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Facebook Zero is a zero-data Free Facebook that you can use to access your profile when you exhaust your internet data. It helps you to keep a tab on your timeline and also view other non-media file contents on Facebook.


This works like a toggle once your social bundle package is exhausted. It immediately pops up as an alternative to visiting the platform. Since at this point, your roaming data is already finished, you merely have to click on the prompt to switch to Facebook Zero.

In a nutshell, you can still access your Facebook profile when you don’t have data by simply toggling the Facebook Zero prompt. That is how it works.

Although this allows you to enjoy your social media interactions on Facebook, it doesn’t avail you of every detail or feature on normal Facebook.

Here is all you need to know about the features of the Facebook Zero account.

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Facebook Zero Features

Basically, you can do everything else that you can usually do on your regular Facebook account, only this time, you don’t get to upload or even view videos, images, GIFs, or related visual/motion media.

Any kind of animation is nominally not provided. Users have a text-only interface instead of the usual colorful and varied Facebook media pictures.

So, this limits the activities you can typically enjoy on your timeline, unlike when you have data on your mobile phone. In this case, you will have to curtail some of your activities to a few text-based schedules.

For instance, you can’t view video content from your likes, friends, or favorite celebrities. Also, people who enjoy watching skits and memes online on Facebook may have to improvise — Facebook Zero only supports texts.

The Facebook Zero features are the same as the ones on the data Facebook with the exception that users don’t get to view videos, still pictures, memes in animated formats, short video clips, or any visual media file at all. Only texts are available.

Why Use a Stripped-Down Facebook?

It is better to keep to the more exciting and colorful, media-rich data on Facebook for many reasons, especially for creators.

However, this may not be the case for everyone. Some social media users currently experience data burn-outs. They want to cut down on the bandwidth usage.

Also, users who already have it tough staying subscribed through a costly tariff will definitely anticipate an interface that doesn’t consume as much data as the standard Facebook option.

One more reason that people may wish to switch to the Facebook Zero mode is to avoid getting entangled in some policies and features. Currently, Facebook Videos start playing without any prompt from the user. This was an Instagram-only experience, but Facebook now uses the same feature.

All in all, the Facebook Zero mode lets you use the platform without any internet data. That’s a lot helpful.

See below for more info and how to switch to this mode.

Facebook Zero | Switch to Facebook Zero

If you are running low on Facebook data (also Social Bundle, as used by some telecoms), you can easily switch to the Facebook Zero mode in a few easy steps.

Here is how this works.

Open the app on your smartphone.

Locate Go to Free from the options at the top of your profile page.

Your account immediately switches to Facebook Zero once you click on this option.
This works perfectly fine when you don’t have enough bandwidth. But if you have internet data, then Facebook will require you to revert to the Data Facebook, otherwise, you cannot use the app.

More on the technicality aspect, the zero data option may not even be provided as a default option as long as there is an active social bundle package for your Facebook Account.

If you are able to log in to Facebook Zero, without any of these issues, though, you can access all the usual features. However, the media files uploaded by your mutuals will be faint and you can neither view the pictures nor click on the play button to watch videos.

Further, you can send and receive messages via Messenger chats. The feature is one of the best for Facebook Zero users. Just like the other features, Messenger doesn’t allow you to send pictures, view one, or even send/view videos.

Is Facebook a new experience for you? Then see below for a procedure to download the app and create an account.

How to Download Facebook App for iOS & Android

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can download the Facebook App in no time using the steps below.

For iOS devices — Mac and App smartphones

Open App Store on your device (search  if you are using a browser instead)

Search Facebook.

Facebook Zero
Download the App for iOS, iPad, and Mac

Check that the app is from Meta Platforms, Inc.

Then click on INSTALL to get the app on your iOS device.

Remember, you can use the app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also, you can cast on Apple TV.

Below is the Facebook App download procedure for Android phones.

For Android smartphones and tabs

Go to Play Store (search if you are using a browser instead).

Facebook Zero
Download the App for Android Smartphones and tabs

Search Facebook

Also, check that the app is provided by Meta Platforms, Inc. (rated T and has been downloaded over five billion times).

Click on INSTALL and wait for the app to install completely on your smartphone.

How to Create an Account on Facebook

You need an active Facebook account to be able to toggle Facebook Zero. So, here is the procedure for you to create an account on the platform.

Open the app on your smartphone (check the previous page for the Facebook App download procedure).

This automatically defaults to a signup page.

Now, enter your first name, surname, and phone number or email address.

Enter details as required to create a new Facebook Account

Also, you can create a password following the character specification by the onscreen cue.

Indicate gender and date of birth, then choose whether you wish to make this visible on your profile or not.

Click on Signup and wait for a verification code sent to your preferred contact (email or phone number).

Retrieve the code and type it in the relevant space on the signup page to complete the procedure.

Subsequently, you can log in to your Facebook account using only your phone number (or email address) and password. You can also use Facebook Zero when you don’t have internet data.


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