Best Emirates NBD Credit Card in UAE | Benefits, Types, Eligibility

Emirates NBD Credit Card is one of the excellent features that customers get to enjoy on the online banking platform of Emirates NBD. This Credit Cards Vary to meet the different and special financial needs of the users.


All ENBD cards offer various types of Credit cards that can be used for business, to receive bonuses and rewards, enjoy cashback on every transfer made, to sponsor travels and other lifestyle benefits that each card has to give.

It is very convenient for customers to make Emirates Credit Card in the comfort of their homes to make payments, access online banking services, and make purchases as well.

About Emirates NBD

This is a popular and most frequently used online banking platform that seeks to enhance the banking experience of individuals.

It helps to solve almost if not all the financial problems that are peculiar to many people today. It provides banking solutions both online and offline through its different branch locations worldwide.

The products and services offered by Emirates NBD include the following listed below;

  • Credit Card
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Wealth management advisory
  • Investment management
  • Bills payments
  • Transfers
  • Accounts
  • Business loans, and more

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Features of Emirates NBD Credit Card in UAE

The features and benefits of using the Emirates NBD Credit Card can not be over-emphasized. They offer quality credit cards to meet the different financial needs of the customers.

We have below a list of the many features that the Emirates NBD Credit Card avails to its users:

  • No-Touch Payment Feature: this means that the credit card is contactless, and almost all the cards offer this particular feature. It can be accessed through a contactless-enabled terminal. It has a transaction limit to help regulate and protect and modify the security of the transactions performed.
  • 24/7 Support: Emirate NBD banks have a good support team of customer service representatives who work tirelessly to provide its customers with round-the-clock support to make queries, complaints or get information regarding the credit cards that they offer. These actions can be done through the use of the live chat feature in the Mobile app or via phone calls or email.
  • SMS Alert: this is an inbuilt feature of the Emirates NBD Credit Card. It enables card users to receive SMS alerts or messages. To enjoy this feature, you have o activate it and start receiving messages on it for daily transactions made.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: it offers an online banking platform that enables one to transact online, such as payment of bills, ask for an increase in the credit limit globally, and view bank account statements.
  • Interest-Free Credit: this banking platform offers 55 interest-free days for customers to pay off their accumulated balance before the deadline approaches.
  • Plus Insurance: this is a special feature that is available on the platform. This feature is useable in cases of emergency or unexpected events such as death, loss of job, or illness, where the person is unable to pay, this insurance pays up the balance of the card user.

Types of Available Emirates NBD Credit Card In UAE

Emirate NBD offers different types of Credit cards, each designed to meet the specific and specific needs of the customers. Let’s review some of the available credits cards of ENBD below

  • Emirates NBD Diners Club Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

With this card, you enjoy unlimited complimentary airport lounge access to ver 1000, dining discounts, and travel insurance. Other benefits like emergency services and roadside assistance are also enjoyed by cardholders.

  • Emirates NBD Webshopper Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

This card is online for making online purchases. It comes with many benefits such as flexible payment options, an SMS alert feature when activated, roadside assistance, plus points for every AED 200 that is spent, and others.

  • Emirates NBD dnata World Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

Dnata Credit Card has a wide range of benefits and things to enjoy upon applying for the card they include Airport lounge access, golf benefits, valet parking, and AED 2500 for Travel vouchers

  • Emirates NBD Etihad Guest Visa Inspire Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

The benefits of purchasing this credit card include; Valet Parking, Medical & Travel Insurance, Auto Salik top-up, Flexible Payment Options, a Welcome offer of Up to 60,000, Earn Etihad guest miles, and others

Earn Etihad Guest Miles

  • Emirates NBD U by Emaar Family Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

Enjoy special discounts, movie tickets, free of life, dining discounts, an AED300 for voucher,25% base points for spending in supermarkets, and 1% points for all spending.

  • Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

On this credit card, you enjoy free riders on the Dubai ferry, easy converting of points to cashback, special discounts, movies discount, dining discounts, and others 

  • Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

You can access the business class lounge by using the card, enjoy free silver membership, the welcome offer of 100,000, valet parking, Golf benefits Airport lounge Access, and more.

