Xender Download 2024 | Get Free Xender APK & App for Windows

Xender Download 2024 — download the latest Xender App for smartphones and PCs (Windows & PC) using popular and convenient widgets. The current version is free and mostly updated, with several upgrades for Linux, smartphones, and Mac.


If you want to send or receive data from a nearby PC or smartphone, consider using Xender as it is the fastest sharing tool for mobile devices. Although there are some apps from niche developers, you are better off using the unique features of Xender. Here is why.

Why Use Xender?

For a number of reasons, the app is one of a kind. It is not limited in purpose or variability as it allows you to share low-data size files and those running into gigabytes.

You can get these features from the Xender Download 2024 App (or APK).

  • Options to share files faster and without complex connections
  • Wireless file-sharing connections
  • Share large files in a few minutes using secure tethering.

To learn how the Xender Download 2024, Xender Download for PC, and how to install the app works, see the details below.

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Xender Download 2024 | Does it Work on PCs?

There is no publicized Xender Download for PC software hack online — at least, not at the time of writing. So, you might be wondering if the app works for PCs as well. For the most part, only the smartphone options are popular, and there are fewer ads for Xener for PCs.

Regardless, there is a way to convert the Android version to a suitable PC format. To do this, you need an emulator, especially one that does not crop off crucial details from the widget.

BlueStacks is one of the most widely used tools for this task. It only takes a couple of minutes, plus the functions are not impaired. Apart from BlueStacks, you can get other Android Emulators, as long as they are fast and secure.

So, to get started, you need to download an Android Emulator on your PC, then use the downloaded widget to complete the process. Here is how it works.

Open the app on your PC (preferably, use BlueStacks for convenience).

Once the device is open, click on the prompt displaying Xender Download 2024 or just Xender (the version is automatically updated on installation).

  • Find the prompt that reads, “Install Now”.
  • Also, set your preferred language (this could be English French, Chinese, etc.)
  • Since Xender Download 2024 automatically saves on your default download folder, use the pin to desktop shortcut to set up quick access.
  • Further, you can complete all the suggested setups after installation.

After setting the syncs, allow the app to make the necessary changes to your device, after which it gets back to normal function mode. It is now ready for use.

Here are some crucial basic details about the app that you need to know.

  • It does not require much data (only 5.05 MB)
  • The devloper is Xender
  • Moreover, the OS support is for Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7.

At the time of writing, the app has been downloaded half a million times. If you experience any glitches while trying to install it on your PC, use the troubleshooting cue on the screen to resolve the problem.

See below for Xender Download 2024 on smartphones.

How to Download Xender APK

Xender is primarily for smartphones. It supports multiple file sharing at the same time. Also, the devices need not be held close once the connection has been established. If you are done scanning the code, Xender automatically boots the transfer process.

So, here is a Xender Download 2024 for APK. You need an Android phone version 4.0 to complete the process. Use the steps below to get the APK.

Xender Download 2023

  • Go to the main website —search
  • Allow the webpage to load fully, then click on Download Xender.
  • This redirects to a different webpage with two links for the APK file and Google App.
  • Click on the first one (Download .APK File).
  • After downloading the file, click on Open, click on Settings, and select Allow Installation From This Source.
  • Further, click on Proceed to initiate the installation.
  • Lastly, wait for the setup to run completely. Then your app is ready.

Instead of the APK mod, you can download the mobile app from Google Play Store or the iOS version from iTunes. Below is how it works.

At the point where the APK and Download from Google Play options pop up, select the latter.

Xender Download 2023
Get Xender Download 2024 on Play Store
  • This leads to the Play Store webpage for the app.
  • If necessary, check that the provider is Xender File Sharing Team.
  • Then click on Install.

Unlike the APK version, the app has been downloaded over one hundred million times and is rated 3+.

The same method works for iOS devices.

  • On getting to the app download page (, scroll down to the bottom of the page to select Download from iTunes.
  • It redirects to an webpage captioned Xender: File Share, Share Music.
  • Click on INSTALL to get the app on your iPhone.
Xender Download 2023
Download Xender 2024 for iOS phones, iPad, and iPod Touch


The iPhone version required is iOS 9.0 or higher. The app also works on iPad and iPod

How to Download Xender 2024 for Windows

Instead of using an Android Emulator to find a suitable Xender app for PC, consider downloading the proper updated Xender Download 2024 App for Windows.

To get started, you need at least a Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.1. Also, ensure that you have enough data and storage space (only a few megabytes will be needed).

  • Go to (search Xender Download 2024 and select the link from the results on the first page).
  • When the page has loaded fully, scroll down to the bottom to select the Download Xender for Windows Phone.
  • Click on Download from Microsoft Store.
  • This redirects to
  • You can now search the app on the page and follow the screen prompt to install it on your Windows PC.

Please, note that if you do not have the required Windows version, the app will not work.


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