customers online and offline.

Through Habib Metropolitan Bank Online Banking platform, millions across the globe have received seamless and easy access to transactions and other funding needs.

Habib Metropolitan Bank | Overview

Habib Metropolitan Bank is a banking institution that delivers conventional and Islamic banking and has imbibed the new advanced technology development of online banking to meet the needs of all people.

Since 1992, it has emerged as a top banking platform that offers a variety of online services and products to its customers.

Its Customer service Team has so much contributed to the growth of the bank today. They have immensely and diligently offered assistance to their customers through the 24/7 available service and friendly response to queries and complaints.

Among the many services that Habib Metropolitan Bank allows users to access, we have Loans services, accounts, credit and debit cards, business banking, Islamic banking, Transactions, and others.

Habib Metropolitan Bank has a secured banking platform, that makes the transactions and products services reliable and comfortable for the people to operate on.

In this Article, let’s take a look at the Habib Metropolitan Bank online banking, its features, and benefits, how to download the Mobile app, and the many alternatives that can be used to meet the individual needs of customers.

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Habib Metropolitan Bank | Online Banking Features and Benefits

The presence of online banking services has really been a great boost to the growth and development of the Habib Metropolitan Bank. This ensures that each customer gets attended to with the needs that are desired.

Online Banking offers various features that make the banking experience enjoyable, convenient, and hassle-free. Here is the list of the intriguing features;

  • Online Account Opening: You can make an online account opening without going to the branch office, and also request credit and debit cards at your convenience. Loan applications can be made online by filling the form online and scanning the necessary document.
  • Bill/Utility payments: Without stress and long hours of queues at the bank, customers in the comfort of their homes make and pay utility bills and Credit cards at ease through Habib Metropolitan Bank’s online service.
  • SMS Alerts: Message notifications of transfers, balance, and other account activities that are performed are enabled through the online banking platform.
  • Account Management: Habib Metropolitan Bank Online Banking makes it convenient for customers to view their accounts, review transaction history and manage their accounts at their fingertips.
  • Transfer of funds: Online banking makes transactions easy. you can go paperless and seamless at a goal, and make transfers to other existing account numbers from other banks.
  • E-statements: In Habib Metropolitan Bank online, you don’t need to print a hard copy of your account, all you get to do is to request an e-statement of your account and download it on your mobile device.
  • Purchase of Airtime and Data:  Rather than going through the stress of using the paper recharge method, customers now have the opportunity to simply buy airtime and data via online banking.

Requirements to Habib Metropolitan Bank Online Banking

You Might have trying been trying to gain access to the online banking platform but its seems as if your efforts are not paving way. Have you tried to take a look at the criteria that is expected to use the sservice

To be eligible to access the Habib Metropolitan Bank Online banking you need to meet some of the requirments as listed below;

  1. You must have a working account with the bank. Only customers  to Habib Metropolitan Bank can be able to explore the online service that it provides. So if you are new, then you will have to open an account with the bank.
  2. To access any online service or product, internet connections is important to avoid interruptions or glitches.
  3. Ensure that the device you are using is acceptable for online banking. although the online services of Habib Metropolitan Bank works perfectly with all devices such as Android, Iphone, Ipad, Desktop, Laptop an others.
  4. you will equally need to register an online banking service account by visiting the nearest branch location or do that online on the official website

Habib Metropolitan Bank Account Opening

Habib Metropolitan Bank

You can open an account of your choice from the many available accounts package ranging from current account, silver current account, basic banking account and others in the list.

To operate a basic account it has no restrictions on ATM withdrawals and it gives full satsifaction to the banking needs of the customers.

Other Benefits and features that are availablle while using a basic account is as listed below;

  • Two free cheques for a whole year without charges.
  • No requirement for a minimum balance maintenace
  • you only will be asked of Rs.1,000 as a deposit to open the account
  • it offers unlimited and unrestricted ATM withdrawal access to it account users.

How To Download Habib Mobile Banking App

Habib Metropolitan Bank
Download Mobile App Here

Aside from accessing the online banking servises on the official website of the  banking platform. Customer can comfortablely login to their account by using their downloaded mobile app.

This Mobile Banking App adds beauty and gives the best banking experience ever to its existing customers and newbies. To get started, lets first see steps to download the app;

  • Open your App Store for IOS users and Google Play Store for Android user
  • Using the search bar, enter ‘Habib Mobile Banking’ in the google Play
  • From the options available, click on the right app
  • Tap on install to get a download to your device
  • Upon completion of the download, open the app
  • Enter your login username ID and Password to access the  online banking features. if you dont have an account yet ‘Signup’
  • You can choose to add additional security such as using fingerprints to accesss the app.

Alternatives to Habib Metropolitan Bank

Habib Metropolitan Bank offers the best conventional, Islamic and Online Banking services. But not withsstanding that fact, over the years it has competitors that has emerged.

These alternatives are also good at  what they do and can be used as substitute when you cannot access Habib Metropolitan Bank at any moment.

Below is a list of the top alternatives to this banking institution; they include:

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • MCB Bank
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Bank AI Habib
  • Meezan Bank


Habib Metropolitan Bank with the development of Advanced Technology has includeed the Online banking services and products that helps to meet the various financial needs of its customers.

To enjoy a maximum Banking experience download the Habib Metro Insta Mobile Banking App and conveniently make transactions without leaving the comfort of your home.


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