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Facebook Video Downloader Private — there are many Facebook Video Downloader Private apps and online tools that you can use to get videos privately. All it takes is spotting the user mode usually attached to the Facebook Video Downloader Private homepage, and saving it in a supported file format on your smartphone.


If you use the website to get the videos, then you don’t need to switch to a private video mode. In this case, the default download page is Private Facebook Downloader, which also provides useful prompts that outline how the procedure works.

Here is how to get a video from in a few simple steps.

  • Go to the official website — search on a web browser like Safari, Firefox Facebook Video Downloader Private, Chrome, or Opera Mini.
  • Now open the Facebook Video page on your Facebook App
  • Alternatively, login to your account using the web portal login (Facebook Login)
Facebook Video Downloader Private
Paste the Video URL link on to download it
  • Then copy the video link for the video.
  • To get the link, inspect the Share tab attached to the video (usually below or by the side).
  • Copy the video link — not the abridged one, but the full link.
  • You can now go back to to paste the copied link into the search box.
  • Once you have pasted the valid link, click on Download Video (this is a thick green band with the letters in white).

In a few seconds, your videos will download fully.

Short Cut to Facebook Video Downloader Using the Page Link.

Instead of inspecting the Share button for the main video link, you can copy the page source link, since this is all the detail that some Facebook Video Downloader Private tools require. Briefly, below is how to go about this.

Ensure you have steady internet connectivity, enough storage space, and adequate data. Then copy the Facebook Video URL link for the page.

On, paste the URL link and click on Download Video (just as described previously).

Facebook Reels in 1080p quality

In a matter of seconds, your preferred video will download completely.

Then you can play it on your smartphone.

Apart from,, and are some of the effective Facebook Video Downloader Private Online tools that you can get for free. They follow similar steps, offer intuitive prompts, and support media file formats in HD and Mp4.

Specifically, is best for Mp4 and HD videos, while the rest mostly allow for Facebook Video Downloader Private mode in 1080p, 4k, 2k, etc.

Moreover, these Facebook Video Downloader Private Online platforms work well with many devices — PC, Macs, tablets, all Android smartphones (versions 5-6+ and above), and iPads. As long as you know how to use the widget, you can download as many games as you like without even signing up for an account.

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Facebook Video Downloader Private | Get HD Quality FB Videos

If you want to get your Facebook Reels in HD high-res formats, consider using a Facebook Video Downloader Private like or However, the best options are the Chrome Extensions and free on-private Facebook Reels video downloader, especially for content that comes with extra features.

Most videos in HD are also easily convertible to Mp4 quality, enabling clarity, focus, and improved aesthetics. For creators who don’t want to stuff their bookmark with links, the recourse is to download the videos on a smartphone. But this is even better when done with a Facebook Video Downloader Private app or on the site.

So, how do you get a video on Facebook in HD and Mp4?

For one, you need to know how to copy the link — the valid link. If you provide an invalid link on the Facebook Video Downloader Private download page, chances are that the procedure will not work. That is why you need to copy the link precisely. Do not leave any gaps between the characters.

Use this guide, to copy a Facebook Video link.

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Go to the video page and click on the attached Share button.
  • This opens up a few options including the URL link for the content.
  • Now, copy the link.

Subsequently, you can download the vid in your preferred quality format (1080p, 8p, 4p, 2p, etc.) using the procedure below.

Go to the Facebook Video Downloader website and paste the copied link in the box.

Facebook Video Downloader Private
Use the screen prompt to copy the video links and download them on your device
  • Locate a format cache to select from Mp4 or HD quality.
  • Otherwise, click on Download Video.
  • This redirects to a subpage with the complete list of available content formats. Usually, there is Save Video As prompt showing the files (1080p, Mp3, Mp4, or HD).
  • Choose one of these options to continue with the process.

On selecting a media format, your video will start downloading.

Facebook Video Downloader Private App | Add as Chrome Extension

If you add a Facebook Video Downloader to your Chrome, you get varied videos compiled in one Facebook Video Downloader Private Reel. The difference is that this time, you get to switch to download the video without copying the link to a separate downloader app.

Several tools come to mind, but only a few have much-needed flexibility while still being user-friendly. So, the best bet is currently

How do you add this tool to Chrome?

Facebook Video Downloader Private
Click on Add to Chrome to get the FDOWN extension

You can find the resource from the Chrome Extension cache add-on or just use the attachment on the browser to add to your Chrome browser.

Here is a detailed procedure about how this works.

Add to Chrome While Playing Video

You can search the online tool on your Chrome browser, set the pop-up ads blocker to CANCEL (otherwise, it might interfere with the process, in some cases), then follow the cue.

Here is what you will need from the screen cue: a request to add to Chrome once you click on the three dots at the top of the screen. You can select this option, verify that the widget is available on the extension cache, then click on Add to Chrome.

Retrieve from Chrome Extension Cache

This is the more direct approach of the two procedures. All you need to do here is to open the Chrome Extension on your PC or tab, search the tool using the search box, check that the latest update is suitable for your device description, then click on Add to Chrome.

After that, you can use as a Facebook Video Downloader Private Online Chrome Extension whenever you are on Facebook. The installation also downloads Facebook Video Reels in HD and Mp4.

Last Words

SnapSave is another good option for Facebook Video Downloader Private App. It works in the same way as explained above. You only need to add the extension to start downloading Facebook Reels and Mp4 videos.

If the video is encoded in advanced display formats (especially those that come with carousels), you can as well download them with the tool.

Generally, you can add any suitable Facebook Video Downloader Private Online tool to your Chrome browser using the procedures described above. The only requisites are — enough internet data, storage space, and a Chrome browser. To get started, verify that the extension is indicated for Chrome, without which the added tool will not work.

If the Facebook Video Downloader Private Online widget is add-ridden, you will not be able to add it to Chrome without a prior installation using dev mode. Only the tools that are currently available on Chrome Extensions can be added to the standard interface.

Moreover, most Facebook Video Downloader Private Tools work on PCs, iPads, Macs, and Android Smartphone versions v.5 and above.


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