Rakbank Credit Card | Access Payment Options, Benefits | Net Banking

Rakbank Credit Card is the best credit card in United Arab Emirates UAE, where you get up to AED 2000 cashback. It is established in 1976 also known as the National Bank of Ras AI Khaimah. You can get all services that you require on Rakbank Online.


It offers Internet banking services and products alongside business and personal banking and other personal banking finances. This platform offers online banking services and numerous financial services and products and many features that includes Credit Card.

This article will discuss fully Rakbank login and registration and the benefits of using the Credit card, keep reading to the end.

Features of Rakbank Credit Card

This platform has many unique features that you get to enjoy as you create and log in to your credit card.  Access these features today by signing an account on Rakbank’s Official site.

Below is the list of the features that using the credit card offers to its customers;

  • Cashback
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Cinema offers, and life benefits
  • No annual fees
  • Dining discounts
  • Rewards and welcome offers

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Rakbank Credit Card Net Banking

With Rakbank Credit Card, you can have access to the online portal at your own convenience. To have net banking, it is important to register and create an account that will enable you to log in to net banking with your credit card.

The next few paragraphs will explain how you can go about creating a Rakbank Credit Net Banking, follow the steps promptly.

How to Register a Net Banking Account

You are just a simple step away from getting a net banking account of your own. This can happen online with the following procedures adhered strictly to. The steps are;

  • You will have to access the website portal online
  • Locate the online banking icon and click on it
  • On the page, press Apply Now” and select the product service that you want to access. In this case, you will tap on Credit Card”
  • You will have to make available your credit card number
  • An onscreen instruction will display, follow the procedures 
  • Next, you can now create a username and password. Use the information that you desire this can be your name, phone number, or email as your username, then as for your password, use mixed characters that are easy to remember yet hard to hack into.
  • Click on Create to complete the registration process.

To Access Rakbank Login Portal 

As a new user or an existing user, you can access the login portal by providing your Log in details. Now to make use of net banking accounts the procedures are simple as stated below

  • Right on the official website of Rakbank once open
  • Click on Continue Login
  • Input your Username ID and the password associated with it.
  • Tap on the login button to access the Rakbank Credit Card Online Banking

Benefits of Using Rakbank Credit Card

You might be having double minds on whether to have a Credit Card or not, or finding it hard to believe that Rakbank Credit cards are legit and secured. Now take a moment to digest the many benefits you get to enjoy and access while using credit cards and net banking.

Here is a list of the available benefits of opening a Credit card with Rakbank:

  • Instant Utility Bill Payments – You can quickly and conveniently transfer money using the Rakbank login credit card to pay all of your payments. Simply go to the payments section and make the necessary bill payments or complete additional transactions as needed. 
  • Quick amount Check – If you want to quickly check your credit card’s outstanding amount and total balance, all you need to do is sign in to your Rakbank credit card online banking account. 
  • Enjoy the Reward Points – Depending on the value and type of the transaction, you can earn a few points whenever you use your credit card to make a purchase. These reward points can be applied to a variety of expenses, including those related to dining, travel, and shopping. You can make do with these points to your own benefit.
  • Swift Access to Bank Statements– Rakbank Credit Card makes it possible for you to check your old transactions on the platform. This allows for transparency in transfers done. Printing of the statement can also be achieved too.

A good look at these benefits will entice you to get a credit card today. Digest them and get started with the process

Rakbank Credit Card Payment Available Options

1. Via Net Banking

Even though it’s required, paying the credit card bill at the end of the cycle might be time-consuming and difficult to remember. 

But now paying the bill is straightforward because you may do it by just using your RAKBANK online credit card login and going to the section for paying credit card bills.

This means that net Banking is very essential in operating the process of Credit cards offered by Rakbank online digital services.

2. Via Cheque

One of the ways you can pay through cheques is by writing a check payment. You can do this by writing the payment amounts while including the Rakbank Credit Card along with your card number.

Make the cheque payable by having your signature neatly signed. Include your account number in which the payment will be made and the number on the cheque slip.

Fill a deposit slip and drop it inside the deposit machine. To make use of a cheque to make a Credit Card payment, ensure that you sign the cheque 4 days before the payment will expire to avoid paying an extra fee for defaulting.

3. Through Mobile App

You can use the following steps to make Rakbank credit Payments via the mobile app

  • Download Rakbank Mobile app 
  • Login to your account with your User ID and password
  • Tap on a credit card, select Make Payment
  • Type in the amount to be paid and pay
  • A verification message will display on the screen to indicate that it has gone through

Retrieve Password

The daily struggles make it difficult for many today to remember their password. Most persons due to the hard password created find it distressing to recollect which is why this section is been discussed in this article.

For Rakbank Credit Card Holders, if you ever have a need to reset your password, follow this easy and fast method listed below;

  • On the login portal of Rakbank online banking
  • Locate the “Forgotten Password” button at the end of the page
  • Input your credit card number, in the available space 
  • Provide you information as regards your date of birth and passport used, to make sure you are the real owner of the account.
  • You will receive an OTP code in the number you used for the registration process
  • Together with the OTP code, type in your card pin
  • At this stage, you will be required to set a new password
  • When that is done you can access your credit card online by using the new password to log in.

Alternatives to Rakbank Credit Card

This platform has other competitors that offer almost the same services as it does. The following is a selection of the best Rakbank Alternatives;

  • Deem Credit Card
  • CBD Credit Card
  • ADCB Credit Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card
  • American Express Credit Card 
  • Finance House Credit Card


Rakbank Credit Card is the best as it offers many special features obtainable on the login portal using the website’s official link.

You have the option to spend now and pay later with a Rakbank credit card. While Rakbank gives you tempting incentives for using credit cards, it is crucial and important to pay your credit card account on time.


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