  • Emirates NBD Etihad Guest Visa Elevate Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

Have free access to explore many available payment options, valet parking, travel insurance, travel insurance, and movie offers. You can also earn 50% more miles with o ee of AED 250 and enjoy of bonus of 4000 as an Etihad Guest miles.

  • Emirates NBD Visa Flexi Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Card

It offers medical and travel insurance, movie offers, Auto Salik top-up, credit shield pro insurance, and earning of plus points for all retail purchases.

Benefits of Emirates NBD Credit Card

There are numerous benefits for you to enjoy and explore once you start using the credit card made available by Emirates NBD.

Depending on the kind of Emirates NBD Credit Card you are using, it offers almost the same benefits to its card members. Here are some of the benefits as outlined below::

  • Golf Benefits: these Golf benefits are obtainable on some credit cards. It offers golf courses including Trump Golf Club, Shooting Club, Sharjah Golf, etc
  • Salik Auto Topup: when your credit card account balance is low, you can automatically have a Salik recharge via online banking service or the mobile app.
  • Plus Points: these plus points are accessible when you use your credit card to make purchases on a daily basis. The benefits may be received as an annual fee waiver or cashback.
  • Data Points: this benefit is only for platinum credit cards when used to make purchases of things. On every purchase you earn a dnata point that can be used for transfers on food, trip aan drinks, etc
  • Travel Advantages: with an Emirates NBD Credit Card, you will enjoy many benefits such as discounts on your travels, and hotel room upgrades.
  • Supplementary Cards: this card can be made for any family member. Any purchase made with it will receive the benefits of loyalty points that can be used in other transactions.
  • Road Side Assistance: an added benefit to using Emirates NBD Credit Card, is that it gives assistance to card users on the road such as changing flat tires, towing damaged vehicles, and fuel refills.
  • Complementary Valet Parking: Emirates NBD Credit Card Users Receives 4 free slot to enjoy valet parking services every month in any shopping plaza available in UAE.
  • Flight Benefits: With each purchase made with a Skywards credit card, you earn Skyward miles that allow you access to flights no matter the price of the ticket.

Eligibility Process for Emirates NBD Credit Card

Every card member can have free liberty to enjoy all the benefits and explore all the many features that is available on ENBD. this is possible only when the eligibility criteria are met.

An outline of the requirement guide is presented below:

  • access the online portal
  • You must be between the minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 65 years. But for below-age applicants, they can access the Credit card via the joint application with their parents.
  • You need to have good employment that gives you good payment and evidence of an account statement of not less than 3 months should be provided if you are self-employed be sure to provide your trade license or business certificate
  • Proof that you are a resident of UAE, and a valid means of Emirate ID, a valid passport photograph
  • You should have an average credit score as a low one will deny you access to a credit card. To have a good credit history ensure that you pay your debts on time.
  • Present a security cheque

Emirates NBD Credit Card Fees and Charges

Aside from the annual fees allocated to Credit cards that are paid on a yearly basis, there are other fees and charges that apply.

The following is the list of the general and most common fees and charges that Emirates NBD Credit Card owners will have to pay:

  1. Over limit charge of AED 280
  2. The card replacement fee is AED 51.7  for the Go4it Emirates Credit card and AED 20.5 for all ENBD Credit Cards
  3. Late payment fee of AED 24o
  4. Paper statements fee of AED 5.25 every month
  5. Minimum payment dates are 5% or AED 100
  6. Cash advance Limit of 75% and 50% respectively

How to Terminate an Emirates NBD Credit Card

If you don’t want to continue using the credit card that was issued to you, you must first make sure that all outstanding payments have been cleared off.

To cancel the credit card, request termination from the Emirates NBD Credit Card contact at 600540000. This is to ensure that you are secured and protected. Do away with the credit card once it has been terminated

In case you will be traveling out of the country, it is of utmost importance that you request a NO Due certificate from the bank, this is proof that you are credit-worthy.


Emirates NBD Credit Card is special and can attend to diverse needs. All you need to do is apply for it now. before you make an application for the credit card make sure that you check the eligibility criteria to make sure that you qualify for it.

Remember that the credit card is only for UAE residents although transfers and other online banking services and products are accessible. Emirates NBD offers the best credit cards that you can probably think of.


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