BlueStacks for Windows 10 | Download & Install BlueStacks 4 for PC

BlueStacks for Windows 10 is one of the best installations that allows you to play mobile games with a control panel running on the interface concurrently. In particular, the BlueStacks 4 emulator makes it easy to play a range of game types.


It works well with popular systems that you could possibly want to use, including glitch-free integrations with various Android OS-run games.

So, you can use the BlueStacks for Windows 10 for most game categories, provided you know how the BlueStacks for Windows 10 download and installation works.

If you are just starting out on this software, here are the basic things that you need to know to get underway. First, you can get BlueStacks for Windows 10, 7, and also Windows 8. Second, you can complete the installation and any other settings that follow with just a few simple steps.

For most users, BlueStacks 4 (including the recent BlueStacks v.5 updates) is one of the easiest to handle regarding preliminary setup. It comes with a preset control setting and doesn’t require further localizations, unlike emulators sourced from outside the US.

Below is a short procedure that you can use to download the BlueStacks for Windows 10 PC.

Download BlueStacks 4 for PC

Use the official BlueStacks website to download v.4+ software for safety and clarity. Here are the simple steps that get this done.

On the BlueStacks homepage, click on Download BlueStacks.

BlueStacks for Windows 10
Click on Download BluStacks 5 (or v.4) to download it on your Windows PC

Allow the download to complete, then opt for installation (also the same as the launch installer prompt).

The last concludes the download process, after which you can then continue with the installation.

Once you click to get the installation started, it boots in a few seconds.

You can now wait for this to complete and then get started with the game.

That’s easy to get through, of course. But if you wish to check the technicalities, consider going through the pointers below.

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BlueStacks for Windows 10 Download Requirements

BlueStacks will not run on just about any PC or random computer that you attempt to access it with. There are several details that you need to ensure are in place before going on with the procedure.

Getting the basic details will help you get started, but to experience optimal performance, you can upgrade to the higher systems outlined here too.

Below are the minimum BlueStacks 4 download requirements for Windows.

The operating system must be at least Windows 7 (higher OS are also suitable for the procedure)

Also, the processor required is AMD (or Intel if the former is not available).

Other details include:

RAM — ensure that the PC RAM size is 4GB at minimum, regardless of the ROM size. You cannot compensate for this lack by getting a high ROM.

The user must be an admin on the PC

Further, you will need recent graphics tools from the OS provider (Microsoft in this case).

Moreover, a hard disk drive of at least 5GB of free space is necessary.


The above details only apply to the Windows system. If you are using MacOS, you will need a few different prelims such as MacOS Serra at minimum and a Mac version later than 2015.

Subsequently, you can download BlueStacks on your Mac laptop using these steps.

As in the procedure for downloading BlueStacks for Windows 10, just click on Download BlueStacks. Then select the option for BlueStacks. Finally, double-click on the file once it has completely downloaded on your system to access the installer. That concludes the process.

How to Download BlueStacks for Windows 10

The BlueStacks download procedure described in the previous page is just the basics that help set up the software on your PC. It doesn’t give the optimum performance that you may expect from the emulator.

So, to get the best from it, consider acquiring these details.

Instead of Windows 7, use Windows 10 and get an Intel or AMD Multi-Core Process. Also, check that the processor has the PassMark Single Thread rating of at least the 1000 benchmark.

The graphics in this case should be Onboard or Discrete (also checked for a PassMark rating of at least the 750 benchmark)

Other specifics to consider include:

At least 8GB of RAM (this should not be compensated for by higher ROM data size)

Strong and reliable internet connectivity to access several interfaces on different tabs at the same time.

Lastly, the hard disk drive required is an SSD. You can check alternatives that have similar capacities as the SSD, as they will also be suitable. Consider getting Fusion

The above details work well with BlueStacks 4 download. BlueStacks currently has a v.5 on its website, which so far doesn’t require extraneous prelims from the ones indicated for v.4.

BlueStacks for Windows 10
Install BlueStacks to Download Interesting Games

Subsequently, you can complete the installations using the procedure below.

Once you download the BlueStacks for Windows 10 on your PC, the next step is to launch the installer, which saves the emulator in your PC C Drive. You can retrieve it and save it to an arbitrary folder.

However, you cannot change the folder once you are through with this aspect. The downloaded BlueStacks will permanently be stored in the C Drive or any other one you opted for during the prior installation.

BlueStacks for Windows 10 Set Up | Add Google Account | Upgrade to New Version

This part is a finishing touch just before you can play your preferred games using BlueStacks. After downloading and installing BlueStacks (this applies to any of the versions v.4, or v.5), the next step is to add your Google Account.

How do you link your Google Account?

BlueStacks 4 has a default Prompt that requires a Google Account link-up to get you started. So, you don’t need to find any special feature that allows you to complete this setting.

BlueStacks for Windows 10
Click on Add Account Using the Prompt to Complete the Setup

Here is the Add Google Account sequence on BlueStacks for Windows 10 at a glance.

Download BlueStacks on the official website.

Install it on your PC or Mac.

Finally, click on Sign in from the Add Google Account prompt that pops up (this happens without the user clicking on anything — it is a default setting requirement).

How to Upgrade to a New Version

With BlueStacks iterations prior to Version 4, users have to repeat all the previous installations for the one they wish to upgrade. This is not the case anymore, as BlueStacks 4 merely logs the apps and attached data from the previous version.

If you are using the BlueStacks 4 version, then consider upgrading to v.5 using the simple steps below.

Go to and download the version you want.

On completing the download, an onscreen prompt requires you to update.

You can click on this option to update to the downloaded version instead of running all the installations all over again.

Remember to always check under Download BlueStacks at for the latest version of the software.


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