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Born out of a need to get rid of the stress that comes with traveling with a lot of luggage, Ship Sticks reviews (2011) is a private company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was founded in 2011, by Jonathan Marico and Nicholas Coleman.


As a company, it is committed to making its customers’ traveling experience as hassle-free as possible by shipping their luggage.

However while Ship Sticks reviews says it is primarily known for its shipping services, it also offers sales service for a range of products related to shipping such as packaging materials and labels.

Today’s article will give a brief overview of the Ship Sticks Company and its services. We will also look at ship sticks reviews and the features that make it different from other shipping companies. We will also look at the ordering process, delivery options, and customer service

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What are the Features of the Ship Sticks website?

This section of the article will properly explain the features of the Ship Sticks website.

  1. The “Get a Quote” feature allows you to enter the pickup and delivery locations and then gives you an instant quote for your business.
  2. The “Track Your Order” feature helps you track your shipment from the day it leaves to the moment it arrives at your doorstep.
  3. The “Customer Support” feature has a lot of information about the company including its policies and procedures. You can also find the contact info for customer support on it.
  4. The FAQ feature helps you find answers to the commonly asked questions about the company.
  5. The shipping tip section offers tips for packing and shipping your items.
  6. The “How it Works” section explains the shipping process from start to finish.
  7. The “About Us” section tells the story of how the company started and how it has grown over the years.
  8. The “Terms of Service” section outlines the legal terms and conditions of using the Ship Sticks reviews website
  9. The “Privacy Policy” section outlines how Ship Sticks collects and uses your personal information.
  10. . The “Contact Us” section has all the different ways you can get in touch with Ship Sticks.

How to Order on the Ship Sticks Website.

Here’s a comprehensive process on how to make an order on the Ship Sticks website;

How to Send Your Sticks for Shipping on the Ship Sticks Website

Here’s how to send your sticks for shipping on the Ship Sticks website:

  • Create a shipping label on the Ship Sticks reviews site
  • Print the shipping label.
  • Securely attach the label to your golf clubs or luggage.
  • Bring the package to a shipping location or leave an address where it can be picked up from.
  • Track your package using the tracking number from the comfort of wherever you are.
  • Receive a confirmation when your package arrives.

Ship Sticks Reviews: What Makes Ship Sticks Different From Other Shipping Companies?

ship sticks reviews

  • The website is easy to navigate even for people who are new to shipping. Unlike other shipping companies, who have complex and confusing websites that can make it a bit hard to find the information you need to complete your shipping process, Ship Sticks is quite straightforward.
  • Ship Sticks offer a variety of shipping options from overnight to standard shipping. It has a solid partnership with shipping companies like UPS. FedEx and USPS. This gives customers more than one choice when it comes to shipping. This is compared to other shipping companies that may not have a lot.
  • While other shipping companies have fewer drop-off and pickup locations, ship Sticks has over 3000 locations across the US.
  • Compared to other shipping companies, Ship Sticks has a reputation for being reliable and efficient in delivery and the tracking process. The tracking feature is not just user-friendly but also allows customers to follow up on the movement of their items.
  • Unlike some shipping companies, Ship Sticks offers a generous amount of money as compensation in the case of missing items.

Ship Sticks Reviews Pros and Cons

As part of the Ship Sticks reviews, we have compiled the responses of customers on the Trustpilot website to give an adequate list of

The pros include:

  • Prompt and swift delivery.
  • Easy to use
  • Fair pricing as you can get your things shipped at $49
  • There is a couple of dollars worth of complimentary insurance on your luggage.
  • A wide range of shipping options.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Efficient tracking process.
  • Saves time.

There hasn’t been any negative response from the customers on the Ship Sticks website, so this is your sign to get started.

Ship Sticks Reviews: How to Contact Customer Service

The company has made sure that customers have a variety of options to pick from on how to get the help they need. Customers can email them at

There is also the live chat feature available on the website or you can call them at (800) 691-3772.

You can also visit their office at 324 Datura Street, 40033401. West Palm Beach, United States.

If you have read to this point, I am very sure you are convinced of how stress-free traveling can be with Ship Sticks reviews.  You do not need to go through the long process of dragging your golf clubs through the airport and have the airport lose them with little or no compensation.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up and enjoy the amazing benefits it has to offer!


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