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Instant Loan Apps in UAE  — get an instant loan app from a viable provider in the UAE for all your urgent cash requests.


Are you visiting the UAE anytime soon? If yes, then how flexible and robust is your budget? These are some prerequisites you need to sort out before topping off your trip with auxiliary items. For a start, you need not start out without any budget, regardless of the location you are going to stay in UAE.

Also, you may need to have the names of the Instant Loan Apps in UAE at your fingertips, just in the event of an extra detail that you left out. To start with, you can check out some of the most widely used apps, their features, and how easy they are to use.

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Instant Loan Apps in UAE | Typical App Features

Since this is the UAE in question, you need not worry about the app features being on par. Most of the details are well-primed for easy use, access, and comfort. So, whichever one you decide to start with, you will get used to the interface in no time.

As a rule, all the Instant Loan Apps in UAE have good support, optimal UX, and a fast network.

Fast Responses

The bedrock of online payment or mobile banking is the ease of getting messages across. Continued lapses can mar the user experience for app users and deter others from using the widget. That is why the best loan apps tend to have the best networks.

UAE Loan Apps have one of the fastest networks, with very short lapses between pulses (check the app provider cache for the details). Also, this includes a record uptime all year round, unlike the service disruptions from some platforms that do not prioritize consumer satisfaction.

No Exorbitant Rates

If you apply for an instant loan via a bank, you may end up paying off debts piled up as interest. This is not the case with most UAE Apps, which use an average APR flat on all of the available features.

Also, the Instant Loan Apps in UAE have good reminders, which alert the customer to the due loan payment, after which the amount is deducted in small batches. For instance, some loan apps require salary transfers. When the customer defaults on repayment, the installments are deducted until the amount has been paid.

Not Big On Credit Scores 

People get wary of loan apps that jostle for debt history, and credit score, or outrightly request the borrower’s salary. That is a big problem. In this case, the Instant Loan Apps in UAE have toned down the rules to allow the users some space, especially regarding decision-making.

If you want an app that does not pry too much into your credit scores, maybe you can settle for a different option — submit your contact lists and/or link your salary-tied account to the app. There is always a concession to make, and it is up to you.

One thing is clear, though, the Instant Loan Apps in UAE offer way better options and avail users of much-needed space.

Below are the popular UAE Instant Loan Apps that you can use on your trip.

CashNow App Download | Instant Loan Apps in UAE

CashNow is one of the best payment options for those residing in the UAE. It offers multiple features, a relatable interface, and a handy mobile app (again, zero downtimes). You can count on the app for a fast, reliable network.

As with all loan requests in the UAE, you need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the loan.

  • The age limit is 20-65 years.
  • Only residents are eligible for the loan.
  • If the app does not require details about your credit score, it likely will request proof of salary or current employment.
  • Also, in some cases, you may need to link your bank account just so you do not default on repayment.

The above rules do not compare to the burdensome requirements from UAE banks before loan approval. Besides, you will be instantly credited upon approval (this happens within a 90 minutes bracket.

How to Download CashNow App

You can get the app on Play Store (don’t use the APKs). Below are the steps you can use to get the app in a few minutes.

  • Search CashNow on Play Store (or App Store if you are using an iOS device).

  • Once the relevant entry pops up, click on the prompt that reads INSTALL.
  • Then complete the in-app set-up on your device to allow the app to function efficiently.

e& Money App Download | Instant Loan Apps in UAE

Do you want a no-holds-barred kind of loan app? That would be a good treat of course — the e& Money App offers these service terms!

According to the official website, you do not need to pay any fees, register on the app, or provide collaterals. All it takes to get started is just your details (surname, address, email, phone number, contact, etc.).

Here is a catchy ad piece from the website.

Instant Loan Apps in UAE

“e& money is the only financial super app you’ll ever need! Send money globally and locally, pay bills and merchants, send gifts, and much more.

NO registration fees, NO minimum balance (sic) and NO bank account required.”

How to Download e& Money App

If you need an instant loan, e& Money App is probably one of the best platforms to use. So, how do you get started? First, you have to download the app on your smartphone. After that, you can complete any further synchronizations to avoid crashing or disrupting other preinstalled apps on your device.

Then use the steps below to download the app.

  • Select Offer from the options.
  • Click on Personal to access the instant loan tier.
  • Now select the download media you want (Apple Store or Play Store).

This will redirect to the corresponding page, on which you can complete the app download.

Eligibility Criteria | Instant Loan Apps in UAE

If you have to take a loan from any institution in the UAE, ensure that you have the details below.

  • An original ID from an Emirates embassy, agency, or other government body.
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Also, you need a recent bank statement, not older than three (3) months before the loan application.
  • Evidence of salary payment (receipts, bank statements, drafts, etc.)
  • Letter of Appointment if the person has not resumed work or could not establish salary documents on short notice.
  • Further, a passport-sized photograph taken close to the time of application for the loan will be required.

Last Words

UAE has a booming fintech industry, which rolls out new and modern solutions in banking and commerce. These tech companies have begun merging with popular accelerators to boost their valuation and foster a better and more accommodating space for global customers.

Most Instant Loan Apps in UAE that you will come across support transactions with people who do not reside in the country. They accept a broad user-band, instead of winding down the fintech market to a few prospects.

Key Takeaway:

Two of the most popular urgent loan apps that pay instantly are CashNow and e& Money. Both apps are available on Play Store and have efficient CS Support.

Moreover, you do not need to register, provide piles of documents for credit score evaluation, or tie your account to the platform. The apps are free, they allow you to request instant cash without setting a minimum credit balance in your bank account. Give it a try.


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